Interior design trends are continuously changing so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s new. For example, technology is such a prominent component of our lives, and in blogs, websites and social media, such a Pinterest.

As a result, we see interior design trends that are ever-changing. What was popular one year isn’t necessarily popular the next year. Think about the monochrome trend, for example. It has been most popular in recent years. But it is fading out a little now, thanks to more pops of color with a scandi style of decor. Without blogs and online magazines, we wouldn’t be as updated with different trends or designs. And we wouldn’t see these trends reflected in the homes of our friends and celebrities. Trends also show our style and preferences.
So while it is nice to be able to update your space, having a practical and functional space is best. Then you can just change up a few things when you feel the need.

When you think about the choice of color in your home, the paint, wallpaper, metal laminate, etc on the wall will be there for quite a while. So you want to start by choosing a color scheme that will work well for you and compliments your other decor  options.

Stylish metal laminate or wallpaper

Neutral and Pastel Hues

Start with neutral colours or similar hues of the same colour for the majority of the room. Remember the 60|30|10 rule with 60% main colour, 30% secondary colour, 10% colour pop. Then you can add color with feature walls, accessories or changing seasons.
Pastel colors are a good choice as they are beautifully calming. They minimise the risk of a plain or clinical look, which whites and off-white shades may give. If you’re not too sure what you should do, do some research. Talk to an interior designer, or find a painter to help you.


Furniture is another room feature where styles can change quickly. You will see lots of bright and colorful furniture trending for the rest of the year and into 2017. This provides a big contrast to your other furniture so decide if this trend is for you.
Pops of color can be stylish and appropriate in plainer looking rooms. However, it can be expensive to replace furniture every few years. So upcycling is definitely a big trend to embrace. Sanding down wooden furniture or using chalk paint, is a great way to change up the look of furniture. It costs a fraction of what it would to replace the furniture.

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French Inspired

French inspired furniture is a big trend that continues to evolve. The interior design trends of boudoir and noir style just adds instant luxury to any room. It is better to be a little selective with the furniture, though. Having it in every room would be overkill. It looks good to mix up this style with some modern pieces too. Eclectic is certainly a style beloved by many and it continues to grow in popularity.


Lighting trends have changed considerably and continue to dominate interior design trends.  Well-placed lighting is a simple way to make significant changes to the style of a room. It’s one of the easier options for changing a room so investigate some modern options. Choosing chandeliers or pendant lights are excellent choices this year. You can even get bulbs that show a filament. They can give off a modern but vintage look, all at the same time.

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