Let’s face it, everyone loves a beautiful garden in which to relax. However, landscaping can be the most expensive part of doing up a run-down garden. It’s also the most difficult part to get right.

Is your garden design is in need of some landscaping ? Try these tips to help you get your garden looking it’s very best, with the right choices to show off your careful planting. 

Come Up With A Landscaping Plan

In a large garden, you definitely need a master plan, especially if you’re planning a complete overhaul of the garden. You don’t need to stick with plan all the way through the process, but it’s a good idea to do it anyway to help you work out what you need. 

List everything that you want in your ideal garden, where you will put all these things, and then whether these choices are actually practical, such as not putting your vegetable patch too far away from the compost heap). 

Decide Which Landscaping Specialist You Need

Think about the professional help you will need. Do you need a garden designer, someone to guide you on horticulture, or advice on construction or drainage? You might be able to plan the layout of the garden yourself, but need someone to help you revive your plants or build a pergola.

Whatever specialism you require, the right person to hire will give your confidence that they know their stuff.

  • A skilled gardener will recognise plants, know their latin names and common names, and explain how to care for them.
  • A garden designer should listen to and connect with you, and then make suggestions that excite you. Ask to see examples of their work. 
  • A good landscaper explains what you need on terms you understand, gives enough detail, and clearly explains the process.

Remember too that you will need a supplier to provide landscaping supplies, such as Sand4U

Get Recommendations For A Landscaper

Many landscapers find their customers via recommendations. If you’re looking for a landscaper, get recommendations.

When you have a recommendation, do some of your own digging. Is the recommendation just a friend passing on the details of a friend whose services they haven’t actually used themselves? If they have used the landscaper, go and see the finished product so you can see if you like the end result of their work. Ask how the process went. 

Ask Multiple Companies For Quotes

Getting a quotation is free and is the best way to test the market regarding cost, skills, and service. Try to get three landscaping quotes to get a clear idea. Draw up a simple specification for the job, so you can clearly explain what work you want to have done, and can then compare the quote against the this. 

Ask the landscaper for a fully itemised breakdown so you can compare costs. You should also ask to see examples of their work, and for some more information about their experience and proof of their insurance. 

Do some research if you can, and see if the prices that you are quoted line up with the prices you can find during your research.