Living in a house with a large lovely kid-friendly backyard gives you numerous opportunities to decorate it in a way that an entire family can enjoy the outdoors.

To make sure your little ones will have the best time playing in the backyard, you should try to create a playtime nook for them, or throw in a few of the kid-friendly backyard solutions in the mix.

If you’re not sure what to make for them, we’ve got a few ideas ready for you.

A rock-climbing wall

Children are restless by nature, and once they get an energy boost all they need is a creative way to release all the energy, so why not letting them be active and work on their climbing skills.

Set up a rock-climbing wall in your backyard and look at your kid becoming the next great alpinist.

You can paint a mural on one side of the house that looks on the backyard and also create a climbing wall making your backyard the new hangout spot for all of your kid’s friends.

A sandbox

If your bundle of joy is still crawling, a sandbox can be a load of fun for them.

However, this creative play nook can also be very exciting for kids up to the age of 5, so you’ll have a long-term solution for keeping the kids entertained.

kid-friendly backyard

Children as young as 1 can enjoy digging their toes into a sandbox and even get a bit of help in their development. They will develop important motor skills while digging, filling, pouring and pushing sand using scoops and buckets.

Muscle skills and hand-eye coordination will also be an essential part of sandbox play so this piece of wood can contribute to your kid’s development immensely. Just make sure you change the sand once every year or two.

A whole playground area

Why waste time on your way to the playground and back, when you can make your child their own personal playground.

If your backyard is large enough to have a slide, a swing and a hopscotch mat, your kid will never wish to go to any other playground than the one in their own home.

kid-friendly backyard

Get them one of the safest trampolines as well and your child will be the main kid on the block because other kids in the neighbourhood will wait in line to play on all the amazing playthings.

Make their swinging experience that much more thrilling and get them a bucket-seat baby swing.

An outdoor kids’ room

Building a tree house for your little one will definitely be one of the best play nooks for them.

kid-friendly backyard
Image courtesy of Sean Litchfield Photography

They can move all of their toys from their bedroom and decorate it whichever way they like so that every playtime is more exciting than the previous one.

Build them a tree house where they can have sleepovers, and encourage kids to get out and enjoy nature without ever having to leave their home.

A backyard campsite

Can you name one kid who doesn’t love camping? Well, if your little ones aren’t old enough for the real deal, offer them the next best thing – a backyard campsite.

All you need to do in order to set up a campsite is to find a level, soft spot in the yard for a tent. Check if the ground is free of roots and rocks and that the soil is well-drained.

kid-friendly backyard
Image courtesy of Annette Tatum, California

Then set up a tent or a tepee and light a little fire. An affordable DIY fire pit and a picnic table will be perfect for this occasion.

Making your backyard your child’s favourite place to hang out has never been easier.

As long as it’s large enough to accommodate at least a few of their favourite playthings, you’ll have no trouble in setting up a play nook your kid and their friends will love to play at.