Have you ever considered a lighting plan or how light affects the enjoyment of your home?

Although a lighting plan may not seem like a priority when you are renovating or building a new home; it adds ambience, workable spaces, and a focus on accents. Moreover, a lighting plan is not simply about the natural light and the positioning of a house in relation to the sun. It also refers to both internal and external electrical lighting of your home.

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So whether you’re planning for your new home or looking to renovate your space, having a lighting plan is one of the things you need to consider. If you’re looking for advice, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. The Basics

It’s not complicated, as there are just three basic lighting layers to consider.

  • Lighting for tasks, such as cooking and studying
  • Lighting to create ambience or visual comfort
  • Lighting to create an accent, such as a focus on an art work
  1. Consider the Space

People often consider a space when buying furniture, but not when choosing lighting. Take an audit of each room and understand its function.

  • For what is the room used?
  • Who will use the room?
  • What furnishings will be in the room?
  • Where will furnishings be placed?
  • Will there be any mirrors?
  • Are there other reflective surfaces?
  • From where does the most natural light come, and at what time of the day?

lighting plan

  1. Create a Lighting Plan

Task considerations are usually the first priority when creating a lighting plan. What tasks will take place in the room? A kitchen or study will likely have different lighting needs from an entry foyer, for example.

The theme and tone of your home is also important. Do you have a very modern home? Are you seeking industrial chic? Is traditional or vintage more to your taste?

  • Draw a floor plan of each room, as close to scale as possible. Include details such as doors, windows, fireplace, architectural features, and built-ins
  • Mark your floor plan with a small X or circle where you think you’ll need task lighting
  • Add known or desired furniture positioning
  • Consider ambient and accent lighting
  • Will you want to light a feature wall or ceiling?
  • Do you want up-lights from the floor or recessed down-lights from under a cupboard to illuminate a flat surface underneath?
  • Will you only have ceilings lights and wall sconces, or will you also have standard and table lamps?
  • Do you need dimmers on any or all light switches?

Consider the outdoors too. Will you need to illuminate pathways, garage or sheds, the front door, entertaining areas, swimming pool or spa? Could some of these lights be movement activated? These are some of the questions that will help you clarify the suitable lighting solution for your home. And if you’re unsure about design choices, you can visit websites like www.urbanlighting.com.au to find beautiful lighting products that can perfectly match with your requirements.

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  1. Have a Budget

It is important to have a budget, as lights are one area that can get out of control. But don’t fret. There are a lot of incredible lighting options so you’re sure to achieve beautiful results and still stick to your budget.

  1. Select your Lights

With a competent lighting plan in hand and a budget to guide you, enjoy the process of selecting the right lights for your home. Of course, the experts in your local lighting store will be able to help you too.

The right lighting advice will add more enjoyment to your home than perhaps you imagine. Creating a lighting plan will ensure you enjoy your new lights for longer, as they will be doing the job for which they were designed.

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