Looking good is as simple as counting to five. So if you’re unnerved by standing in front of the bathroom mirror each morning, these simple tips are for you.

So! Your hair is a mess, you have Gucci-worthy bags under your eyes and a newly formed pimple on your chin. Well, that’s going to make your confidence plummet lower than Kylie Jenner’s neckline. Feeling yuk because you’re not looking good will give you the right incentive to crawl back under the bed sheets and hide your face from the world.

Whilst beauty is not skin deep, even beautiful personalities want their face to reflect their inner beauty. So looking good means a little effort when in front of the bathroom mirror. You can step out the front door boosted by your renewed confidence.

It’s as simple as five regular steps to looking good.

looking good

Make Friends With Water

Whether in the bath, shower or just using a cloth in the sink, using water on your face is going to refresh you with its natural healing properties. Spend at least a couple of minutes gently massaging lukewarm water into your face, to open up the pores and hydrate your skin. Finish with a spritz or organic toner and the best moisturizer you can afford.

When the skin is dehydrated, it becomes dry and flaky, with a greater risk of wrinkling. You will lose great quantities of water every day through your face and body. So make sure you replenish it by drinking plenty of water and fresh vegetables as well.

Exfoliate Regularly

You can’t stop time, but you can control the effects of aging by looking after yourself. When it comes to your skin, exfoliating is a must. Getting rid of dead skin cells, thus freshening the skins layer and opening up your pores will reduce the risk of acne and pimples. Exfoliating regularly will give your skin a lovely smooth feel and a nice healthy glow. I exfoliate three times per week with a facial exfoliant and regularly with a body exfoliate. Frank Body has excellent exfoliating products using coffee beans as their base. Delicious AND luxurious.

looking good

Moisturize Twice A Day

Another way to have your skin looking good is to moisturize, particularly after a hot bath or shower when your skin can feel parched and dry. In fact, finishing a shower with a cool blast of water on your skin is recommended. Then moisturize.

A dermatologist will give you advice on the moisturizer you need, as they vary according to whether your skin is dry, combination, or oily. It’s important to apply a lotion or cream daily to seal in the moisture. Your skin will feel smooth, soft, and reduce the wrinkles on your face.

Maintain Dental Health

It’s a known fact that many health issues are caused by bad dental health, and that’s not just bad breath and cavities. Many germs enter the body via the mouth so dental hygiene will ensure you are looking good AND taking care of your bodily health. Brush your teeth several times a day and see your dentist for regular check-ups. Good dental care will keep your teeth healthy while aiding you cosmetically for a brilliant white smile.

looking good

Look After Your Hair

Whether your hair is thick, fine, curly, straight, or rough is largely genetics. However, you can take care of your hair so it’s the best shining mane it can be.

Try not to wash your every day as the natural oils can be stripped out by too much washing. Choose high-quality shampoos and conditioners as many cheap supermarkets brands contain silicones which simply coat the hair shaft. This gives the impression your hair is healthier than it is. Always use a conditioner suited to your hair type and rinse with cool water. This closes the hair shaft helping to retain moisture and minimize frizz.

As Helena Rubenstein said, “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones”. Keep looking good with daily and weekly rituals that really aren’t that hard to do. You know it makes sense.

looking good