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Yes, Your Stylish Home Can Also Be Family-Friendly

Yes, Your Stylish Home Can Also Be Family-Friendly

When you think of a stylish home, you might imagine bachelor pads and trendy flats owned by working professionals. You might not think that family homes can be sleek and polished in the same way as many modern households, but your home can be fabulously stylish too.

In fact, a well-designed + stylish home should be the goal for any homeowner. The appearance of your home affects the way you feel. So, let’s talk about three ways to start making your home stylish yet family-friendly.

A Stylish Home Will Have A Spacious Living Environment

Clutter is not stylish, and it’s also not comfortable. So, decluttering your home is important to create a warm and welcoming family home. You don’t have to get rid of belongings which hold sentimental or practical value; the goal is to sell or give away possessions which you no longer use or even want.

stylish home
Plush Design Interiors

That’s how you’ll start to create a spacious living environment. You can start to transform your house into a stylish home just by clearing out your clutter

Of course, you could also create a spacious living environment by improving your storage space. Obviously, unless you pay for an extension project, you can’t make your property physically bigger. Still, as you’ll see once you start to declutter, your household is probably much larger than you initially imagined.

Use the available space in each room more appropriately to make your house feel more spacious. Shelving and dual-purpose furniture with in-built drawers and lids help to store your possessions more smartly. This will create a more open and welcoming home for you and your family.

A Stylish Home Loves A Tidy Garden

Tidying up your garden will make your home stylish and family-friendly fairly quickly. Any outdoor area can become a wonderful relaxation zone for the entire family if designed well. Mowing the lawn and planting some fresh flowers could make your back yard more visually appealing, for starters.

stylish home

For a beautifully designed and integrated indoor/outdoor living space, contact Plush Design Interiors to help you. Specialists in floor plan re-design, additions and 3D perspectives, PDI will add value and style to your existing home.

Plush Design Interiors for stylish and functional indoor/outdoor living spaces

If you and your family feel deterred from using your garden because of insects such as wasps, then you might want to look into wasp removal services. That would make your outdoor space feel more welcoming. Tidying up your garden will create a more stylish and family-friendly area for you to enjoy.

A Stylish Home Has A Focal Point In Every Room.

Statement pieces will add character and personality to your home. Visually captivating items, such as rugs and chandeliers, add WOW factor and individuality.

A beautiful art piece, for example, can create a colourful and intriguing focal point in a room. A well-designed home will naturally be family-friendly. You don’t have to create a show home that’s lacking in personality just to hop on the latest trends.

stylish home

Combine practicality and style by replacing worn-out sofas with stylish and comfortable leather sofas or sectionals. Furnishings can be focal points. You don’t have to separate functional and aesthetic pieces in your home.

Importantly, live with what you love. Create a stylish, functional and unique home that tells your own personal story.

High-End Apartment Design Guide: 8 Essentials that Embody Pure Elegance

High-End Apartment Design Guide: 8 Essentials that Embody Pure Elegance

Whether you live in a high-end apartment or not, there is something timeless and gorgeous about elegant spaces. The fact that they look smooth and expensive without looking flashy is the secret to elegance. Although, it’s much harder to pull off than you might think.

Luckily, you can always rely on the Internet to help you with your design and end up with an elegant apartment that will always look high-class.

Statement lighting

high-end apartment

Lighting makes all the difference in a space. No matter how many experts worked on your decoration, the place will always look subpar if it’s not illuminated properly.

Of course, the idea is not to use floodlights but to illuminate the space in a subtle and atmospheric way. So, make sure to pick lavish fixtures that will elevate your room instantly.

For instance, lux chandeliers work magic and they always end up being the dominant element of every space. A statement floor lamp will also look amazing in every room from your living room to your bathroom!

Styled coffee table

high-end apartment

You can’t have a functional living room without a lovely coffee table. So, make sure yours stands out either due to its design or due to its styling.

Today you can easily find a table that looks very authentic since these furniture pieces come in all colors, shapes, styles and materials. If you have something fairly classic-looking, you need to make it stand out with unique embellishments.

Using a tray, old books, designer water pitchers and various other decorative elements will help you create a lux and cohesive look.

Designer furniture

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

By default, furniture is always the focal point of the room, so make sure to grab something that will stand out in your elegant setting. Luckily, you can always rely on designer things that attract all the attention for all the right reasons.

If you grab an iconic egg chair replica in a bold color, you’ll get the most for your money. This piece will definitely add sophistication and fun into your space without being overbearing.

Pair it with a minimalist sofa and a few other neutral pieces and you’ll get a timeless focal point!

Fresh flowers

high-end apartment

There’s nothing as simple and as sophisticated as fresh flowers. A bouquet of roses or lilies can add a touch of beauty and color to your space.

Your home will instantly get that coveted five-star hotel look and charming scent.

Original art

high-end apartment

Don’t think you need to be an artist to hang art at your home. Art needs to be present in every room if you want to get that elegant and sophisticated look.

If you want to be bold, choose one big canvas that will soak up all the attention. Feel free to contrast your room’s design but don’t forget to go bold with the frame design. A thick, ornate frame will look amazing and impactful in itself.

Aromatic candles

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

Candles are a must-have, so make sure to grab a few for your home. If you want to go with a minimalist approach you can get bare candles but if you’re aiming for elegance, glass jar candles are where it’s at.

And don’t hesitate to light them up to fill your home with enticing scents and relaxing atmosphere.

Eye-catching hardware

high-end apartment

If you want to add some elegance to your home without spending too much money, go with door handle and other hardware.

Pick something with a gold or silver finished that will glimmer and shine and you’ll fill your space with luxury for a very affordable price.

Area rugs for anchoring

high-end apartment
Plush Design Interiors

Add a finishing touch to your space by anchoring your room with a lush area rug. This will fill your space with warmth and extra elegance at the same time.

For a very glam look, choose something extravagant like faux fur rug. For a more subdued look, pick something soft in texture and simple in design.

No matter how small your space is, if you fill it with these luxe essentials, it will look more than elegant. So, hit the stores and surf the Internet for these items and welcome them into your home today!

Putting Down Roots: Making a New Property Feel Like ‘Yours’

Putting Down Roots: Making a New Property Feel Like ‘Yours’

Putting down roots can be difficult. Many of us move around a fair bit during our early adult years. We move away to college or university, followed by student houses and apartment shares shortly after.

Later on, you might move out alone or with a partner until eventually scouring sites like Bloomdale and deciding on a place that we want to stay in for the foreseeable future.

It’s this property that you want to make ‘home’, you want to be putting down roots and transforming it into a place where you genuinely love spending time.

But what exactly can you do to make four walls and a roof feel like the most cosy and comfortable place in the world? Here are some ideas. 

Putting Down Roots: Redecorate

In some cases, redecorating will be a must- if you’ve moved into a fixer upper or something that’s a little worse for wear inside then you’ll need to do it up just to make it livable.

However, even if you move into a new home and it’s already nice inside it’s good to put your own stamp on it. Maybe you have a blank canvas which needs some personality added.

putting down roots

Perhaps the previous owner or tenant has left wallpaper and flooring which isn’t really your style. Paint it in a shade that you love, add some wallpaper chosen by you, incorporate pops of your favourite colour and make your decor personal.

Display your photos and travel souvenirs, dot around plants that you find interesting and generally bring ‘you’ and your life to the space.

So many of us are caught up with the idea that our homes should look like Pinterest/ Insta-worthy show homes that we forget to bring in our own unique touches

Putting Down Roots: Create ambiance

Once you have the decor right, the next step is to consider the ambiance. Add home fragrances in your favourite scents so that every time you walk through the door, it feels like home.

Get the lighting right, smart bulbs allow you to tailor the light depending on what you’re doing- from bright task lighting to a dim, cosy relaxed glow.

putting down roots
Plush Design Interiors

Get the temperature right too, a ceiling fan light helps to keep the place cool and airy in summer and a roaring fire can add a comforting charm over the winter months. 

Putin Down Roots: Get a pet

You shouldn’t get a pet on a whim, but if you’ve thought about it carefully then an animal can most definitely make a house feel more like home.

putting down roots

Coming back home to a cat or dog can feel really welcoming, and they can bring so much joy to your life in general. 

Putting Down Roots: Make memories

Finally, it can take a while for a house to feel like home because it’s so unfamiliar. So make memories, invite friends over for barbeques, dinner parties, games and movie nights.

putting down roots

Arrange fun date nights at home with your partner and generally make some good memories. You’ll soon fill those four walls with love and happiness.

Your Home Can Be A Stress-Free Beautiful Sanctuary With 7 Easy Ideas

Your Home Can Be A Stress-Free Beautiful Sanctuary With 7 Easy Ideas

Your home is much more than just bricks and mortar; it can be a stress-free beautiful sanctuary. It’s a space where you should feel safe and calm, even when the rest of the world is chaotic. After a long and difficult day at work, your home should be a serene and beautiful sanctuary, sheltering you from your worries. So how do you achieve it?

If you don’t enjoy being in the house, or, worse still, do everything you can not to spend time there, then changes must be made. You would be surprised at how just one small difference in your space can lift your mood and get you motivated.

With that in mind, here are seven ways to make your home a stress-free beautiful sanctuary.

1. Clear Out Any Clutter

When your home isn’t in an organized condition, it can inhibit your mood, making you feel anxious. Even when you can’t see the clutter, it still weighs on your mind. This is why you must purge your home of anything you no longer want or need.

beautiful sanctuary

Separate all of your belongings into different piles, with one for things you plan to keep, one for things you wish to sell or donate, and one for the trash.

Once you’ve gotten rid of what you need to, you can begin to organize the rest. 

2. Use The Right Colours

Most people pick the colour scheme in their home based on their own tastes. However, this can have a big impact on your mood. While certain colours leave you feeling upbeat and energized, others are known for their calming influence.

beautiful sanctuary
Plush Design Interiors

If you already have plenty of energy, you should stick to blues, greens, and pastel shades. White can be a relaxing tone too.

Nonetheless, you must only use these colours if you like them, as picking the wrong colour scheme can be stressful. 

3. Add A Calming Scent

Scents that evoke happy memories can instantly lift your mood. While pine might bring you back to camping vacations, baked goods could transport you to the festive season.

beautiful sanctuary

Because of this, you should odorize your home with a smell you cherish. Many people like scented candles, but essential oil diffusers are a much safer choice.

If you’re having trouble picking a scent, then go for one that is known to help you relax, like lavender. This can help you to sleep better at night. 

4. Bring In More Plants

Surrounding yourself with nature is an effective way to lower stress levels. It can also boost productivity and make you feel more creative.

beautiful sanctuary

Plants release oxygen into the air too, which will help you to breathe better and make you feel more energized. This is why you should bring greenery into every room of your home.

If you lack a green thumb, then succulents and cacti are the best plants to go for. These are very durable, which means that they’re hard to kill. 

5. Let Natural Light In

While hanging out in a dark room can feel cozy, spending too much time in a poorly lit home can impact your mood. For this reason, you must steer clear of heavy blinds and drapes and instead allow natural light into your house.

beautiful sanctuary

The more natural light you have in your home, the more vitamin D you will absorb. This will leave you feeling calmer and happier, as well as make it easier to fall asleep.

Hanging mirrors in your home will reflect natural light all around the space. 

6. Tackle Your Repairs List

Tackling a DIY project or two has many benefits, such as reduced stress and improved mood. However, you do need to complete these jobs to see the positive effects. If you ignore the repairs in your home, it can leave you feeling incredibly stressed.

beautiful sanctuary

After all, a dripping tap or stuck window is enough to frustrate even the calmest of us. Rather than put off this work, you should write a list of everything that needs doing. Work out which tasks are priorities and start with them. 

7. Put Those Electronics Away

While watching television or scrolling through social media can help you to relax a little, too much time on electronics will make you feel more anxious. The blue light these devices emit will also make it more difficult for you to get a good night’s rest.

beautiful sanctuary

Rather than binge-watching media content, you should give your eyes a break. Read your favourite book for a while instead or start meditating. To make it easier to resist your electronics, you should try locking them away. 

Home is the one place in the world you should always be able to relax, so make sure that you can by following the advice above.

Using Travel For Creative Inspiration… now THAT’S inspiring

Using Travel For Creative Inspiration… now THAT’S inspiring

From where do you get your creative inspiration? One of the most beautiful things about traveling is coming home with fabulous creative inspiration. The longer you are away, the more you see, taste, talk and experience leaving you brimming with creativity. But what about if you have a big project coming up and you don’t have time to jet-set?

What if all you have time to do is hire a car, pack a quick grab bag of things and go? The pressure for creative inspiration that builds up to perform, or produce something interesting for your clients can be pretty intense – more so if you lose your flow, or need a creative boost and don’t seem to be getting what you want.

Here are a few ways that you can boost your creative juices and light that spark without breaking the bank.

Creative Inspiration: Green

Hire a car from and get to the greenest place you can find. Remember to take your phone or a camera and a notebook. Green gives us a natural boost of productivity – which is ideal when you are under time pressure.

creative inspiration

Walking also helps our brains tap into another place, and while we think we are simply enjoying the views, our minds are making different connections.

So when you still back at your desk you might have a few photos and ideas for inspiration you didn’t have before. 

Creative Inspiration: Art

An art gallery is filled with amazing works from people who at one point, probably felt the exact amount of stuck that you are feeling now.

creative inspiration
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand: Khao Yai Art Museum, Museum art collection of paintings and sculptures, Open to visitors free of charge at all.

They produced beautiful bright works, complicated dark and twisty works, and everything in between. Sitting for a few hours admiring and considering a piece of art is very effective at helping our imaginations run wild. 

Creative Inspiration: Museums

There is a lot to be said about looking into the past to create things for the future. And while some of it will be completely unrelated to what you are working on. You never know when a roman coin and some Egyptian artifacts might hold the key to your problems.

creative Inspiration
Mexico City, Oct 2016: Replica of Teotihuacan Temple at National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia, MNA) – Mexico City, Mexico

Before all of these things were created and then discovered, other people spent time trying to make them a reality – which is pretty cool. This might just spark your enjoyment of research, and uncovering new methods (or old methods) or doing something and applying it to your own work. 

Creative Inspiration: Food

You can take a drive to the next city, or a few towns away and be indulged in a totally different food experience. It is important to note that smell is one of the senses that can transport you back to sitting eating toast in your Nana’s living room when you were 5. Or take you to the moment you saw a car accident and the smell of crushing metal and petrol.

creative inspiration
Photo courtesy of vitchakorn-koonyosying via Unsplash

So when you are trying new food, you are also able to smell new things. Taste is significant too. Trying a new cuisine might prompt you to do more research about the culture. And something in the culture and research might be the answer you are looking for.

Increasing Natural Elements to Beautify Your Home

Increasing Natural Elements to Beautify Your Home

The presence of natural elements can have a very calming effect on us and helps to relieve stress. If you can increase the influence of nature in your home, you can create a far more welcoming and relaxing space for yourself.

These are some of the best ways to bring the natural world into your home and increase the natural elements to beautify your home.

The Best Natural Elements Are Plants

Some good house plants give your home a very natural feel and they’re a great way to decorate the house without spending much money at all. They’re also good for your health because they clean the air and improve the air quality.

natural elements
Plush Design Interiors

Additionally, they have been shown to improve focus and productivity. So if you work from home, it’s a good idea to have plenty of plants around. If you’re good at keeping plants alive then you can experiment with all of the different varieties. However, if you aren’t gifted with green fingers, you’ll need to find plants that are difficult to kill.

Some nice green plants can really lift your home decor but lots of dead plants will just make the place feel depressing.

Bring Natural Light In

A dark, closed off home doesn’t feel very natural at all. While artificial lights will brighten the place up a bit, you really need to get light from natural elements.

If your home is set up in such a way that you get a lot of natural light in you should be fine but some homes have very dark areas. If you have a living room or kitchen area that backs on to the garden, consider getting some bifold windows or doors from the Uptons website and replace your standard doors.

natural elements
Plush Design Interiors

Bifold doors give you a lot more window space to let light in. When the weather is warm, you can open them up and bring the outside space indoors a bit more.

The way that you arrange your furniture also has a big impact on the flow of light. If you’ve got large pieces of furniture near the windows they will block the light and create dark areas.

Consider the flow of light through the house and make sure that you aren’t disrupting it.

Use Natural Materials

The materials that you choose to use in your home are very important. If you’re using a lot of modern materials like brushed steel and plastics, your home can have quite an unnatural or clinical feel to it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use those modern materials at all. However, you do need to use them sparingly and introduce more natural materials into the home instead.

natural elements
Plush Design Interiors

Using wood and stone in the house can look great and it gives you the feel of natural elements. Things like a stone sink or reclaimed wooden panels on the wall all create a rustic, natural aesthetic in the home.

Similarly, natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, mohair and sheepskin all give a sense of having natural elements in textiles

If you can make these simple changes around your home and increase the presence of nature, you’ll make it a far more relaxing and unique environment.

Creating a Stylish Home: Simple Changes for a Big Impact

Creating a Stylish Home: Simple Changes for a Big Impact

All of us crave a comfy and stylish home. But, when you think about all the renovations and expenses that come with sprucing up your house, you start to think about whether it’s worth it.

Luckily, there are small changes that will create a big impact without splurging. Here comes your stylish home without a big budget.

Create an accent wall

If you want to create a big change for very little money and time, you should give your space an accent wall. This is a great way to bring your stylish home to life in one day and for only a few dollars.

stylish home

However, if you want to make your efforts worth it, there are a few things to keep in mind. While any wall can work as an accent wall, it’s best to choose your space around the mantle, your built-in shelving or the headboard.

Another thing to consider is your color palette. While many people choose bright pain, just know that it’s not your only option. Dark neutrals or contrasting materials (think wallpapers, tiles or wood paneling) are also excellent choices.

Update your window treatments

stylish home

This is another home element that tends to go overlooked. So, if you keep your windows covered with only simple blinds for privacy, it’s time to do something extra for your curb appeal.

Go bold with geometric curtains or minimalist with bamboo shades, but don’t leave your windows plain.

Updating your window treatment will not only boost your comfort and privacy but also add a whole new layer of decoration to your home!

Illumine with new lighting

A poorly lit space will always look small, cramped and uncomfortable, so make sure to bring plenty of light into your stylish home.

There are many cheap and practical ways to brighten up the space with lights, from simple ones like buying a lamp to more complicated ones like replacing all your out-dated ceiling fixtures with attractive hanging pendants.

stylish home

Thanks to their sculptural look, your new lights will double as accent pieces and provide your space with interest.

While you can just place your lamp on the floor, pendant installation might require professional help. However, today’s electricians will handle your job in no time and charge very little.

Boost outdoor comfort

stylish home

Most people concentrate too much on their interiors and completely neglect their outdoor spaces.

However, if you have plenty of space in your backyard, don’t let it go to waste! Use it as an extension of your interior and provide it with plenty of comforts.

If you have a small bathroom that doesn’t satisfy your pampering needs, you can invest in a 2 person outdoor spa for your backyard to boost its usability, comfort and fun. Spas are perfect for relaxing in the evening with your partner, but they also add a note of sophistication to your backyard parties.

Surround your spa with a couple of loungers and a sunshade and you’ll create a perfectly chic relaxation station in your home!

Add textures to your space

This is an especially great tip for all you minimalists out there. By adding textures, you don’t have to stuff your home full of items and colors to achieve an interesting design.

A few accent pillows in varying fabrics, a throw over your sofa and a woven basket for storage will do the trick and give your space plenty of depth.

If you prefer a modern vibe, you can also use metal accents and introduce different finishes to your stylish home.

Improve your first impressions

stylish home

If you want to wow all if your guests and passers-by, do something about your weathered entrance. For only a few bucks you can give your front door a new shine with a fresh coat of paint. You can also treat visitors with safety and comfort with improved stairs and railing and some motion-sensor lighting.

If you’re only in for the smallest improvements, replace your house number with something chic and modern and give your mailbox a new look.

These updates will definitely not break your bank even though they leave big impressions. So, give your home some love this spring and instantly boost the style and comfort of your space.

7 Upscale Additions to Create a Unique and Chic Abode

7 Upscale Additions to Create a Unique and Chic Abode

Think you can’t afford some upscale additions to your home? Maybe you’re right. But what if you’re wrong? What if some upscale additions ARE in your budget?

In your spare time, you like to flick through home design magazines envisioning what your beloved home would look like with upscale additions and innovative design techniques.

For as long as you can remember, you have always striven to make your home a chic and unique place to live. You pride yourself on updating your themes and schemes on a regular basis. However, there are a few more projects you have up your sleeve.

If you are hoping to add those unique touches to your home, there are a number of ways to approach this.

First of all, think about what makes you feel happy and content. There is no place for anything negative in your newly designed dreamy dwelling.

Innovative and upscale additions are what you have your mind set on right now. So consider some of the following ways to enhance your awesome abode today.

1. Swish Swimming Pool

Is there anything more appealing than having a brand new beautiful swimming pool in your backyard? No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, there is often room for the perfect pool.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

If you are interested in making this a stand out feature of your upscale additions then go to With their expert help you can design and build the pool of your dreams, so that it fits in with your budget and décor style.

If there was ever a gorgeous addition to be made to your garden, this is certainly the way to go!

2. Wonderful Windows

The sign of a beautiful home is often encompassed in the windows and doors. The last thing you want is old, cracked, aging windows that don’t give your home the justice it deserves.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

When you invest in new windows it can bring a whole new leash of life into your humble house. From fabulous frosted designs to stained glass gorgeousness, there are so many ways to inject your personal style into these fixtures.

Don’t forget that your front door is the first thing anybody will see when they first approach your home. Consider painting it a bright color or opt for a muted tone to tie it in with the rest of the décor around your home.

Never underestimate the power of clean, fresh windows and a divine door.

3. Perfect Patio

As well as investing in a swish swimming pool, you might also want to think about where you are going to sit during the summer months.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

A patio would be the perfect addition to any garden, especially as the weather starts to warm up. You could have classic wooden decking fitting or stunning glass French doors that lead out to your newly refurbished outdoor space.

Think about what your home needs and how you could make this work with your budget and space.

4. Chic Scents

When you incorporate a fresh scent into your home it enhances the vibe instantly. If you have ever visited a really fancy household you will probably be blown away by the smell of the house as soon as you walk through the front door.

upscale additions

An overarching home scent can be achieved in a number of different ways. One of the best methods is to invest in diffuser sticks that are soaked in an awesome aroma that you love.

This doesn’t involve any candle burning or electricity either, so you can be sure it is completely safe at all times. Change your scents as the seasons change, such as gingerbread in the wintertime or freshly cut grass in the spring.

Your new scent will make a huge difference to the ambience of your household right away.

5. Fabulous Flooring

The flooring in your home speaks volumes about your personal tastes and creative choices. Although a carpet seems warming and welcoming it isn’t always the best way to create a chic vibe throughout your home.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

As well as being difficult to maintain, carpets don’t tend to last very long, which will have a knock on effect to your bank balance eventually. Opt for a wooden floor that is guaranteed to be in style no matter what.

From dark cherry oak to lighter woods, there are so many options for you to choose from in terms of wooden flooring.

6. Amazing Accessories

Adding the finishing touches to your home with amazing accessories is the fun part of redecorating.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

A dainty picture frame on a shelf or an elaborate vase in the middle of the dining table is all it takes to round off your unique and chic abode.

7. Pure Palettes

The color schemes and palettes around your home are a make or break element for your interior design. You shouldn’t just be thinking about each room individually, you should consider the house as a whole.

Each room should flow flawlessly from one to the other so that you can see a real connection between the designs.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to the same color scheme in every single room in your home. You should just think about tying together certain design elements to create a naturally flowing ambience.

Whether you have a hint of grey in each room or a timeless wooden floor, there are so many ways to connect the dots between each important area in your home.

Embarking on a new and exciting upgrade for your home bring a whole load of thrill into your body. As soon as your creative juices start flowing you will soon get into the zone of revamping and redecorating your happy household.

upscale additions
Plush Design Interiors

Make sure you carefully plan out each change so that you aren’t uprooting your day to day schedule too much. Having work done on your home is quite thrilling, but you mustn’t take on too many projects all at once.

See your renovations as a marathon rather than a sprint; otherwise you will start to become overwhelmed at the thought of getting everything done.

Soon enough your small and gradual changes will give you the unique and chic abode you have always wanted so that you can relax in peace and comfort every single day.

Need Help From An Interior Designer?

Penelope Herbert is an award-winning interior designer who encourages her clients to live with what they love. If you’re looking for an Adelaide Hills Interior Designer or need some e-decorating help (especially for 3D floor plans), then please Penelope at Plush Design Interiors.

upscale interiors
Plush Design Interiors
Unique Touches To Your Home That Are Simple And Effective

Unique Touches To Your Home That Are Simple And Effective

Unique touches in your home show the world who truly inhabits the space. Your personalities should shine through from the way your bedrooms are created to how it feels the moment you step through the door. Try these easy ideas to add unique touches this weekend.

Unique touches are a great way to add a sense of personality to your decor, and often the DIY touches can be the best.

So here are some simple and effective ways to add a unique touch to your home.

Upcycled furniture

A great way to add a bit of unique touches to your home is with upcycled furniture. Why not look around your home and use what you already have?

You may have stored a table in the garage because it didn’t suit your style. Or you are changing the colour scheme and a piece of furniture like a chair no longer matches.

unique touches
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Reupholstering materials, painting wood with chalk paint and making changes in this way can give those pieces of furniture a new lease of life.

If you haven’t got anything that you can upcycled already, but really love the idea of it, then heading to thrift shops or charity shops could help you to identify a piece of furniture that just needs a little love and TLC.

Creative with crochet

Increasingly, people love the idea of being creative by making something for their home. While you may do this with clothing, blankets can also be a great addition to a living space. They add a touch of uniqueness and creativity as well as giving you the chance to make something yourself.

unique touches
Photo by Jacqueline Liban on Unsplash

Attending a blanket school from businesses like Homelea Lass could help you learn the skills you need to create your own. It is a lovely way to add comfort to a living space and to make that room more inviting.

Natural light and making the most of your window

Nothing can beat something that you can get for free. Adding as much natural light to your home is a great way to do it. Open up the curtains, draw up the blinds and see the difference it can make to your home.

unique touches
Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

It might sound like a simple thing to do, but it can be very effective.

Using photographs to add a personal touch

Finally, use photographs around your home to add a truly personal touch. It could be simple things such as new pictures in frames on window sills or on shelves.

Or you could take it one step further and create a feature. Use one wall in the room, and then add pictures as a gallery in a different way. Maybe a theme of black and white snaps, or just your favourite pictures from old to new.

unique touches
Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

Display them in a symmetrical layout or create a new display with different sized frames and pictures. For cohesion, choose frames that are similar in colour or similar in frame type such as wood or metal.

This is a unique way of creating a feature wall without the need for paint or colour choices.

Let’s hope this has given you some incentive on how you can add unique touches to your home.

Header Image: Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Flex Your Home Design Eco Credentials

Flex Your Home Design Eco Credentials

Do you want to add home design eco credentials to your renovation and home improvement skills? Even first-timers will benefit from knowing how to be more ‘green’ when it comes to their homes.

Yes, the buzzwords of the moment are eco-friendly, green and sustainable. These environmentally aware concepts are seemingly permeating every aspect of our lives including our home decor and renovation choices.

While you may not have considered ‘going green’ when purchasing a new dishwasher a decade ago, nowadays the focus is on energy efficiency rather than ergonomic design.

Home Design Eco Credentials : Star Rating

Purchase new appliances that have a high green star rating which save energy and water. This includes virtually any major appliance for your kitchen or laundry.

Our priorities have shifted. That’s good for the planet and, often, our pockets. Take a look at these simple ways to flex your home design eco credentials and improve the ‘green’ star rating of your home.

Home Design Eco Credentials : Reuse and Recycle

While you might have a dream concept for an ultra modern home, this may mean purchasing entirely new or bespoke furniture, fittings, and fabrics. Instead, tweak your vision to include some vintage flair.

home design eco credentials

The idea of reusing something from the past is very much on trend, hence the emergence of auction houses, thrift shops and retro caverns. Remember those industrial looking thick cast iron radiators from schools that are now being sent to reclamation yards?

These awesome pieces of social history can add a touch of authenticity to period homes and warehouse apartments.

It needn’t stop at radiators. Fireplaces from the Victorian era look stunning, as do original ceiling roses and cornicing.

If you want to add period features into your home, reclamation yards can be the best places to visit. They may even end up saving you money rather than going for a high-end modern look.

home design eco credentials

Check out vintage furniture such as retro Ercol, G-Plan and Scandinavian inspired chairs, tables and coffee tables.

By mixing modern with retro, you will end up with a more eclectic and unique interior design, that shows off your recycling credentials.

Home Design Eco Credentials : Think Outside

If you want to focus on your garden, consider how you can flex your eco muscles. Companies like National Poly Industries specialize in providing water tanks for homes to utilize in their garden.

This means you can collect rainwater rather than using your mains utility and spending money watering your plants. You can also use this water to wash vehicles or clean the exterior of your home.

This doesn’t just help save water but also saves your pennies.

home design eco credentials
Photo by James Pritchett on Unsplash

If you want to help create habitats in your garden, consider building hedgehog homes with logs, or leaving a patch of lawn ‘au naturale’ so wildflowers can take hold to attract bees.

At the very least you can pop a couple of bird feeders out to attract some beautiful native birds that might otherwise be going hungry.

Home Design Eco Credentials : Lighting

Creating an ambiance within your home means generating a mood. While your core decor can achieve this, you also need to consider your lighting.

home design eco credentials

The easiest way to do this is to use a variety of lighting hues and wattages. Mix up energy saving LEDs and vintage Edison copper lights to save energy and money.

Being eco-friendly when designing your home needn’t be difficult. Follow this guide for inspiration and ensure that your home is fit for an environmentally friendly twenty first century.

The Psychology Of Open Plan  Interior Design

The Psychology Of Open Plan Interior Design

Open plan interior design is more popular than ever. Traditionally, the concept of a room was known and agreed upon. Everyone knew what a room constituted and no one disagreed.

The premise what that whatever was inside four walls was considered a room. The space inside was given its own freedom and privacy.

However, contemporary home design has turned this concept literally on it’s head. Now you will find that the modern home has the bottom floor completely open.

open plan interior design
Plush Design Interiors

Open floor designs are being sprung up all over the world. Not only does it save on building and construction, but it allows the ground floor to look and feel a lot larger.

The living room, landing, kitchen and dining area have all merged into one. You might be wondering why such a drastic change?

This is something that has been explored by many interior designers. However, in order to understand it the psychology of how we are choosing to live must be grasped.

The freedom of space

Many people embrace open plan interior design. Whilst this lifestyle is not for everyone, it does suit a certain type of person and family. If you like open and large spaces then you’ll probably like open plan interior design.

However, there can be downsides. There’s very little privacy in open floor plans. If you want to have a private conversation with someone, you are forced to have in the open or retreat to a bedroom.

open plan interior design
Plush Design Interiors

If you want to sit in the living room quietly, that’s not possible if someone is in the kitchen chatting or cooking a meal. However, the plus for many is that you have a lot more freedom.

There’s no banging into walls or door frames. You walk around much quicker, get to where you want to be without being impeded by anything.

Being able to move around without having to constantly shift pace and change body angles, you walk in straight lines. For many, it’s quite freeing and relaxing to live this way.

Not all are the same

Not all open floor plans are the same. That’s seem a bit odd to comprehend because an open floor is just open.

However you would be surprised of how many different design choices you have that allow you to make your open floor plan completely unique. This Award Winning Home Design company is just one example of how you can design your open floor plan to fit your lifestyle and overall layout style.

open plan interior design
Plush Design Interiors

If you want the kitchen closer to the front door and the living room further back, this is something you can have done for you without question.

What if you the dining area and the kitchen to be separate and defy the norm? You can choose to put your landing wherever you want also, because instead of it being right in front of the front door it can be off to the side.

The ability to choose completely how you home will be is something that makes the open plan interior design so attractive to and relaxing.

You have complete control over how your home looks, feels and provides a living space for you.

Need Award-Winning Interior Design Help?

Interior design is my passion and my business. I created Plush Design Interiors to help home lovers love where they live. I’m an Adelaide Hills interior designer who specialises in open plan living and creating seamless indoor-outdoor spaces.

Your Elegant Penthouse Can Be Beautifully Cosy Too

Your Elegant Penthouse Can Be Beautifully Cosy Too

An elegant penthouse is the perfect place to enjoy living in the city or at the beach. Views for miles, open plan living, party balconies and rarefied air. So can you have elegance AND cosiness in your penthouse? Here’s how.

The plush nature of elegant penthouse living can add a lot of pressure when it comes to décor and style.

Such spacious homes demand a little sophistication. However, does it have to come at the expense of that cosy comforting feeling we all love so much?

elegant penthouse

Here, we’re going to take a look at a few key tips that can help you combine both luxury and coziness in the elegant penthouse of your dreams.

An Elegant Penthouse Boasts Delicious Soft Furnishings

When you have that much space, it’s easy to feel like things are a little “bare” looking. It might even seem a little colder than the average apartment.

You can transform both the tactile sensation of the space as well as coziness of its look by learning to rely a lot more on soft furnishings.

elegant penthouse

Choosing the appropriate cushions and throws to fit with the more contemporary style of furniture best suited to a penthouse can make a big difference.

You’re likely to have at least one big, open room that could really benefit from the placement of a spacious floor rug.

If you have a hard-surfaced floor, such as wood or tiles, then patterning your rugs can help you keep it from all being visually bland and same-y, too.

Let Your Elegant Penthouse Breathe

While going a little wild with the soft furnishings is recommended, you should be more mindful of your furniture placement.

The size and open-air nature of the penthouse is its greatest strength. If you start cluttering it up with chairs, tables, vignettes, and storage units, it can quickly feel way too crowded.

elegant penthouse

Avoid over-decorating your penthouse. Try to be minimalist, keeping furniture to only what is needed, giving plenty of room for foot traffic throughout the home.

Let the light in, as well. Use thinner window treatments like vertical blinds so it can benefit from the warm sensation of natural light.

Make good use of mirrors to help that light bounce around the room so you have no dark corners spoiling the view, too.

Light Your Elegant Penthouse With Intent

With such a big space, you need to put some serious thought into how you’re going to light it all when night falls.

A single light fixture in the ceiling isn’t going to do much good, so you need to learn a little more about different types of lighting.

elegant penthouse

Your ambient lighting is what’s considered the “main” lighting fixture. It’s wise to not use gaudy fixtures that can prevent light from reaching as far as it should.

Complement it with accent lighting, such as corner and desk lamps, that can help you balance out the lighting and create a warmer feeling for the home.

Lastly, use task lighting for practical spaces like work desks and the kitchen counters to maintain visibility when you need to use them.

Add a natural touch

While you shouldn’t clutter up the space for too much furniture, you should put more thought into the materials that you do incorporate.

Spaces are very modern spaces and can feel a little too sterile if not balanced out with some natural inspiration. Wood furniture and fixtures, such as rails, countertops, and desks, can help make it feel a lot warmer.

elegant penthouse

If you have big, long windows, then they can be the perfect place to situate some plants that can help break up the visual monotony and add some color, as well.

Wood floors are a good touch for an option that feels both natural and minimalist, with little-to-no effort needed to care for them.

Get some urban inspiration

Penthouses are born of the city and rise above it. It might feel like you’re a world away from the streets but reflecting a little urban style in there can add a great, grounded touch that feels cool and cozy at the same time.

A truly elegant penthouse will have a long wall facing the windows, which would work excellently with some brickwork-style cladding.

elegant penthouse

Darker colored furniture complemented by chrome metal rails, lamps, and other accessories can keep it looking sleek and minimalist, helping you make an impact with the sheer amount of space the home has to offer.

Don’t let the openness of your penthouse put you in a daze. Like any other space, it has to feel like a home first and foremost.

Hopefully, the tips above give you an idea on how to keep your penthouse classy while still bringing in that cozy home factor.

You can have the best of both worlds, the penthouse offers plenty of space for it, after all.

Buying Designer Furniture for Your Home…The RIGHT Way

Buying Designer Furniture for Your Home…The RIGHT Way

When purchasing designer furniture for your home there are several decisions you need to make. From style to budget, no-one wants to make a mistake. Here’s how not to.

Designer furniture must be well-considered. The four main areas on which to make a decision are;

  • the budget. How much can you afford for the right piece?
  • the style. Will it be classic or more edgy?
  • the colour. Neutral? Bold? Patterned?
  • the fabric. Leather? Linen? Velvet? Stain-Resistant? Pet proof?

However, before you begin to consider these attributes, first decide whether you want luxury designer furniture or high street furniture with a designer look.

The main attraction to the latter option is that it’s obviously cheaper. However, designer pieces of furniture can bring you a lot of benefits.

Designer is definitely the way to go if you want to reap the gains of statement style, quality material, reassurance and actual value for money.

Designer furniture has better quality fabric

If you go for designer furniture you are guaranteed to benefit from a higher quality of fabric and, consequently, a better furniture piece.

designer furniture

Designer sofas, tables, chairs and the like will all last much longer in comparison to standard furniture pieces. If you purchase cheap furniture then you will find that the material ages more quickly. As a result, it can easily become worn and rip.

When you consider this, luxury furniture is particularly recommended for pieces that are going to be used on a regular basis, such as sofas.  

Are you looking for statement furniture styles?

Designer luxury furniture does not include your everyday pieces. The furniture is unique and original.

designer furniture

It is not the sort of thing you will find in every home. This is especially great if you live in an area with a lot of the same sort of buildings, such as flat blocks or over 55 community living spaces.

Designer furniture pieces are the only way to achieve a truly stylish home because they provide you with the only way of being unique, quirky, and creative.

After all, cheap furniture pieces tend to be very generic and the styles are all the same. Buying a piece of furniture from a designer store is like buying a work of art.

The improvement in terms of innovation and creativity is evident from the minute you walk into the showroom or start browsing on the website.

Designer furniture is better value for money

Designer pieces of furniture will undoubtedly cost you more money than the other standard pieces. Yet, what they can offer you is value for money.

designer furniture

This stems from the fact that luxury home furniture is made of better quality materials and the highest level of construction. Therefore, it is going to last you for a very long time.

Not only this, but it is unlikely that the value of your furniture will decrease over time – unless you fail to take care of it of course.

You’ll usually get great guarantees and warranties

And last but not least, when you spend a substantial amount of money on designer luxury furniture, you typically get lengthy guarantees and warranties.

designer furniture
Plush Design Interiors

After all, designers know that their products have been designed in order to last for a long time. Thus, if they don’t (and it is through no fault of your own) then you have every right to demand a replacement, a repair, or a refund.

Need help finding designer furniture?

It can be tough and time-consuming to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Let the interior design experts at Plush Design Interiors help you. They work with hundreds of suppliers to find just what you need. Contact Penelope on 0421 043 505 or e-mail 🙂

designer furniture
Five New Year Cosy Home Ideas

Five New Year Cosy Home Ideas

New Year cosy home ideas will get you over Christmas and into a new way of thinking about how you like to decorate your home. Once the ‘chrissie decs’ come down, you may be looking for more cosy home ideas. Here they are.

As we approach the festive season, many people are focusing their attention beyond Christmas and into the New Year.

If you’re looking to make your home more cosy in the new year, there are some simple, easy and cheap things you can do to achieve this.  

In this article we’re going to take a look at five effortless ways to instantly make your home look and feel more cosy.


One of the fastest and most effective ways to make a space more warm and cosy is to use the principle of layering, for instance, by layering blankets and cushions on top of otherwise dull and lifeless furniture.

New Year cosy home ideas
Photo by Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash

In addition, if  you have bare floors  you might want to consider putting authentic persian carpets or bold statement rugs that not only make your home look more cosy, but it will be warmer too, as a result of the insulation provided by the rugs.


The effects of colour are subtle yet significant and they play a huge role in creating the feeling of temperature within a room.  

If you head for warmer shades like terracotta, deep oranges, certain blues and even some browns they tend to create a more cosy feeling than cooler colours such as pale blues and greens.

New Year cosy home ideas
Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

Interestingly, however, white walls can be very warming – particularly if you have the right type of lighting… they will, however, need to be punctuated with bursts of colour to ensure the temperature is kept warm rather than clinical or austere.


Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to creating warmth and a feeling of cosiness within a property.

Consider using fairy lights, candles or even draping fabric over an otherwise bright lamp, in order to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. 

New Year cosy home ideas
Photo by Niti K. on Unsplash

You basically want to avoid intense bright light and opt more toward Moroccan lamps and  Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps that radiate a warm, colourful, glow that is not too bright.

The final tip, when it comes to lighting, is to replace the “cool tone” bulbs of many lamps with warmer bulbs – as they will instantly make your house feel much cosier.


As suggested above, candles can be used to provide a subdued light source, yet they have the ability to transform the mood and create a much more relaxing ambience with their soft glow, particularly if they are scented aromatherapy candles.  

New Year cosy home ideas
Photo by Kelly Jean on Unsplash

Remember, your home isn’t just about your visual sense, it’s a lot about your olfactory senses too (i.e. smell and taste).


The final tip is to make your home more personal  to you, for instance, create some artwork of your own to put up on the walls.  

New Year cosy home ideas
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

It doesn’t have to be anything special, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to make your own artwork with basic ingredients and abilities; for instance, using crayons and a hairdryer to create a colourful piece of abstract art (melted wax on a canvas).

In the alternative, it could be as simple as putting some photos up of key experiences of your life, or those that are close to you.

Header Image: Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Viva La Minimalism! A Minimalist Interior That’s Right.

Viva La Minimalism! A Minimalist Interior That’s Right.

A minimalist interior is probably different from what you think. It’s not white rooms and only a chair for furniture. In fact, a minimalist interior is likely the decor for which you are striving, you just know it yet.

All things eclectic and vintage have been decor directions for some time, bamboozling us with their randomness, disorder, and colour. However, there is a stalwart of fans that aren’t willing to let go the joys of a minimalist interior.

These perfectionist folk with their eye on sleek lines, blocks of monochrome colour and clutter-free living adore the concept of minimalism. Show home looks seemingly used to boast about their airy feel, their spacious living areas, and white walls.


Nowadays, minimalism has taken on a whole new meaning. People realise that white walls, white sofas, and white carpets simply aren’t practical for young families, banshee-like toddlers and everyday living. Instead, the concept of a minimalist interior has remained with more personality, a cosy feel and definite Hygge influences.

Take a look at how you can still utilise the concept of minimalism in your home. But beware… the satisfying outcome and style may surprise you 🙂


A Minimalist Interior Is Fresh

A minimalist interior needs to feel spacious. It doesn’t matter whether you have a poky apartment or an open plan living area, you can create the illusion of space.

Maximise the natural light in your rooms by painting the walls white. Utilise the gorgeous original floorboards that you have or lay a simple light hued carpet, whip up a couple of mirrors and enjoy the natural light bouncing around your living and bedroom areas.

It’s important to accentuate the natural light with some greenery. You can click here to marvel at the joys of a spot of greenery within the home. Opt for a Yucca, a Monstera Deliciosa or a young sapling.

Bringing the outdoors inside can have a fantastic uplifting effect on mood and can be the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of your working life.

Ensure you use texture to add warmth and personality. Texture such as woolly rugs, knotty cushions, a velvet or mohair throw, and wicker lampshades will not detract form a minimalist interior. They will add interest and stop the room feeling like a dental clinic.


A Minimalist Interior Isn’t Cluttered

Minimalism and clutter do not go together. If you have items that you haven’t used in over six months cluttering up your shelves, it’s time to get rid or at least shift them into the loft.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to take down your precious personal knick knacks or photographs. Minimalism doesn’t mean the clinical and sterile interiors of old.

minimalist interior

White walls are still comforting but so are your family photos, your souvenirs from your travels and postcards from your pals. A minimalist interior with the human touch is much more sought after in the twenty first century.


A Minimalist Interior Has A Deft Furniture Style

While you might think that minimalism is futuristic, modern and designer, you can add a touch of vintage to your interior. Mid century Danish designs are on trend at the moment and look incredible within a minimalist interior.

G-Plan sofas, Ercol dining sets and 1960s Scandinavian nests of tables are classic and timeless designs for which people yearn. Scour your local auction houses, vintage shops, and even eBay to pick up classic retro furniture for much less than a modern piece from a showroom.

Look around to mix and match your furniture effectively.

Although you want to add a touch more colour, flair and imagination into your interior, you aren’t willing to say goodbye to the minimalist concept just yet. Follow this guide and bring your minimalist interior into the twenty first century.

Header Image: Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash