A kitchen makeover is undertaken somewhere in the world every 15 minutes! Even if that’s not strictly true, it can seem that way sometimes.

Are you one of the thousands of people thinking of remodelling your kitchen? Before getting started, make sure you’re not about to make one of these kitchen makeover mistakes – it could be costly, impractical or even dangerous. Here are some of the big blunders, along with what you should do instead.


kitchen makeover

Moving Fixtures

Ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks can be expensive to relocate. This is because you will have to pay for extra plumbing in order to get water and gas to these appliances once they’ve been moved.

Consider leaving the fixtures in place unless it’s critical to have them moved.


kitchen makeover

Don’t Call Me Penny

kitchen makeover

Breaking the Kitchen Triangle

Another reason not to move most fixtures is that it could break the kitchen triangle. This is a time-tested layout that involves having your oven, sink and fridge all in a triangle to one another to improve practicality.

Nakedkitchens.com explains why the triangle is still relevant today, making cooking a more organised process.


kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

Sacrificing Countertop Space

Having ample countertop space can make preparing food much easier. Various appliances such as microwaves, blenders, steamers, and kettles can take up valuable countertop space. Avoid going overboard on these gadgets or install a dedicated cupboard for them to get them off the counter.

Magnetic wall knife racks and wall mounted breadbins can free up counter space taken up conventional knife racks and bread bins.

You should still be able to make space for a front-loader washing machine or dishwasher by removing lower cabinets and still keeping the countertop above. Measure the space to ensure you purchase appliances that fit.


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Not Knowing When to Hire Professionals

There are a lot of jobs in the kitchen that the average DIY’er shouldn’t really attempt. You’re best getting someone with a license to carry out electrical and plumbing work – faulty electrics and gas/water leaks could cause a fire.

Meanwhile, if you’re knocking down a wall between a kitchen and a living space to make it more open plan, hire a professional construction service as knocking down a load bearing wall could bring the whole house down.

There are lots of companies such as sashadebretton.com.au that can handle your whole kitchen renovation. This could be useful if you really don’t have the time or patience.

That said, there are kitchen makeover jobs such as laying drop-fit flooring and painting that even the most inexperienced DIYer could benefit from when it comes to lowering costs.


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Not Considering Imitation Materials

People can often obsess over luxury materials, not realising that there are imitation materials out there that are just as effective and aesthetically similar.

This is particularly the case with stone countertop materials such as marble and granite. Cultured marble or acrylic stone are synthetic alternatives that are much cheaper and more hygienic.

The likes of Montana-cans.com meanwhile have convincing granite spray paints for those looking for an even cheaper option.

You can also save money on a kitchen makover this way with certain wood products. Everyone goes crazy for mahogany but a dark wood such as khaya could be just as efficient and visually impressive.

kitchen makeover