Yes, interior designers save you money even though you may think their fees are beyond your budget. Well, that’s two myths I can quash in the first two paragraphs. In fact, an interior designer could save you enough money to pay for their fees.

Interior designers can save you money in many ways, whilst helping you to create a functional, comfortable and stylish home. In fact, some interior designers (like me) will save you enough money to cover the interior design fees. It’s like getting an interior designer for free!

It’s common to think that interior designers fluff around with throw cushions and charge ridiculous fees. If you’ve had that experience then 1. I’m sorry and 2. find another interior designer.

In my experience, there are at least 5 ways interior designers save you money with their expertise:

Interior Designers Have A Great Eye for Cohesive Spaces

In my work as an interior designer in Adelaide, I can view a clients’ home with fresh eyes. Interior design is never about one individual space. It’s about bringing cohesion and clarity throughout a home.

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Plush Design Interiors

So even if you just wish to renovate or re-design a single room, an interior designer will look at the ‘bones’ of your home and the room in relation to the rest of the house. This enables you to renovate room-by-room and when the budget allows.

However, an interior designer will consider the overall effect so that your home has a cohesive flow. I create whole-of-house plans so that even if a home owner had a budget for only one room per year, they will have an interior design plan to ensure the house feels connected.

Interior Designers Know It’s Not Only About Interiors

Whilst we are called ‘Interiors Designers’ we also consider the architecture and the outside of your home.

I have a very strong interest in architecture and how air, space, views, privacy and flow relates to your complete interior design.

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3D image by Wendy Lam, Quide Design Co

The exterior of your home must have a connection to the interior. So the correct blend of colour, texture, shape, style and products is very important.

Interior Designers Work With Floor Plans

Interior design is not just about gorgeous wallpaper and on-trend accessories. I studied technical drawing for two years and I have designed hundreds of floor plans.

How your home functions and flows is a primary component of interior design. If your home is not functional with a floor plan that works then you will not be happy with even the most luxurious fabrics and furniture.

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Plush Design Interiors

You don’t necessarily have to engage an Architect to re-design your floor plan. A highly competent interior designer will be able to re-design your floor plan to show you how to maximise the space in your home.

In fact, because I work with spaces populated with furniture and accessories all the time, I have saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars by tweaking architectural plans to consider these interior design elements.

Interior Designers Know How Much Things Cost

An interior designer will help you to minimize costs and maximise the benefits of your unique renovation because they generally know how much things costs. Many renovators underestimate their costs leading to budget blowouts and bad renovation experiences.

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Plush Design Interiors. Photography by Jodi Johnson

Further, interior designers like me pass on savings to clients by not ‘double-dipping’.

What I mean by this is, when you pay me for doing a job I don’t pad out your invoices with kick-backs or retail pricing. I pass on my trade and wholesale pricing to you.

This often means that the money I save you pays my fees… with money left over.

Interior Designers Will Not Simply Follow Trends

Most home owners want contemporary and timeless interiors. I feel it’s important to create functional and stylish rooms that home owners will love for a long time.

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New Excava from Caesarstone

Pops of new trends can be added in cost-effective ways and are generally items that can be easily replaced in the future – such as a paint colour, a cushion or throw, or a fun but inexpensive art work.

An interior designer is an investment in the quality, function, style and longevity of your home.

Plush Design Interiors

I’ll create a home you’ll love. For further information please visit my business website, Plush Design Interiors or e-mail me, Your home is important and I want to help you make it as fabulous and livable as possible.

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Plush Design Interiors


At Plush Design Interiors, I work with a variety of home owners seeking kitchen and bathroom renovations, creation of dream bedrooms, opening up a floor plan for open concept living, or extending to create more living and entertaining space.

Two services I provide are very popular as starting points – the Interior Design Report and the 3D Floor Plan and interactive video. I know many people can not visualize floor plans. I create 3D floor plans so you can experience how your home may look and feel before a single brick is removed.

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Mood board for A + S at Crafers to show what a room may look like with several walls removed. Design and 3D photo by Plush Design Interiors

I also create inspiring mood boards as a focus for colours, textures, shapes and styles. These mood boards will show you how different colours and textiles affect the feel of a room. Playing around with mood boards enables us to create definition for your re-designed room and a starting point for looking at samples.

Please contact me for an obligation-free chat. 0421 043 505 or

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Mood board created for C + N at Aldgate for a proposed casual living room re-design. Mood board created by Plush Design Interiors