Post COVID-19, when the lockdown is lifted, what version of your current self will you be? How effectively are you using this time to make desired changes? Can you come out of lockdown being better than before?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all profoundly. Even those of us who are lucky enough not to have been infected by it directly. Most of the world is living and working in a state of isolation that will chnage when the lockdown is lifted.

We’re all experiencing the emotional and psychological effects of social distancing and self-isolation in real time. Bereft of the opportunity to engage with our friends, loved ones and those outside our immediate family unit, we can all start to worry that we’re slowly losing a part of ourselves.

However, it’s also a time for self-reflection and a time to create the changes we want to see after the lockdown is lifted.

After the Lockdown Is Lifted, Perspective, Is Everything. 

Think of your isolation not as an experience that erodes your sense of who you are, but reforges it. The lockdown is your crucible. Your chrysalis.

Now is your opportunity to emerge a new version of yourself. It’s time to think about what version of you you want to emerge as when the lockdown is lifted. And plan accordingly…

Reinvent Your Appearance To Shine After The Lockdown Is Lifted

Of course, we’re all sporting a look that could only be described as “lockdown chic eleganza” at the moment (pyjama bottoms and t-shirts or some variant thereof).

However, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about our post-lockdown wardrobe . How can we reinvent ourselves to regain that sense of confidence and self-assurance that may have been eroded by the lockdown?

It’s also an opportunity to start thinking about ways in which you can get happier with your appearance, from Counterpunch Tattoo Removal to contouring to self-acceptance meditation. We all have our foibles when it comes to our appearance. However, it’s up to us to mitigate their impact on our day-to-day lives. 

Reinvigorate Your Health For The Best You After The Lockdown Is Lifted

This is also a great opportunity to jump-start our health and fitness. While we’re under lockdown the temptation of fast-food or fatty, sugary, salty convenience foods is far less ubiquitous.

We now have the time and the opportunity to cook more meals from scratch. We can load up on nutritious veggies and fruits, and eliminate processed foods- not just for the good of our appearance, but for our overhaul health and immune function. 

And as for exercise, you certainly don’t need a gym to get a great full body workout. Check out this whole body workout that requires no equipment other than your own body weight. 

Remove Toxic Influences

This period of self-isolation is a great opportunity to reassess our relationships. Now is the time to take stock of our romantic relationships as well as our relationships with work colleagues and friends, and even people we follow on social media.

Take time during the lockdown to identify and eliminate toxic influences from your life. Focus on identifying those behaviours that cause you stress, anxiety or make you someone you don’t want to be. Challenge those behaviours in yourself and others.

Learn how to employ CBT strategies in your life and challenge your needlessly negative thought processes. And that includes getting proactive with people who bring little other than negativity into your life. 

This is a perfect opportunity to use your isolation to become a version of yourself that you’re truly happy with after the lockdown is lifted.