Jacopo Ridolfi is a family-owned Italian shoe company launching a truly unique new collection of hand-made, hand-painted men’s shoes.

The artisan shoemakers from Jacopo Ridolfi have been crafting beautiful shoes in Verona, Italy, for over 50 years. They are entirely involved in the process by choosing the leather, designing and then constructing these masterful shoes. There is an elegance and beauty to Jacopo Ridolfi shoes whereby the finest leathers are individually painted reflecting the bold colours of nature. The patina of the leather is unique and appears like wood or the bark of a tree. The ultimate statement piece in any man’s wardrobe, a Jacopo Ridolfi shoe is almost an heirloom to be passed on to a future generation.


“We wanted to create a shoe in a way that’s truly unique. Other shoemakers normally buy colored leather from tanneries and then they work it by cutting it and assembling it to make the shoes. Our process is completely different. We buy white leather from tannery then, we cut it, hand paint it one by one, and assemble it. With our method, the color follows the shape of the shoe and its lines, not vice-versa, thus creating a design which is 100 percent unique and impossible to create in any other industrial way. It’s a process that requires more time and more craftsmanship, but the final result is so stunning and unique that it is worth the extra effort.” explains designer and founder, Jacopo Prati.
The ‘Ridolfi’ part of the Jacopo Ridolfi brand is named after Jacopo Prati’s mother, Nicoletta, as she and her family have been making shoes in Verona, Italy, since 1957. Their mission has always been to make shoes as unique as the people who wear them.
Silverio Prati, Jacopo’s father, has been working with his son for two years to perfect the unique, hand-painted leather effect. The technique has been refined, tested and improved with countless trials – and it is now ready for the stylish wardrobe of men who embrace quality and the uniqueness only a hand-crafted accessory can imbue.


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Jacopo Ridolfi Shoes are newly launched this month so you will receive an introductory discount of up to 30% off a unique pair ONLY until July 28. Each pair will be delivered in a handmade wooden storage box which will also include shoe care essentials: conditioning
cream and a soft brush. In the coming weeks, there will also be the option to add beautiful matching leather paracord bracelets to any shoe order.

Order you Jacobo Ridolfi shoe NOW and receive a generous discount.

Jacobo Ridolfi have created a Kickstarter Campaign to ensure the success of this new venture which means YOU receive a beautiful pair of shoes (or buy more than one pair) when you support the crowdfunding. Click Here for more details.

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