Interior design ideas that help preserve the planet are more popular than ever before. If you want to make some changes in your home, chances are, you’re looking to be eco-friendly with your new look.

As climate change becomes a reality we’re confronted with every day, the obvious decision is to become more eco-friendly in every area of our lives. As a community of home lovers, we seek interior design ideas that are sustainable, green or energy efficient.

Here are some tips on how to transform your home into a green paradise.

Planet Saving Interior Design Ideas – Use Natural Materials

First of all, use natural materials from the ground up. Don’t go for vinyl flooring – try out stone or wood instead, both of which are also much more hardwearing and won’t need to be replaced as soon. They also age much more elegantly than plastic flooring.

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Wooden furniture is also something that you should look into, along with glass, metal and rattan. Not only will these last for a long time but once your furniture finally starts to break down, they will be a lot easier to recycle or repurpose than plastic.

When it comes to soft furnishings, why not try wool? It’s hypoallergenic and recyclable, and it’s also odour and dust mite resistant. You should also go for natural fibres like cotton and jute.

Planet Saving Interior Design Ideas – Add Plants

A home is incomplete without a little greenery. Using plants as decoration looks amazing, and it’s also extremely good for the environment: as they produce oxygen, they’re contributing to cleaner air being let out into our world.

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Bringing some of the outside into your home will also keep reminding you of the importance of being green and kind to the planet – and there’s nothing better than growing your own herbs.

There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh mint and basil to turn your home into a green slice of heaven.

Planet Saving Interior Design Ideas – Go For Solar Energy

When it comes to the energy in your house, it’s probably time to have a rethink. Most of us get our energy and power from the national grid. However, it could be time to invest in solar panels which will give you one hundred percent clean energy in your home.

This may be less effective if you don’t live in a place where you are blessed with much sunshine. If you do get plenty of sun then you may be able to sell energy back to the grid. This means that you’re making money from your investment quickly.

Check out the solar packages available and see what applies to you and your family to get the best possible deal. 

Planet Saving Interior Design Ideas – Let In The Light

Letting sunlight into your home through flinging your curtains wide open is a great way to be eco-friendly. This will help to warm up your house, along with helping you cut back on lighting costs.

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Why turn on the overhead light (which you should be using energy efficient bulbs on, by the way!) when you can let in the sunlight instead? 

You may think that you can’t change the world, but by making your home more eco-friendly, you’re doing your part in making the planet a more environmentally friendly place.