Junk hoarding can actually be very bad for your health, never mind about your home space.

Why? Because living with clutter can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed which leads to a lack of productivity. Really, junk hoarding can do all that?

Most of us are planning a tidy-up and clean-out at some point in the near future. It’s just so easy to hoard! If your cupboards and drawers are full of chaos, it’s definitely time to get rid of your junk. Still, sentiment can get in the way, and when do we ever have time for it? Here are the 17 top spots where your junk is hiding – end the junk hoarding now!

End Junk Hoarding NOW!

  1. Under the bed

When was the last time you took a knee and dared to peek under the bed? Even if you have a divan, chances are you never open all that extra storage under there. The reason? There is nothing you need in there!

It’s time to open it up, pull it out, and say goodbye to those fashion disasters. Ditch the less-than-tasteful bedding, and enjoy a useful storage solution that can actually be used!

junk hoarding

  1. Behind the sofa

Lots of people reserve that space behind the sofa for a spring clean. A once-a-year dust and vacuum routine mean that junk can easily make its home back there. Odd toys that went up but nobody saw came down live in that dark tunnel behind your couch.

No doubt your pets have left a few ‘treasures’ back there too. Aside from the dust bunnies, you might find that pack of snacks you were saving for movie night

  1. In the drawers

We all love drawers! They’re handy little boxes that sit neatly inside our sideboards, kitchen cabinets, dressers, and bedside cabinets. Drawers are marvelous because you can stuff all your trinkets, bits-and-bobs, odds-and-ends, and little things inside.It’s junk hoarding at its best.

The trouble with stuffing all your stuff in there is that chaos ensues pretty quickly. Now you’ve got a box with lots of things and no organization whatsoever. You can’t find what you need, and you have no idea what’s in there anymore. Time to empty it all out into the skip!

junk hoarding

  1. In your cupboards

Cupboards are like drawers but bigger. They are an enclosed box that we never dare to peek inside. And some of us wouldn’t dare to open them for fear the contents would fall out on top of us.

No matter the size, location or intended purpose of your cupboard, it’s time to ditch the junk. A skip bin hire will happily gobble up your rubbish from all those drawers and cupboards you’ve filled.

  1. In your bathroom

The bathroom is home to your tub, your shower, your toilet and your vanity basin. It’s also home to dozens of empty and nearly empty product bottles. Then there are all those products you tried once but didn’t like or forgot about. Away it goes!

junk hoarding

  1. In your shed

The humble garden shed is but a 6 foot by 4 foot cupboard. Yet, somehow, you’ve managed to stuff in there a lifetime of bikes, mowers, paint tins, tools, appliances, toys – the list goes on.

If you’ve not been in there for months, it’s probably time to clear everything out.

  1. In your attic

Like the shed, the attic might not have been used for months, or even years. Sure, it’s dark, cold, and full of spiders. But that’s not the main reason you haven’t been up there.

The truth? You can’t get up there anymore for all the old boxes and junk you don’t really care about. Time to send it all to the skip.

  1. In your garage

The garage is supposed to be the car’s room. Maybe there is a ladder, and the odd bottle of car wax in there. But all that clutter you’ve accumulated is now forcing your poor motor to sit out on the drive in all weathers. Empty it, sweep and clean, give it a lick of paint, and enjoy.

junk hoarding

  1. In your home office desk

Remember that report you were supposed to hand in back in 2012? It’s there, somewhere, beneath the paperclips, candy wrappers, chocolate stash, and other junk that fills your desk. Why not try a desk tidy to get your stationery more organized? As for the report? The shredder’s over there.

  1. Behind your TV

Cable tidies keep all those wires out of sight and out of reach of the kids and the pets. It makes sense, so make it your mission this weekend to finally invest those pennies into getting one!

  1. In your cutlery drawer

One way to approach the disaster AKA the cutlery drawer is to tip it all out in the bin and then go and buy yourself a fresh set.

Over time utensils and cutlery degrade, just like pots and pans. If you haven’t replaced them in years, you might even be risking your health.

If you don’t want to trashwhatt you have and start again,simplyy tip all the utensils into a box. Each time you use an item put it in the drawer. After six months toss out whatever is left in the box – you’ll never use what’s left.

  1. Inside your laundry cupboard

Your laundry cupboard might be home to spare bedding (last used in 2012) and the odd sweater (last worn Xmas 2008.)



This space shouldn’t be a closet overflow, but the place to store things that are actually going to be used this month.


  1. In your closet

The closet is the home of fashion faux pas, wardrobe favorites, and lifetime memories in a shoebox. Of course, if you used this space as a closet, you might find it quicker and easier to get dressed each morning.

  1. In your car glove compartment

This should have all your travel emergencies like a torch, a pack of tissues, and a notebook. Do you really need all that other stuff in there?

junk hoarding

  1. In your car trunk

If you’ve run out of storage space in your house, you might be tempted to overflow into your car. This costs you more money in gas, and more headaches trying to fit your weekly grocery shop around the junk.

junk hoarding

  1. In your handbag

Most of us are fairly good at clearing this out. Make it routine to drop the trash in the waste bin.

  1. In your kids’ sports kit bag

This is perhaps the scariest place to search for anything. But if you don’t clear it out, there are no guarantees your kids will!

Are you guilty of junk hoarding? How often do you clear out each of these junk hiding spots?