Lifestyle changes may often be on your mind whether you realise it or not. Perhaps you want to change your diet, your fashion, even your friends. However, one change may be the key to really having the lifestyle you crave.

Do you often think about lifestyle changes you’d like to make? Perhaps you wish you could swim more but don’t have access to a pool. Maybe you wish you lived a few minutes walk from the beach so you can swim there.

In many cases, those who choose to live in a rural area have different ambitions from those who live in the City. A City lifestyle offers opportunities to build an outstanding career and enjoy the perks that come with it. However, rural life could mean building your own small business and having a more relaxed lifestyle too. It might be that you are simply in a new phase of your life and looking for something different.

lifestyle changes

Your lifestyle is far more important than you could ever imagine. It is the blueprint for your whole life and is determined by your priorities, interests and ambitions. While your lifestyle is made up of everything from your food choices to your savings goals, your home is probably one of the most important aspects of your life: this is where it all happens. 

When you choose a property, you should always ask 3 questions: Can I afford it? Is it in the right location? And, will this property deliver the lifestyle I really want? The first two are practical considerations and relatively easy to work out. The 3rd question is entirely personal and, therefore, doesn’t come with a ‘right’ answer.

So what should you do when you’re searching for a house to suit aspirational lifestyle changes?

Choosing the Right Location

The right location is absolutely essential for any lifestyle. You aren’t going to get the cool Melbourne vibe if you are living in the outback. And you’re not going to get a beach lifestyle if you are in the city centre! However, if you’re an interior designer in Adelaide you’ll get both. Location is crucial and you need to think carefully about what you want from the place you choose to live.

lifestyle changes

Moving interstate can be quite daunting but it is well worth it if you know that your life would be improved by living in a different state. The cities of Australia all have such different characters and people that it’s not too surprising that like-minds tend to cluster together. If you’re feeling nervous about moving all your stuff such a great distance, have a look at to see how easy interstate logistics can be. 

Of course, the right location isn’t just about the where; it’s also about the who. Moving to be closer to friends and family is a good reason to upsticks, especially if you are about to start a family and want a support network.

Another good reason to move is if you have an amazing job offer you just can’t refuse. Even if you only move for a few years, following an experience can be a good reason to pick a particular location. 

Finding the Features that Suit You

Now that you have the location in mind, you need to think about what you really want from a property. Common desirable features include things like a swimming pool in the backyard and an open plan kitchen, perfect for entertaining. However, this isn’t about what other people want – this is about what you want. 

lifestyle changes

Finding the property that suits your aspirational lifestyle changes requires a bit more creative thinking than you might first think. This is because you have to release yourself from what you think you want and decide what you actually want. These things are often not the same! For example, you might think that you want a large garden. However, when it comes down to it, you’d rather spend time on the beach. This means a smaller property closer to the sand would be better. It’s all a case of prioritising your needs.

The real difficulty in buying a property is working out what you might need in the future. Future-proofing is essential if you are planning to grow your family but it is definitely worth thinking about regardless of your age. On this subject, you should also think about the sort of features that will enhance your lifestyle beyond your basic needs. For example, an older couple might not need a 4-bed house for themselves but the extra bedrooms mean that family and friends can come and stay anytime they like. 

Try Something New

It is so easy to slip into a monotonous lifestyle that you never quite chose but have maintained for most of your life nonetheless. Monotony is the easiest way to find yourself in the midst of a midlife crisis before you even hit midlife and won’t do your mental health much good either.

Moving house to break a monotonous lifestyle might sound like a radical option but if you are looking for something new and different, you can’t achieve that much faster than by changing something so fundamental. But beware the spontaneous house move that hasn’t been thought through! Escaping one monotony by settling for another is not the answer to your lifestyle woes! 

lifestyle changes

One of the main ways that moving house can impact your lifestyle is the chance to free up some cash. More and more people are downsizing as they realise that paying less on bills and mortgage or rent payments gives them a chance to do more with their time. Freeing yourself of stuff in favour of experiences is also a good way to shake things up. You might not move more than a couple of blocks over but the way you live in your neighbourhood could change quite a lot. 

Your home is integral to your lifestyle. When things aren’t working out as you imagined, it might be that a new property could breathe new life into your boring lifestyle. Just remember that while an aspirational lifestyle might be appealing, you still need to be realistic in your expectations!

Instead of focusing on what you want, it is sometimes better to consider how you want to feel and then work from there. You have an endless capacity to surprise yourself so be brutally honest about what you are searching for. 

Be brave and get on exciting with lifestyle changes… you deserve it!