Are you thinking about a kitchen renovation? Most rooms in your house can be moved around and even redecorated with the minimum amount of hassle. But not your kitchen.

When it comes to your kitchen renovation it can be slightly more complicated. Your kitchen is a more expensive room to renovate, which makes getting it perfect even more critical.

Below are some key areas to consider to make the most of your kitchen renovation.

What Do You Want To Change?

Sometimes we need to replace things that are worn out, other times we just fancy a change.

Carefully consider the elements of your current kitchen that you like. You can make some decent savings by not starting from scratch. Instead, simply changing some of the big elements will give your kitchen a completely new look and feel.

While you will need to plan for the big items beforehand, such as a new island, there are many smaller touches that can make a big difference too.

Accessories can have a big impact and are easily swapped out when needed. From stylish chopping boards to storage that shows off appealing fresh ingredients, which can be found reasonably priced at places like the French Knot, make the most of your kitchens contents by adding accessories.

Colour co-ordinating works well, but placing a mish-mash of accessories can also create a very cool look too.

If you need help, engage the services of a kitchen interior designer to help you make the most of your budget and ideas.

Splashback Extravaganza

Adding or changing your splashback can make a big difference. Getting rid of outdated tiles and using modern waterproof wallpaper or material can really be eye-catching.

kitchen renovation
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There are now endless possibilities, and a contrasting splashback can catch the eye of visitors and make a big first impression.

Choosing the right material and design for your kitchen will largely depend on the style of your kitchen. However, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create something unique that you’ll love.

Show Your Cabinetry Some Love

Often, as long as they’re not collapsing, the framework of a kitchen will still have years of life left in it.

You can simply change the doors that front the cupboards and update your hardware to create a new look.

Some people find that simply changing the handles on all their cupboards and drawers can make a huge difference.

How much you change will come down to personal choice, but consider updating some elements rather than replacing them.

You’ll be surprised just how much difference you can make for far less money than a new kitchen would cost you.

Worktops Change The Feel

When you change some of the elements of your cabinetry, then updating your worktop (benchtop or countertop) can take it a step further.

Choosing the right material for your worktop can make all the difference. Natural materials are very popular, like stone, wood, or marble.

The colour and style of your worktop can set the tone of the whole kitchen.

Top And Bottom

Other design elements that can really help your kitchen to have the wow factor include your choice of flooring and lighting.

Whether you hide the lighting away as much as possible to create a minimalist look or use oversized light fittings for effect, the lighting must be practical so it enhances the usability of the kitchen.

Kitchen flooring can be another element that can look outdated and drag the whole kitchen down with it.

There are now more flooring options available than ever. There has been an explosion of innovations in recent years.

You no longer have to stick to tiles; materials like cork and vinyl are being used in really practical and interesting ways for real style innovation.

Need More Kitchen Design Help?

Plush Design Interiors are the award-winning interior designers who specialise in kitchen design and open plan living. Their unique 3D floor plans will show you what your renovation will look like before you remove a single brick.

This service is available as an e-decorating service. So Plush Design Interiors can help you even if you don’t live in Adelaide. Contact for more information.

kitchen renovation
Unique 3D floor plan design for a new kitchen concept by Plush Design Interiors

Header image: Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash