A light filled home will always put a skip in your step and add to the enjoyable ambiance of your home. So how do you take advantage of natural light even when the weather is overcast? Here are three simple ways.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when the days are longer, and the sky is brighter? Rain, wind, and snow can easily get a lot of people down. After all, who wants to leave the house when it’s blowing a gale, and you’re only going to get soaked to the skin anyway?

light filled home

Kim E Courtney Interiors and Design

Many of us live for a change of season because sunshine is proven to make us a feel more alive. Natural light does wonders for our mood and physical health thanks to all the vitamin D that the sun provides. So, with that in mind, it only makes sense to make sure your house is as light and bright as it can be. Homes that are overly darkened can end up feeling dank and cramped – here are some ways you can create a lighter, brighter and airier home ready for the summer.

light filled home

Enjoy A Light Filled Home By Felling Some Trees

We all love having a pretty garden, full of flora and fauna. But if your home is severely overlooked by a large tree (or even a selection of trees) it can make your place feel quite enclosed. Plus, it could put your property at risk of damage if a tree could fall into your home during a spell of bad weather. In either of these scenarios, it can often be best to look into tree removal. Providing the tree in question is on your own land, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to get it trimmed or felled. But if the tree is actually in your neighbour’s garden, and it has become overgrown into yours, you will need to get permission from them first before you fell it.

Check wth your local Council or relevant authority as you may be able to trim large branches that overhang into your property without the permission of your neighbour.

light filled home

Melton Design Build

Enjoy A Light Filled Home by Redecorating With Pale Colours

Light needs pale colours to bounce off. So naturally pale and neutral shades will create a brighter room. So if you paint all your rooms in dark shades your home will feel more enclosed. You can normally get away with one dark wall as a feature wall, but try and opt for lighter colours for the rest of the room. Natural light bounces off colours such as white, cream and pale blue, which is what helps to give your place that airy, loft-apartment kind of feel. You can also use mirrors to help reflect the light from one wall to another, and also reflective surfaces such as metal.

light filled home

Emily Ruddo

Enjoy A Light Filled Home by Cleaning Your Windows

The art of window cleaning is something that has been lost in recent years – it really isn’t something many of us think about anymore, especially if you pay a company to come and do it for you. However, it can be worth keeping on top of the dirt and dust that gathers on your windows, as having them crystal clear automatically means that more natural light gets into your home. Learn how to clean them properly and always buff them with pieces of newspaper – this is the secret to getting that amazing shine of which your neighbors will be envious.

Also, keep furniture from blocking windows as this further inhibits the natural light entering the room. If you have heavy drapes to keep out winter cold, does this also keep your room dark even during the day? If so, consider installing double-glazed windows and use much lighter drapes for privacy only. You can then still enjoy your beautiful outdoor space even when it’s raining.

light filled home

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