Living room lighting is such an important part of your lighting plan because you have the potential to incorporate fabulously diverse elements.

The living room is probably the most used room in the house. It’s the place where people come in at the end of a long day and flop down, exhausted. It’s also usually the largest room in the house, as it’s where everyone socialises and entertains.

So, when you decorate your lounge, you have to really think of the light that naturally comes in before you choose colours. If you are going for a dark colour, you want to hope you have a lot of light streaming so that space isn’t moody and oppressive (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

Do you have large and airy rooms that have huge windows? Those are the ones that get the most natural light streaming through.

Plan the use of your living room before you bring in the professionals at Logan City Electrical to start fitting new living room lighting fixtures and wiring. A lounge that is well thought-out will usually have three different types of lighting: general, task and accent.

living room lighting

General Lighting

  • centre ceiling lights
  • chandeliers
  • pendants
  • track lighting
  • spotlights
  • LED downlights

You may call it ‘the big light’, but it’s the one that lights the entire room and is usually on the ceiling. Not all homes have a ceiling light in the lounge, but if you do have one, you can choose what type of fitting it is.

Do you want the standard central light or a strip of spotlights down the centre of the room? Do you want a luxurious chandelier or a large, arced light like this one?

Either way, your main living room lighting should set the tone for your interior design beautifully. If you choose not to have a ceiling light at all, then your lounge lights must be well placed to stop glare on the television and till manage to light the room as a whole.

living room lighting


Task Lighting

  • desk lamps
  • floor lamps
  • table lamps

Reading lamps, desk lamps and low lighting to enjoy watching a film are all important for living room lighting. If you love to curl up in a chair with a good book, then having the right wattage of light in the lamp beside you is important so you don’t strain your eyes.

If you work in the living room, your desk lamps should be similar so you don’t overdo it staring at a computer all day long! You should never just rely on the main lights of the room. A well-lit work area is always going to look beautiful as well as being functional.

living room lighting

living room lighting

Accent Lighting

  • wall sconces
  • step lights
  • cabinet lights
  • table lamps
  • flameless candles

Let’s think about those evenings you curl up with a loved one to watch your favourite show on television or play board games. Mood and accent lighting are important here.

Evenly spacing mood lighting through the room is going to give the whole room balance and create an ambience in the atmosphere. You want to make the room look warm and glowing, so spacing the lights evenly to achieve this is going to help.

Be creative with the lighting and install dimmer switches for that extra ambience.

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living room lights