Large garden features are great if you are lucky enough to live in a home with fantastic spaces at your disposal. Here are three versatile and useful large items for your garden, if you have enough space.

Large Garden Features: A Rainwater Tank

This is the smallest of our large garden features but homeowners in Australia have quickly cottoned onto the fantastic benefits of owning a water tank. A rainwater tank, and which one you choose, varies depending on a number of factors. These include your water demand, whether you live in a bushfire prone area, how much space you have, and also the use of the water tank. Specialist companies like can talk you through these and other factors.

When it comes to picking the specific type of water tank that you’ll need, consider your specific environment. So for instance, a steel tank meets bushfire water storage standards, even without a cinder shield. Meanwhile, a poly tank can be found in a wide number of colorways, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the aesthetic of the tank in your garden. Given water tanks now come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes there will be one that fits perfectly in your garden.

A word of warning, however! Many people consider buying a water tank in order to turn it into a plunge pool. Or even a very small swimming pool. However, a key piece of information here is that by taking the top off a water tank, you damage the overall structure. They are therefore not suitable to be used as swimming pools.


Large Garden Features: Water Features and Pools

We’ve already discussed the fact that (sadly) you cannot use a water tank for a swimming pool! But that doesn’t mean the dream of a pool is over for you! They certainly are large garden features with different methods of installation to suit budget, topography, and use. If you don’t already have a pool, have you ever considered installing one? Australians love an outdoor lifestyle and, in most parts of the country, a pool would get a lot of use.

Pools aren’t just a great garden aesthetic- although they do offer this too! You can also use yours to keep fit! It can be the main focus for a garden party, which can now become a pool party! You can teach kids to swim in it, plus the elderly can use it for low-impact exercise.

As you can see, an outdoor pool is an incredibly versatile thing. We’ve not even mentioned yet the fact that homes with outdoor pools typically sell for more than an equivalent home without one. So any money you spend on installing and maintaining the pool will generally be returned when you sell.  And when you’re not using the pool, over winter for example, then there are some easy tips to keep it clean and safe. And you’ll have loads of fun with all the giant inflatable pool floats available now. Flamingo anyone?

large garden features

If you don’t have the inclination for a swimming pool then water features and ponds create a serene and enjoyable garden feature. There are many different options from in-ground with solar pumps to virtually plug-in and go. Consult your local hardware store as there is something very calming about water trickling in the garden, and it will attract birds that want to drink or clean themselves.

Large Garden Features: A Retreat or Granny Flat

Just like a swimming pool has flexible features, so does a granny flat or garden studio, the most significant of large garden features. A granny flat is great for keeping elderly parents close, as a teenagers retreat, for the overflow of visitors who come to stay (& after a pool party), or as an art or hobby studio. Apart from family use, a granny flat or garden studio can also be turned into a place you can rent out to people. If renting out this particular large garden feature is of interest then get more information from the experts.

A granny flat or garden studio can be a private place, a useful space, or an income generator. It can transform over the years and fulfill many different roles, depending on what you need from it at that time. Maybe you thought I was talking about massive concrete urns as large garden features, but these three suggestions will add value to your property, whereas accessories won’t.