The toughest thing about introducing sustainability into home in the modern day is finding the right balance of sustainability without compromising your bank balance.

A sustainable home should, first and foremost, have a low impact on the environment. However, making your home more sustainable doesn’t just cover appliances. There are a variety of ways to make introducing sustainability into your home an easy decision. Let’s show you what you could implement, in big and little ways. 

A Self-Sustaining Water Supply

A rainwater harvesting system is a fantastic way to reduce your main water usage, but you can also get a well installed so you can gain access to a specific water supply. This is more complex, but bore drilling experts can provide resources to help you. 

Making Your Own Cleaning Products

In the kitchen, you can use a variety of domestic appliances that are more energy efficient. However, if you want to be more environmentally friendly with the household products you use, it’s important to remember that everything has an impact on the planet in some way. Which is why you may benefit from finding out what has the least impact when introducing sustainability.

Rather than opting for chemicals to clean your surfaces, you can make your own natural cleaning products using lemons, white wine vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda. There’s an infinite number of combinations you can use to create specific cleaning products. The reality is that, as long as you start to avoid harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, you are minimising the risks associated with standard cleaning products. 

Don’t Throw Out Your Broken Appliance Just Yet!

We live in a world where if something is broken, we immediately think about throwing it away. While many products are not built to last these days, it is a good idea too to look at your white goods, such as your refrigerator and washing machine, to see if they can be serviced or maintained. Many broken appliances can be repaired by the manufacturer or local repair business. Naturally, it helps save you money, but it is one simple way to get more out of your electrical appliance. 

Planning Meals in Advance

Another simple tool that can help you be more sustainable in the home. When you plan meals in advance, you are making a more concerted effort to be more effective with your eating. It’s also essential to keep a list of recipes that use leftovers. Leftovers should not be considered waste, and there are an amazing array of things you can do with your leftover vegetables, for example making fritters with some eggs. 


The most effective method of making your home a more sustainable environment is to insulate the property. Heat loss is not just detrimental to your bank balance, but it will mean you are using a lot more energy. Insulating your home properly, and recognising where the heat escapes from your home is such a simple thing.However, in the long run, this is the most effective way to ensure that you are not using more energy, and therefore, not expanding your carbon footprint.

Big and small ways for introducing sustainability into your home and life. It’s OK to start small, just make sure you start!