Keeping your pool clean over winter can be a real issue, especially if you live somewhere like the Adelaide Hills, like I do.

We have so many trees, leaves and bark are a constant issue, as we have a native garden. Not to mention the Koalas. There’s nothing worse than finding a Koala that has fallen into the pool, and hasn’t been able to climb out.

SO when I saw this great article from Kerryn Ramsey, i wanted to share with with you. A little regular pool maintenance over winter will mean your pool will be ‘family friendly’ and much easier to jump back into. Kerryn provides tips on keeping the chemistry, filter and backwash systems, cleaning tiles, lighting, even deck oils and plant trimming.

Pool covers may be an issue if you live among wildlife as Koalas, especially, can mistake a poolcover for a solid surface. This is our fear, when it comes to keeping your pool clean over winter. If they fall in then it’s highly likely they won’t get themselves out. Kerryn also suggests packing away umbrellas and garden furniture over the winter. I always look for furniture that’s weather resistant but on which I can put colourful and gorgeous cushions. However a handy shed means I can put away covered with fabric and preserve it’s use for another year.

Keeping Your Pool Clean Over Winter

Image courtesy of Metamorphysis

Keeping Your Pool Clean Over Winter means you’ll have less work to do when the weather starts to warm up. Imagine having an oiled deck, clean filters, dry furniture, trimmed plants and gleaming lights when you suddenly decide to invite friends over for a BBQ.

Kerryn’s tips will mean you are organized and ready to go.Isn’t that a great feeling?

Keeping Your Pool Clean Over Winter

Image courtesy of Mamagreen

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