Lack of storage is one of the biggest issues facing modern homes. Unless you have extra storage built-in to your home, how can you maximise the space you have?

When you think about it, there are lots of common household issues most families face. These tend to include things like problems with the plumbing, a lack of heat in the home, mould on the walls, etc. Still, there’s one frequent issue that affects most households. Yep, it’s a lack of storage space.

If your home doesn’t have enough storage, life becomes incredibly tricky. You have a lot of valuable items, but nowhere to store them. The result is usually a home that feels very cluttered, which also makes it feel a lot smaller.

It’s a problem most of us face at some point, but are there any solutions? Of course there are! Below, you’ll find a few ideas that vary in complexity to help deal with your lack of storage conundrum:

Shelving Helps When You Have A Lack of Storage

Shelving can be whatever you want it to be. From industrial garage shelving to glam dressing room storage, shelves are always useful, if not always pretty. However, adding some shelving to your walls can bring clutter from the floor to the wall. It’s a great way of storing some of the smaller items you have lying around the home, opening up your floor space. Plus, it’s the easiest thing to do!

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Try Using Space Under The Furniture

If you have furniture, then you have access to some sneaky storage space. Keeping things under your beds and sofas is a fantastic idea to when you have a lack of storage. You can buy little boxes to slide underneath the furniture, keeping all the items safe and free from dirt. The best thing is, you don’t take up any extra room with storage boxes littered around your home!

Build A Garage/Storage Shed

This idea is definitely an extravagant one for people with extra space outside their property. If you have a garden, you might consider building a little storage shed to keep things in. Or, if there’s enough space, build a garage next to your house. It’s a bit like designing a storage facility, but on a much smaller scale.

Organized Living

The idea is that you construct something that’s supposed to be secure and organised. In turn, you can keep lots of belongings in here without worrying about them being damaged or stolen. A storage shed is perhaps the more realistic option for most families, and it could be worth sacrificing a small bit of garden space. 

Convert Space You Don’t Use

Finally, you can convert things in your house into a storage space. Two examples of this are your attic and stairs. An attic conversion is ideal as you can board it up and it suddenly becomes a storage area. The stairs are a bit more complex but pretty funky.

Here, you convert a staircase so each step is actually a secret storage box. To the naked eye, they look like regular steps, but you can open up the top and put things inside. Both of these ideas work well, and you can also look at different parts of your house to consider other conversions. 

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See, there’s technically no such thing as a lack of storage space at home! If you get creative, you can find inventive ways of providing your home with more storage. From here, you can get rid of clutter and make your house feel neater and more spacious.