With a baby on the way, few of us have time to design and prepare a lavish nursery from scratch. Luckily, many have done this before, so you can lean on the advice of experienced moms to help you with creating the best home nursery that’s cozy AND lavish.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that babies need A LOT of stuff, and they will only need more as months pass. Make a list of all the necessary stuff your lavish nursery needs and plan the space according to this list.

Also, make sure you keep in mind the items from our list that you might find helpful. 

Start by carefully planning out the layout

The nursery is a place for bonding, and thus you should organize it in such a manner. Don’t choose too large rooms for nursing purposes, because you won’t need that much space. Smaller rooms feel more comfortable and intimate for creating a bonding atmosphere.

In such conditions, limited space means being meticulous about the furniture arrangement. It would be best if you could organize the space so that the crib is situated beneath the window. However, if this is not an option, make sure to at least place a comfy armchair somewhere close to the light.

Go for high-quality baby cribs

Your baby will be spending most of its early days in the crib, and since these days are crucial for the development of their muscles, the crib must be comfortable and supportive.

Comfortless cribs can also cause your baby a lot of trouble sleeping, which will only make it even more cranky during both day and night. Furniture in the nursery should overall be of high-quality and versatile, so that you can use it for many years to come, and also in case a new baby arrives.

Upgrade with a stylish nursery table

There’s no better way to introduce your baby to luxury than by investing in a stylish change table. Not only do changing tables take up a lot of space in any room, but they also tend to be very dysfunctional and sometimes even distasteful.

Luckily, there are quality tables to choose from that you can use even when your baby’s all grown up. Thanks to detachable toppers, you can simply remove the cover bed and you’ll be left with a lavish set of drawers.

Avoid stereotypical gender themes

Whether or not you are familiar with your baby’s sex, don’t insist on making an extremely gender-stereotypical nursery. This is not only biased, but also an impractical choice.

By surrounding your baby girl with pink, you send a message from the start that that is the color girls should like, without giving your girl a chance to choose for herself. You might be thinking that a baby can’t choose on its own, and although this is true, implicit expectations are formed as soon as babies start being aware of their surroundings.

Don’t force gender roles upon your child, but rather choose a gender-neutral theme for your nursery. Moreover, if you paint the whole nursery in pink and the next child ends up being a boy, how do you think that will go?

Surround the space with playful equipment

Babies will start playing as soon as they can get their hands and fingers moving, and this will come sooner than you expect. Be sure to surround your child with many playful gadgets that will help during the early stages of their motor and cognitive development.

A rich surrounding was proved by many studies to have positive effects on children’s development, while a plain, lifeless surrounding has caused children to become ill-developed or fail at achieving their full potentials.

Emotional support is also very important for the normal development of babies’ social interactions, as well as the formation of securely-bonded attachment styles.

Remember that everything must be already prepared when the baby comes, because afterward there won’t be much time nor space to make additional changes.

Start preparing your lavish nursery a couple of months before your due date. You’ll have just enough time to create the dreamiest place for your baby’s first days.