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Sweet Dreams. Why You Should Make Your Bedroom A Priority

Sweet Dreams. Why You Should Make Your Bedroom A Priority

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where sweet dreams can be enjoyed alongside a restful sleep. You’ll awaken with energy and the ability to tackle anything the world throws at you. That’s the theory anyway.

According to Pascoe’s, who specialise in hot water repairs, people spend about a third of their lives in the bedroom so it’s worth making it beautiful.

Not only is your bedroom somewhere you spend so much time, but it is also a place that can make a difference to your health. Your bedroom can help your day be happier and more productive. Here’s why:

Making your bed will start your day on a positive note

How good do you feel every time you accomplish something you have to do? So how good would it feel if you were able to cross something off your list first thing in the morning?

Plush Design Interiors

Quickly making your bed helps you face the day with a feeling of accomplishment even before you brush your teeth and can cause a chain reaction of good habits.

Making the bed can lead to tidying up the surrounding space, which can lead to a clean home and even spill over to a tidy car or desk at work.

Sleep is so essential for your health

The average person should sleep for 8 hours a night, which works out to approximately 229,961 hours of sleep in a lifetime. Getting your required amount of sleep is key to looking, feeling and performing at your best.

To get the best rest and to feel your best in the morning, it’s vital to be waking up in a relaxing and clean environment, to have a comfy mattress and a clear and tidy space.

This will increase your quantity and quality of sleep. A National Sleep Foundation poll found that survey participants who reported regularly making their bed were also more likely to say that they got a good night’s sleep most nights. 

Your bedroom is a place to relax

Between balancing a busy work schedule, getting the kids to school on time and your social life, your brain and body can get overworked.

Without the perfect, tranquil environment to relax in, chilling out can be difficult. You can decrease your levels of stress by having a place to escape to.

You need a place to call your own

Believe it or not, having your own space that is organised and personalised to your tastes can make a dramatic difference to the way you think and feel.

Photo by Jodi Johnson

Many people need space and time to be able to come up with original ideas or a solution to a problem. Tasks can be accomplished, and with greater accuracy, if you have no disturbances or distractions.

By having the space designed how you desire, you can achieve greater motivation and a positive influence on your work and home life.

Having a tidy bedroom can save you time

Tidying your room and organising your space is the best way for you to see the stuff that you have.

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However, it can also save you a lot of time since you will know where to find something when you need it.

Is Your Bedroom In Need of A Gorgeous Makeover?

Plush Design Interiors are the experts in creating a beautiful and restful bedroom for you. From lighting and textiles to bespoke furniture upholstered in gorgeous fabrics, Adelaide’s best interior designer Penelope Herbert, will help you from start to glorious finish.

It was such a relief for me to hand my bedroom project over to Penelope. Her ideas were brilliant and together we made selections. I never felt pressured to make a decision, instead everything just revealed itself. I am so happy with the end result, I feel that every time I walk into my bedroom I am walking into a six star resort. Jan Rench, North Adelaide, SA

From Horrible To Haven in The Bedroom

From Horrible To Haven in The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquility, an oasis of calm and rest in a crazy world. Somewhere to sleep, to reconnect with your partner and get away from it all.

Instead, like many households, your bedroom is the very last room in the house to get the attention it deserves with living spaces, kitchens and children’s bedrooms taking priority in the redecoration order of things

In this blog we’re telling you to stop right there and put your bedroom needs first. We take a look at how to transform your room for chaos to calm with a few simple tricks.

Image courtesy of Pixabay


If your room has become the dumping ground for other people’s clothes, toys and shoes then it’s time to wrestle back some control. Set some rules that your room is no longer open season for lazy laundry attempts but instead a space that deserves a little more respect.

bedroom haven
Collage courtesy of Plush Design Interiors

Take everything out that doesn’t have a home in your bedroom and throw away anything you no longer have need for. It’s a great excuse to get rid of clutter and make your bedroom a zone of minimal fuss.

Think Space Saving

You may not have room for a walk-in wardrobe but take a look around at the furniture you’re currently using. Do you have a mismatch of differing styles, textures and woods? How about considering one larger wardrobe that can be built into your wall space and leave you free to dispose of the extra furniture you no longer need.

Check online to find wardrobes sydney side that can be custom built to meet your exact needs.

Simple Change

Lose the greying whites of your old duvet and pillow set and bring in something a little more modern. Combine that with matching curtains and a lampshade and you’ve done three little things that have made a big difference. Find colours that soothe and complement each other.

bedroom haven

The carpet is another bigger job but if yours has seen better days find a luxurious rug or two to bring a little decadence to your feet

Finding your own style in your bedroom is easy when there are so many lifestyle and design bloggers out there, ready to showcase their tricks and tips. Sit down with a hot cup of coffee and begin to sketch out exactly how your ideal bedroom would look, filling in any blanks with your online inspiration. 

Set yourself a budget, whether that means you’ll replace your bed and everything else or you’ll just make those small changes that turn your bedroom family free-for-all into your personal space once again.

bedroom haven
Plush Design Interiors. Photo courtesy of Claudine Burgess at Define and Shine Photography

Start with the basics of removing anything that doesn’t have a home in your room and lay down some markers for the rest of the family that your space is important and to be respected.

Then get ready for some proper rest and relaxation in a room that is exclusively yours and styled to just the way you like it. Make your room a priority, just for a change.

Redecorating Bedrooms: Style and Savings

Redecorating Bedrooms: Style and Savings

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, are chocked full of images of stylish, modern bedrooms at the moment. Bedrooms that any style-conscious person would be happy to recreate in their own home, if only they had the money.

Well, before you shelve the idea altogether, read my post below as it’s stuffed with tips that can help you to re-decorate your bedroom space in this style without having to clear out your savings.

If the all white walls are too intense for you, add artwork to add colour and texture.

White walls

One of the defining features of a stylish modern bedroom are white walls. This is excellent news for anyone that is waiting to re-decorate because white paint is actually the cheapest you can buy! Of course, not everyone loves a pure white room, and some folks want some pop of colour as well, but don’t worry as this is totally possible to do without breaking the bank as well.

Plush Design Interiors

In fact, instead of spending a fortune on elaborate wallpapers, and paint finishes go for a white on the walls and then add colour with framed art pieces in the tones you want.

For this, you can get huge frames that will really make a statement for a super small price from stores like IKEA. They’ll even fit A2 size printers which can be bought cheaply or even made if you like. Something that will allow you to decorate your bedroom space in a stylish manner for a fraction of the cost.

Minimal furniture

When I say minimal furniture, I mean both in style and volume, which is excellent news because, without the need to buy loads of ornate pieces, the cost of re-decorating your room will significantly fall.

Plush Design Interiors

Of course, you’ll still have to find the money for the pieces that you do need, but there is a solution to that issue as well. It’s finding something you like from one afterpay furniture stores online. A tactic which will allow you to split the cost over 4 weeks.

Additionally, such a service also means that you can order an item, try it out in the space to see if it works and then send it back if you don’t like it. In fact, some stores allow you a whole fortnight to change your mind and make returns, something that will ensure you absolutely get the right look.


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One of the fantastic thing about the minimalism trend that is going on at the moment is that there are some features that you don’t even have to buy. This is because you can DIY them instead and save a fortune while doing so.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to create some abstract art to go on the walls to inject a little colour into your room. Just check out the tutorial in the video below for some ideas.

Oh, and knocking up a little macrame for your plant pots to sit in, or to act as a wall hanging can help you give your bedroom re-decoration just the right look, without having to spend much money at all!

An Extra Bedroom From Your Unused Garage

An Extra Bedroom From Your Unused Garage

Do you need an extra bedroom? Have you thought that an unused garage could be a waste of essential space in your home? Converting it into an extra bedroom could help you to get the most out of this space.

If you have a growing family, an extra bedroom could prevent the need to upsize to a bigger home. Alternatively, it could be somewhere for guests to stay or even somewhere for a lodger to stay.

Adding an extra bedroom could also add value to your home, allowing you to make more when you finally sell up.

A garage conversion isn’t cheap and you’ll need to ensure that you meet certain building requirements. To help make your conversion a success, here is a brief guide to the essential steps.

Set a realistic budget

A garage conversion typically costs between $10,000 and $15,000. Obviously, the more you’re able to spend, the better quality your conversion will be. Decide what your budget will be and how you will raise the funds.

extra bedroom

Many people take out home renovation loans or remortgage as a means of paying for such conversions. Considering an extra bedroom can add $50,000 to a home’s value, you’ll make back your money, making it a worthy investment.

Consider building regulation

Your garage conversion will need to meet certain BCA regulations in order to be classed as a liveable space. These are important to be aware of before you start planning. Some of the key building regulations are included below:

·         The ceiling needs to have a minimum height of 2.4m. Many garages are lower than this and so you may need to raise the roof.

·         The concrete slab making up the foundations of your garage must be in good condition as to meet BCA regulations. This may include having to be treated to prevent termites.

·         The space should be suitably waterproofed. This will generally involve sealing it with a damp proof course and possibly adding a stud wall and waterproof paint.

·         There needs to be a window space that is equal to at least 10% of the garage floor space. This could be in the side of the garage or it could be a skylight in the roof. You could even remove the garage door and turn this into a large window space (this is one of the most common options).

·         The space needs to meet energy efficiency regulations, which could include installing a heating and cooling system depending on the local climate.

Plan your conversion

When planning your conversion consider all the building regulations listed above as well as several custom features that you’d like to add yourself.

You’ll most likely want to change the flooring to a carpet or wooden floor if it’s currently a sealed concrete slab. Meanwhile you may also want to plaster and paint the walls.

extra bedroom

Plumbing and electrics may also be needed. You’ll probably want to wire in an overhead light and some sockets (some people simply use extension cords, but wiring in sockets will look better quality and be safer).

As for plumbing, you may decide to add radiators for when it gets cold or even an en suite bathroom (this will considerably push the price up, but could be a nice luxury to have for whoever if staying in the room).

Most people will get rid of the garage door. As mentioned above, this is commonly converted into a window, however it could also be turned into a sliding glass door or a wall with a regular door.

An extra entrance could allow whoever is staying in the space to not have to use the front entrance – which could be convenient in the case of a lodger.


Before you can start conversion work, you may need to get rid of any clutter currently sitting in your garage. It could be worth hiring a skip and clearing out all the junk in there – you can find same-day rubbish removal companies here.

extra bedroom

Of course, some of it may not be rubbish and may be of value, in which case you’ll need to relocate it. Some unwanted items could also be sold, donated or recycled. Give yourself enough to time to thoroughly sort through the clutter.

Give it a deep clean

The space may need to be cleaned of dust and cobwebs before conversion work can begin. A pest removal service may be needed in some cases if you have creatures living in there.

Any spillages on the floor may need to be thoroughly cleaned up before adding your new flooring – this may include oil or chemical spillages (however if the space was previous unused, it’s unlikely there will be any spillages).

Hire necessary contractors

A garage conversion isn’t an easy DIY project to take on. Licensed professionals will be need to take on jobs such as gas plumbing and electrics.

extra bedroom

It’s also recommended that you hire a professional when installing any window, as this can be a precarious job. There are companies out there such as this one that can handle your entire garage conversion from the design to every part of the construction including insulation, electrics, plumbing and window installment.

Whilst you may find it cheaper to outsource individual contractors, hiring one company to handle the whole conversion could be more convenient.

Decorate and furnish

Once your space is completed you can then decorate and furnish it the way you desire. If it’s a guest bedroom or a space for a lodger, you may want to keep the décor fairly neutral.

extra bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

If you’re planning to put your garage conversion on Air B’n B, for example, the hiring a professional interior designer is well worth the investment.

However, if it’s your own bedroom or to be used by one of your family, feel free to decorate and furnish it however you want.

2 Easy Additions to Bring Style to Your Bedroom

2 Easy Additions to Bring Style to Your Bedroom

Are you looking to add that extra dimension of design to your bedroom? Here are two tips you’ll LOVE (and they are budget-friendly).

Adding a load of furniture or trinkets to your bedroom will make it feel cluttered. The balance between useful items and a stylish look can be difficult.

your bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

For many, the bedroom is the first place that gets redecorated or redesigned. For others, it’s a last minute thought with not much detail.

Regardless of your situation, there’s no reason you can’t take a few easy steps to bring some unique character to your bedroom. If you’re looking to do precisely that, then keep on reading.

Your Bedroom Needs A Feature Wall

Do you want that bright, bold colour but don’t want to take the leap of faith? A feature wall might be the perfect option for you.

You can add that touch of colour with a feature wall and go for a colour or wallpaper you wouldn’t typically use on a whole room. The days of magnolia and white are over.

You don’t want your bedroom looking lacklustre and dull. Bring in some life.

your bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

Head down to any good hardware store to pick up some paint or wallpaper. You’ll find that as feature walls are growing in trend, you’ll find pots of paint specifically for feature walls; just the right amount and right colour for the job.

You won’t have to waste any money on excess paint and won’t have to worry about buying too little.

If a wallpapered feature wall is what you’re after, don’t worry about the whole wallpaper glue situation, those days are over.

Also on offer are easy to apply wallpapers rolls. Just peel off the back, and the adhesive is all already there for easy application to your wall.

For a beautiful range of wallpapers and murals that are easy to install and remove, see Fancify Wall Murals.

your bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

Make sure you pick the right wall! The feature wall has to make sense, think carefully about which wall will take on your chosen colours. Usually, it’s the wall you see when you first walk through the door. However, don’t choose a wall cluttered with windows and doors as you’ll lose impact.

It is advisable that the wall has some natural sunlight. This will bring out the true colours, and add that extra dynamism you’ve been looking for.

Your Bedroom Needs Furniture

Typically, you have the basics in any bedroom – a bed, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, bedside table or even a chair. While it’s usually essential that you have these items, it’s not essential that they’re old and out of place.

Changing up your usual furnishings is a great way to add your touch of design. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve got; these items are usually overlooked in the process of redesign.

your bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

Granted, you might not want to fork out for a new bed or mattress, but perhaps your bedside tables could do with a changeup.

They’re utilised daily and take front and centre stage alongside your bed, so this could be a budget-friendly way of making those much-needed changes.

It’s easy to sand down and repaint your other wooden furnishings as a little DIY project for yourself. This way, you can tailor your items to exactly how you want them.

Easy to use and with stylish colours, Autentico chalk paint is a game-changer for DIY so contact Jane Brereton at Plain Jane Furniture. Jane also runs workshops and can give you all the help you need.

your bedroom
Plush Design Interiors

Or head down to your local hardware store, pick up some sandpaper and furniture paint, and you’re off. The sanding is the hard part! But after that, it’s plain sailing.

Need Colour + Design Help?

Contact the award-winning Adelaide-Hills based interior design studio, Plush Design Interiors for colour consultation, floor plan redesign and full interior design services.

Designing A Warm Bedroom For The Winter

Designing A Warm Bedroom For The Winter

Designing a warm bedroom when it’s cold and wintry outside is a simple luxury within the reach of most home owners and renters. Just a few simple tips and you’ll be toasty and cozy in no time.

Your bedroom is quite possibly the comfiest room in your house. It’s the place where you can lie back and relax, with a good book and a strong wifi connection. However, designing a warm bedroom isn’t just about being covered in blankets with a soft mattress beneath you.

You can dig through the wardrobe and put on your own comfy style parade. Dress up in silky satin pajamas or throw on a pair of old shorts and a dressing gown.

designing a warm bedroom

All in all, you love your bedroom, and now’s your chance to revel in that completely. Our tastes tend to change with the seasons, and winter IS coming for many readers! So change up your style and be inspired with winter warming ways for designing a warm bedroom

Update Your Mattress

There’s a good chance you’re going to be spending more time in bed now that the winter is here. When the sun goes down earlier it’s telling our bodies we need to hit the hay sooner.

So you’re going to need a mattress that can keep up with your stronger need for sleep, and the longer hours you’re going to be spending in it. The clocks go back and we all rejoice at the idea of an extra hour in bed!

designing a warm bedroom

Why not look into buying yourself a king mattress, to go along with your new king bed, the one you’ve been promising yourself for a long time now?

You’ll be able to roll around for what feels like miles in a warm bed, perfectly catering to your temperature needs. Call it an early Christmas present for you and your partner if you need extra justification.

Have a Rug Next to the Bed

To make sure you’re never stepping foot onto a cold floor. With frigid temperatures making you want to retreat back under the duvet before the day’s even begun, why not put a rug under your bed? Not all the way under, of course, but peeking out enough for you to swing your feet straight onto when you wake up.

Not only does it keep your toes warm, but it helps to pad out the room a little more, making sure there’s less room for the cold to bounce around in.

designing a warm bedroom

Whilst sleeping in some colder temperatures is usually optimal for a good night’s rest, you don’t want your conscious body to have to combat the room temperature as well.

And on that topic, add cushions and throws in faux fur, wool, or velvet for extra special coziness. Tactile fabrics that ooze winter warmth are perfect for snuggling.

Add Some Wood Furnishings

A quick point to finish. Natural furnishings always make us think of warmth, and convincing yourself you’re warm is half the battle! Why not update your bedside tables for something a little more Oak, with visible planks and rustic colour tones?

designing a warm bedroom

Wood will work better with your central heating; it’ll really bring the winter lifestyle together!

Designing a warm bedroom for the winter doesn’t have to take much time; you just need to think about what keeps you feeling warm and cosy, and then implement those ideas.

Designing A Child’s Bedroom… Easily

Designing A Child’s Bedroom… Easily

Designing a child’s bedroom is a huge amount of fun. Gone are the days when a bedroom was merely a place to rest. Now a child’s bedroom is for play, study, rest, entertaining and fun. So how can you get it right?

Designing a child’s bedroom can be the easiest or the toughest room in the house to get right. I am designing nurseries and bedrooms for small children up to teenagers that all have one common factor; PERSONALITY! But is that enough?

designing a child's bedroom

Not necessarily. A child’s bedroom must also be functional as well as fun. That’s where interior designers can save you money because we know that a child’s bedroom must function well. If it doesn’t it will do your head in. When it functions well, your child’s bedroom will grow with them, provide them with the space they need, and stop them taking over other parts of the house – like YOUR private spaces.

When designing a child’s bedroom, it’s important to include some of the ideas and wishes of the child (assuming they are not a toddler or baby, of course). Children aged from about four years old should be included in the process. This sense of ownership will provide a child with confidence and pride. They may even keep their room tidier (well, we can dream, right?).

Designing A Child’s Bedroom That’s Safe and Kid-Friendly:

When choosing paint, surfaces, fabrics and accessories there are many ‘safe’ choices. For example, low and zero VOC paint is the best option for ensuring your child isn’t sleeping in a room with paint chemicals seeping from the walls. Many brands are now offering these types of paint and they are usually washable and good for repelling ‘kid muck’.

designing a child's bedroom

Fire retardant fabrics and natural fibres – such as linen, cotton, wool, hemp – are good options for drapes, blinds, bedding and soft furnishings.

Even new flooring such as Solution-Dyed Nylon Carpet and Luxury Vinyl Planking will take all the heavy traffic and spills kids can dish out. However, when accidents occur there is help at hand with carpet steam cleaning Melbourne to the rescue – a steam clean will address many messes that kids create.

A Child’s Bedroom MUST Function:

It’s important that when designing a child’s bedroom it performs the functions required. That includes thinking about the following.

  • Bed and bedding
  • Storage for clothes, toys, books, games and hobbies
  • Play or chill-out zone
  • Study zone

In a small room, look for a bed with legs and don’t store items underneath. Being able to see under the bed gives the illusion of having more space. Similarly, have open shelves instead of cupboards. To keep the shelves tidy, add colourful or wicker boxes to store items. A mirror will help to distribute light and create a roomier feel.

designing a child's bedroom

In larger rooms, delineate space using a rug or by the positioning of furniture. Create a play area by using a modern teepee, installing a window seat (age-appropriate for safety), or creating a raised platform (like a small stage) for performances.

Designing A Child’s Bedroom Using Colour:

Avoid painting children’s bedrooms in bright or bold colours. Strong colours are not restful and encourage activity, so you may find it difficult to get small children to sleep. Instead, use bold colours in accessories including bedding, cushions, wall art, a rug or soft furnishings.

See our article from Shaynna Blaze and her tips for first-time painters

For walls, choose calming colours such as white, pastel green or blue, pale grey or a suitable wallpaper, such as a soft graphic, delicate flower or calming abstract.

Murals are also very popular as they can be installed and changed easily. Now you can order a printed mural to the exact size of the wall. Check out the best-selling murals from Fancify Interior Solutions.

designing a child's bedroom

Animal Wallpaper from

Yes, You Do Need To Inject Fun:

Every child’s bedroom should be FUN! Inspire creativity, confidence and uniqueness by allowing children to choose their toys and accessories (within reason and budget).

Help them choose bedding in which they’ll LOVE to sleep. Let their imagination go wild with quirky accessories, interesting wall art and educational toys. Keep precious or heirloom pieces on a high shelf or out of view until age allows.

Plush Design Interiors

When designing a child’s bedroom, fantastical beds, Circu have rocket ships, hot air balloons, Cinderella carriages, giant shells and more for very special children.

Can I Help You?

If you are looking for an interior designer in Adelaide I can help you. Please contact me via 0421 043 505 or See more on

designing a child's bedroom

Fantasy Air Balloon from

Autumn Bedroom Inspiration You’ll Love

Autumn Bedroom Inspiration You’ll Love

Autumn bedroom inspiration offers decor that’s warm, cosy, and comfortable. Colours are warm, the lighting is gentle, and the feeling is glowing. So how can you be inspired when Autumn hits?

I knew it was time for some autumn bedroom inspiration because guess what? Our central heating came on, on its own last night! The shops are full of Halloween decorations and, for some readers, the leaves on the trees are starting to go a reddy-brown.

That can only mean one thing, Autumn is on its way! Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your home decor keeps up with this seasonal shift, and the best place to start this is in the bedroom, read on to find out more.

Autumn Bedroom Inspiration: Love The Light

Darker nights often result in more time spent in bed. After all, what is more, delicious than an early bedtime, so you can snuggle up with a good book in a comfy bed?

Of course, to enjoy this successfully, you won’t want to be in a room full of blazing artificial light.

Instead, you will want to create a warm and cosy environment with low lighting that you can change depending on your mood.

Happily, there are plenty of choices when it comes to doing this, including installing a smart light and then customising the colour and brightness to your exact needs.

autumn bedroom inspiration

You can even set it on a timer, so it will gently fade to black when it’s time to go to sleep.

Alternately, why not go for secondary light sources around the room? These may be in the form of floor or table lamps, reading light that attaches to your book or kindle, and even string light can be used to great effect to create a hint of sparkle and warm a room up.

Autumn Bedroom Inspiration: Cosy and Comfortable

However, it is wise to remember that it doesn’t matter how gorgeous you bedroom looks if it’s not comfortable.

See our article on how to create a stylish bedroom makeover for super tips on bedroom comfort.

To that end, you need to think carefully about the choices you make. In particular, choosing items like your bed and mattress and well as the sheets, blankets, and pillows you use are vital in achieving the correct, comfort level.

autumn bedroom inspiration

Of course, deciding whether to get a foam or sprung mattress and what firmness to choose, can be a little confusing.

That is why you should make an effort to find out more about which type would suit you the best before you make a purchase.

After all, it’s pretty tough to get cosy, no matter what the season if your mattress isn’t comfortable and personalised to your requirements.

Yes, You Can Choose Warm Neutrals for Autumn Bedroom Inspiration

Last of all, when it comes to creating a cosy, cute, and comfortable bedroom space to relax in this Autumn, it essential that you go for the right tones and hues.

autumn bedroom inspiration

See our article on sustainable natural style beyond Scandi for more inspiration

Of course, going for warm neutrals it the right idea here. The reason being that will not only help to create a warm and cosy environment, but such things aren’t too hard to find in stores at this time of year either.

In fact, you may be lucky enough to be able to invest in a few cute pieces such as throw pillows in warm, tactile, fabrics like velvet or even faux fur.

You may even be able to fit them in with your pre-existing decor to achieve them perfect autumnal look too if luck is on your side.

Something that means you won’t have to shell out a fortune for a cosy, comfortable and cute, autumnal look.

Need Help Creating Your Perfect Bedroom?

Owner of this interior design blog is Penelope Herbert, an interior designer in Adelaide with Plush Design Interiors. For creative and expert help in designing your perfect bedroom, please contact Penelope for personal service. Call 0421 043 505 or

autumn bedroom inspiration

Plush Design Interiors

Timeless Bedroom Design for Children

Timeless Bedroom Design for Children

When it comes to bedroom design for children, there are two schools of thought – age-appropriate and colourful OR timeless and elegant. If it’s timeless bedroom design for children that you want, then you’ll love these tips.

We know that when you have children, the idea of decorating and staging their room can be quite exciting.You could go cray-cray with bedroom design ideas.

But the problem many parents face is the fact their child’s mind can change quite quickly and often does when it comes to new trends. This can mean you’re being guilted into changing designs much more frequently. While Target and K-Mart are good for inexpensive bedroom accessories, constant changes can end up costing you a small fortune.

bedroom design

Bedroom furniture by Circu, Magical Furniture for Children

So if you would rather avoid bedroom design tantrums then a more timeless look could be the answer. But how do you achieve that for children?

I want to share with you a few things that you could consider.

Bedroom Design for Children: Stick with neutral shades

Painting isn’t everyone’s favourite job, and often this can be the big thing you end up doing more often when it comes to changing your child’s bedroom.

A great tip is to stick with neutral shades, which means that changing accessories rather than paint colour is the way forward.

bedroom design

Neutrals are not simply white and beige. New neutrals include pale greys and pastels that won;t date and to which other temporary colours can be added.

This helps you to avoid a big job and also enables you to keep a timeless look as they grow older.

If you are thinking about painting, then check out our article on painting for beginners with tips from ‘The Block’ Judge, Shaynna Blaze.

Bedroom Design for Children: Decide upon furniture that will grow with your child

Of course, like we do, children need storage and furniture in their room, and so it can be tempting to consider bunk beds or something more animated like a car bed or unicorn themed.

bedroom design

However, this can mean that you need to replace things as tastes change and as they get older. A good tip to consider is to buy furniture that doesn’t necessarily age and does the job perfectly well.

Use accessories such as cushions, throws, inexpensive rugs, wall art and lights to give your child’s bedroom an overall theme and look.

Bedroom Design for Children: Think long and hard about accessories and how you stage the room

After the bigger jobs of painting walls and choosing furniture, focus on how you accessorize the room and stage it. This is the bit that may need to be changed the most often, so making clever choices could be the key here.

For example, a child that is train mad may appreciate a more grown up toy like a 4MT locomotive on display on a shelf, as well as other themed items on display.

bedroom design

Animal wallpaper from Wallsauce

Wall art and stickers are great for short term decoration as well. A company such as WallSauce creates made-to-measure wallpaper murals that can be easily installed and removed.

Bedroom Design for Children: Storage is key

Storage is a real important element of a bedroom for any child, not just for their clothes but for their endless toys that accumulate over the months and years.

bedroom design

Pinterest is full of clever storage ideas that you could incorporate into a bedroom space that, once in place, won’t need to be changed or upgraded in anyway.

Think about underbed storage, open shelving, and double duty storage like a trunk or ottoman that doubles as a seat.

Bedroom Design for Children: Make it a useable space

Finally, you may want to think about making it a more usable space to spend time in. Children need space on the floor to play, a relaxed place to unwind and rest.

Making sure the room ticks all these boxes will encourage them to spend more time in their bedroom. Which hopefully will keep all their mess in their room and not strewn throughout the house.

bedroom design

Need Help?

Ask for interior design help from Plush Design Interiors. Penelope Herbert, who owns this blog, is an interior designer in Adelaide and passionate creator of functional and stylish spaces. Penelope will create a timeless bedroom for your child that will grow with them. For more, please see the website or ring 0421 043 505.

How To Choose An Antique Bed Frame

How To Choose An Antique Bed Frame

Have you inherited an antique bed frame that you’d love to feature somewhere in your home? Antique beds are unique and fun, but they present some interesting challenges when it comes to finding the right mattress and bed frame.

You not only need to match a modern mattress to a unique antique size, but you will also want to think about which antique bed frame best suits your style. (Header image courtesy of Jolene Smith Interiors)

Watch the Size of Your Antique Bed Frame

Many antique bed frames are 48” wide, which is about ¾ the size of a full mattress today. These beds are usually about the same length as ours are today, but they can vary widely in that direction, too.

This unique size makes it difficult to find an antique bed frame that suits your current mattress. Unfortunately, most people can’t find antique mattresses that fit their antique beds as the authentic down or straw filling is not as comfortable as modern mattresses and is, therefore, less popular.

antique bed frame

Image courtesy of Hendricks Churchill

Your best bet is often to find a faux antique bed frame, or search until you find one that’s the right size for your mattress. Make sure you measure the area where the mattress actually goes to ensure that it will fit your bed.

If you know the era you’d like to replicate, it can be fun to try to find a bed frame that has the look you’re going for.

Consider Bed Frame Types

When considering what type of bed frame to purchase, it’s important to think about how you want to display your antique bed. Do you want to bring to mind a specific era? If so, then you can research bed frames from that time and try to build or find one that suits.

antique bed frame

Image courtesy of Jessica Wallrock from Wallrocks (furniture and accessories)

Common bed frame types include four-poster (which has a classic look), low post (which is traditional but less imposing) iron or brass bed frames, or a sleigh bed. Most of these types can be antiques or have an antique finish.

Think Canopies

Many people like to showcase antique beds with canopies. You can affix your canopy to the ceiling for a long drape, or get a bed frame with high rails and drape the canopy there.

Your canopy can be any color and any material, or you can change it with the seasons. Canopies can be a dramatic and fun way to show off your antique bed.

antique bed frame

Image courtesy of Heintzman Sanborn Architecture Interior Design

If a canopy is too dramatic, consider a four-poster bed. This style is similar to a canopy bed but removes the rails between the tops of the posts. There’s no place to drape material, but the bed still looks dramatic and stately.

The posts can be high or low, depending on the size of the room and how much you want the bed to stand out.

Enjoy a Piece of History

Featuring an antique bed in your home can be a fun way to connect your family to history, especially if the bed has been handed down through the generations. Choose a mattress that’s the right size for your antique bed frame, and you’ll have a unique piece of history for your home.

antique bed frame

Plush Design Interiors

Need Help Designing Your Perfect Bedroom?

Bedroom design is a very popular interior design service because bedrooms are sanctuaries and retreats as well as places to sleep. I can help you with bedroom design and choosing all the gorgeous pieces to create your own stylish sanctuary. Please contact me via Plush Design Interiors or

4 Bedroom Design Changes To Save Your Sleep

4 Bedroom Design Changes To Save Your Sleep

Bedroom design changes don’t have to be big to be effective. The experts at Tuck Sleep understand this so have provided 4 small changes you can make to get a better nights sleep.

We could all use a little help when it comes to sleep. Luckily, making some small bedroom design changes can help you sleep easier. Well ventilated and decluttered space can create a comfortable environment.

Adding the right paint can set the tone for rest too. You can also update your bedding and pillows for a luxurious night’s sleep.

bedroom design changes

Open doors & windows while you sleep

Believe it or not, creating some air flow in the bedroom will go far to improving the quality of your sleep at night. Opening your doors and windows creates a path for air to flow through the room you’re sleeping.

The above study measured qualitative and quantitative sleep and found that sleep quality improved with more ventilation, with better test responses and better-reported concentration.

If there’s too much noise or nasty weather outside your window or door, you can try to replicate the air flow’s effects with a rotating fan strategically placed for your sleeping space.

bedroom design changes

Choose Matte Paint

In terms of popular bedroom design changes one of the easiest and cheapest is to paint your walls with a matte, non-shiny paint. While the satin sheened colors may look lovely during the day, they can be a huge distraction when you’re struggling to sleep at night.

If you choose to repaint your bedroom, take a few minutes and change out your air filters and dust those air vents. Remember, air flow is your friend!

bedroom design changes

Plush Design Interiors

Declutter Your Space

Whether you’re the most organized person in the world or a fan of “organized chaos” in your decorations, one thing we could all benefit from is a little less clutter around our sleep area.

This study found that those who tend towards hoarding also have significantly more trouble sleeping and that their clutter was a big part of the reason for that struggle.

Try finding a new home for the things you need to have, but don’t necessarily need to have in the bedroom.

For non-necessary items, you can also apply the popular KonMari method and ask yourself if an object serves a purpose or brings you joy. If not? Donate that item to someone else to use.

That can work for clothes, paperwork, books or accessories. If you don’t need it, and don’t want it, taking it out of your sphere can be incredible for improving your sleep on a regular basis.

bedroom design changes

The Perfect Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow for your sleep style can be difficult. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in finding the right kind of pillow since we all sleep differently.

Side sleepers and back sleepers may need a different type of pillow than a stomach sleeper. With the help of the internet and an experimental attitude, you can easily find the right pillow for you and then hunt for the best deal from your local retailers and e-tailers.

bedroom design changes

About The Author

Myra Campbell is a researcher for the sleep science and health organization Her passion for art and design brought her into the field. She began by researching how to create a relaxing bedroom and learned that great design can help improve our health and well-being. Myra lives in southern California and shares her queen-sized bed with two rescue dogs.

Twitter: and Facebook:

About Tuck Sleep

Tuck Sleep is a non-commercial community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. Tuck has been referenced by Well + Good, Smithsonian Magazine, Harvard University and by many sleep organizations across the web.

Bedroom Luxe: Tips for Making Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Bedroom Luxe: Tips for Making Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Bedroom luxe is what every woman wants. So Diana Smith shares her top tips for creating a bedroom that LOOKS luxurious even if your budget is smaller than your dreams.

Most of us have at least once regretted not having stylish bedroom luxe, such as the one we were treated to during a stay in a 5-star hotel or one we’ve seen in some trendy magazine.

It’s quite normal to wish for a bit of luxury in the space that is probably the most private, with a possible exception of the bathroom.

Still, no matter how modest and humble your abode is, there are quite a few tricks that can help you create a much more luxurious look and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

This can help both if you’re planning to attract buyers and if you simply want to feel better in the same house.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Pillows

Pillows can have a dramatic effect on the overall design of any room, especially the bedroom. Imagine your bed with no pillows whatsoever and compare it with an image of the same bed with carefully layered accent pillows.

Prop the pillows you sleep on against the bedhead, but add decorative pillows, which can be in any colour that provides a nice contrast to the colour scheme of the space.

Designers recommend you shouldn’t cover more than a quarter of the bed with pillows if you want to achieve the best effect.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Lights

Although you may think lights are not very important in a room where you sleep, the truth is completely different. Illumination is one element, but the aesthetic appeal of the fixture is something that can really change the way your bedroom looks.

Even if you change the shade and introduce a trendy colour of fabric, you’ll notice a big change for the better. If you can afford a fashionable chandelier, the effect will be amazing, but you need to hire a Sydney electrician to properly install the fixture.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Nightstand

Most of us use the nightstand for stuff such as a mobile phone charger, a glass of water or some cream. If you want your bedroom to look more expensive, you need to keep as many items as possible in a drawer.

Still, if there isn’t enough space in the drawers, think about introducing a nicely decorated tray, which could hold some smaller items. Just make sure that the items you display are pretty.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Get rid of clutter

Chances are you’ve never seen a cluttered bedroom and got an impression it was luxurious. This is especially true when it comes to the floor.

Try to keep it as clutter-free as possible if you want your bedroom to look not only more organised and tidy, but also bigger.

If you really want to keep many items in the room, think about adding a shelf or two, but don’t clutter the floor.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Greenery

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to make your bedroom look expensive, look no further than plants.

Just a single potted plant is bound to achieve the desired effect, let alone several of them. Just make sure you choose those plants according to the amount of daylight your bedroom receives.


bedroom luxe

Bedroom Luxe: Artwork

Most people exhibit their most precious artwork in the living room, where everyone can see it. That, however, doesn’t mean that we should neglect the bedroom.

On the contrary, by adding some of our favourite pieces, we’ll make our bedroom much classier, especially if we place it above the bedhead.

These simple tips and tricks can definitely help you make your bedroom look expensive and luxurious.

As you can see, they don’t cost much and can mostly be done without anyone’s help. If you’re short of concrete ideas, you can simply browse through thousands of pictures of fancy bedrooms posted online and look for details that you could use.

After all, no-one knows your taste better than you.

About The Author

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home improvement and latest home design. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Join Diana on social media on Twitter and Google+

How To Create A Stylish Bedroom Makeover

How To Create A Stylish Bedroom Makeover

As seasons change, a stylish bedroom makeover may be on the top of your redecorating list. But with so many ideas, where do you start?

The bedroom is one of those rare places in the world where you can relax completely and forget about all your worries and stress. However, if you want to make your safe haven even more comfortable, stylish and chic try employing these design tips during your next stylish bedroom makeover.

stylish bedroom makeover

Refresh your walls

If you want to start your stylish bedroom makeover by creating a focus on your walls, you’re making a great first step.

Of course, the bedroom should be your private getaway made to your liking, so opt for colours that make you feel calm and secure.

However, if you need some help with the palette, you’ll not go wrong with any natural and neutral colours like sage, forest, navy and taupe.

Also, decorating your walls with inspirational art and original paintings can help you start your day on the right note.

stylish bedroom makeover

Cosy up your bed

When you’re designing a stylish bedroom makeover make sure you pay extra attention to the star of the show – your bed.

It should take a central stage of the room, but also provide you with maximum comfort. One awesome way to spruce up your bed is to add a few soft decorative pillows.

Stack a few throw pillows on top of your bed and they will instantly make your bedroom look like a 5-star hotel room. You can also boost the comfort by investing in a new headboard.

Fabric headboards upholstered with plush velvet or glamourous satin are all the rage right now. They make any space look and feel warm and cosy.

stylish bedroom makeover

Look down!

Even though floors aren’t usually used as a focal point of your bedroom, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a role to play.

Most people opt for rugs because of the softness and warmth they provide. However, stay away from old-fashioned wall-to-wall carpets. They have a tendency to make the room feel boxed in and stuffy; plus they are quite hard to keep clean.

Probably the most attractive flooring design is the combination of hardwood and rugs. Hardwood has always been synonymous with natural beauty and elegance, while rugs and sheepskins have a tendency to give hardwood floors a bit of warmth and softness.

This truly is a perfect combination for any stylish bedroom makeover.

stylish bedroom makeover

Update your wardrobe

If you’re always struggling with storage space in your bedroom, you must update your wardrobe. Retire your old and bulky closet and replace it with something much more practical and stylish.

Today, most people opt for walk-in closets, especially in urban environments with more contemporary homes like Australia’s.

So, catch up on the trend and check out some built in wardrobes in Brisbane. They fit in with any interior design and provide you with a clean, uncluttered and elegant space.

Another, much more casual storage option is to get an open-style closet. This option allows you to display all your clothes and accessories on hanging rods and shelves and practically use your wardrobe for decoration.

This option is great for extremely casual bedrooms and those with very little space.

stylish bedroom makeover

Treat your windows

If you want to achieve a luxe and romantic vibe in your bedroom, you have to give some attention to your windows.

For example, luscious silk drapes combined with window shades can provide you with a luxurious feeling and ample privacy.

For a more minimalist space, you can opt for some sheer fabrics that will make your space look airy and light. At night, your opaque panels will keep the lights and curious eyes out of your bedroom.

stylish bedroom makeover

Welcome nature in your space

Greenery not only improves your decor with its vibrant colour but also filters the air and brings life into your space. Additionally, houseplants have a calming and relaxing effect on humans, so they are perfect additions to your bedroom.

You can go as small or as big as you want, but just be careful with your plant choice. Some plants require a lot of pruning, watering and light, and keeping them healthy can become a real chore.

On the other hand, there are plants like parlour palms, snake plants and peace lilies that require minimal sunlight and maintenance and average humidity.

stylish bedroom makeover


Pay attention to lighting

Bedrooms are primarily used for sleeping, but if you want to read a few pages of your book before bed, you need some good lighting.

Oftentimes, lighting is quite neglected and people usually only concentrate on general lighting, but that’s not enough for bedrooms.

Aside from general lighting, you need some good task fixtures. Bedside lamps and sconces always look great and give the room some elegant and classic symmetry.

If you prefer a more eclectic and chill vibe, neon lights should be your first choice. Neon tubes can be made into custom sculptures, signs and writings and they give every space a touch of interest and uniqueness.

After you’re finished with your bedroom remodel, make sure to set one weekend aside for sleeping in and tasty breakfasts in bed.

stylish bedroom makeover

About The Author: Catherine Collins

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.



Dress Your Bedroom in Sleek Scandi Design

Dress Your Bedroom in Sleek Scandi Design

Scandi design has taken the world by storm – a wonderfully Scandinavian storm. We are now learning things the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians have known for centuries.

When attempting to design your home to exude peace, serenity, and positivity, you should turn to the Danes for guidance and help in creating Scandi design.

Being one of the happiest nations on the planet, the Danes have perfected and coined their own interior design trend, aptly named Scandinavian Interior Design, which is quickly taking over the world.

Its staggering growth in popularity can be attributed to its use of contemporary elements in combination with traditional, pure, and clean décor choices that imbue every room with peace and positivity.

The Scandi design trend is aimed at elevating your mood, decreasing stress levels, instilling happiness and facilitating mental clarity on a daily basis. Today, let’s take a look at how you can dress your bedroom in timeless, Scandi design.

Let the sunshine in

The foundation of a beautiful, peaceful Scandi bedroom lies in the amount of natural light you allow to permeate the setting during the day.

Waking up in a blindfolded room will only set the stage for an unproductive day, so you should not only make sure to mount only light window treatments, but also consider expanding the window scheme to cover the entire wall.

Additionally, you can replace your solid bedroom door with a grained glass model in order to let light flow through the house. In order to maintain positivity in the evening as well, be sure to switch out any bright light bulbs with their softer counterparts that cast a warm glow.

Stick to a serene colour scheme

Nurturing a relationship with light, minimalism, purity, and cleanliness is extremely important here, so the colour scheme of the room, although vivid, should be comprised of lighter hues.

By sticking to beautiful white walls, you will set the stage for any future accents you want to introduce into the bedroom, whether via rugs, throws, curtains, etc.

To contrast the white foundation, the floors should boast a light wood design, allowing you to nurture a relationship with nature (a big element of Scandi design as well) as well as introduce new contrasting elements around the room.

Nurture your relationship with nature

Speaking of wooden floors, they only serve as a base for beautiful greenery and light brown elements you’re going to add to the room.

Be creative and introduce potted plants in the corners, on the shelves and the windowsill, with beautiful flowers rising from an ornate vase on the bedside table.

Make yourself comfortable

The Scandi design relies on comfort above everything else. Not only should the entire bedroom depict a serene setting through light and colours, but it should further accentuate the rich ambiance with fluffy blankets, throws and decorative pillows.

Be sure to look for clean, comfortable mattresses that will further increase the comfy feeling and don’t forget to add thick wool throws and linen pillows, and even sheepskin draped over the sides.

For an added touch, introduce a beige or light grey armchair in the corner, or even a contrasting chaise lounge.

Accentuate with unique elements

While the Scandi design thrives under simplicity and minimalism, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a truly unique ambiance imbued with a dash of personality and flair.

Think monochromatic decorative elements such as framed quote art, mirrors, and freestanding lights.

Furthermore, you can enrich the setting with a beautiful wooden bibliotheca containing your favourite books, magazines and even ornate details such as picture frames or various collectibles.

The possibilities are endless, simply let your imagination run free. But be sure not to overdo it, as you want to preserve the tranquil nature of the design.

Creating positivity, serenity, and peace in your home has never been easier than with timeless Scandi design. By implementing these essential tips, you will not only create a healthy living environment, but you will also enrich your bedroom design with timeless charm and aesthetic appeal.

scandi design

Plush Design Interiors

Plush Design Interiors

To perfect personal Scandi design for your bedroom please contact Penelope at Plush Design Interiors. As an Interior Designer, Penelope will help you create a home you’ll love.

About The Author

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time. See more of Catherine’s articles here by searching for her by name.

Crisp White Bedlinen Creates The Perfect Bedroom Decor

Crisp White Bedlinen Creates The Perfect Bedroom Decor

Crisp white bedlinen is my ‘go-to’ sheet combo mixed with textures of linen, velvet, wool, fur, and even the odd sequin.

Not only do I adore slipping into freshly washed sheets, but as an interior designer, I find crisp white bedlinen is the perfect base for virtually any stylish bed decor.

Regardless of whether you love industrial, rustic, classic, retro, or any other decor, crisp white bedlinen will help you create the perfect bedroom decor.

crisp white bedlinen

Plush Design Interiors

Layering Your Bed Linen

The secret is in the layers. The first thing to do is buy a set of crisp white bedlinen at Canningvale where you can buy five sizes from Single through to King. And it’s not all 100% cotton – choose cotton, flannelette, vintage wash, bamboo, or premium blend in thread counts up to 1000.

Now, do you have a bedhead? If so, what does it look like? It is fabric or some other material. If you have a fabric bedhead then that will play a role in deciding other factors on your bed. Is it a pale or vibrant colour? Patterned or plain? Is the main colour cool (blue, green, grey, violet) or warm (red, pink, orange, yellow).

crisp white bedlinen

Paloma Gold bed set from Legend Australia

Create interest by choosing either pillowcases in the same hues as your main colour or vibrant complementary colours. For example, choose different hues of blue OR colours that are opposite on the colour wheel, such as navy blue and orange.


crisp white bedlinen

Heatherly Design (Melbourne)

crisp white bedlinen

Many beds these days have 2 x European pillowcases, 2 x standard, 2 x cushions, 1 x tea cushion. Here’s where it gets really fun – have 2 x European pillowcases that are a contrast to the bedhead or wall colour. Next 2 x standard pillows that are crisp white bedlinen or a different colour from the European pillowcases.

Then choose cushions and tea cushions that are mixed and textured – knotty wool, velvet, faux fur, Moroccan lamb, patterned, graphic, sequined – but DON’T match them – mix up the colours and textures for a relaxed look.

You’ll also find a great range of pillows at Canningvale too.


crisp white bedlinen

Black Flame paint from Taubmans


crisp white bedlinen

Plush Design Interiors

Your crisp white bedlinen will look perfect with whatever combination you choose – go eclectic, go classic, go rustic, go industrial… just GO and mix ‘n match to YOUR taste. Add a fabulous throw and you’re ready to go.

crisp white bedlinen

Plush Design Interiors

Plush Design Interiors

For expert help designing your bedroom, contact Plush Design Interiors – Adelaide’s premier creative designers of plush interiors.

crisp white bedlinen

Plush Design Interiors