Individual style is what makes people memorable. From Clara Bow to Stevie Nicks and Lady Gaga, boldness and individuality always pays off. So if you’re tired of your look, create your own individual style with these hot tips.

Are you feeling monotonous sticking with the same outfits and accessories all the time? Need some individual style? Being a follower of fashion is fine. However, forging your own path and creating a style that is unmistakably yours can be a lot more fun.

Standing out from the crowd with your own distinct style is a great feeling. Pulling together a new look means that you can experiment and can give your creativity free rein.

There’s no denying that appearance provides a short cut for people to make assumptions on who you are based on how you look. Therefore, it makes sense to liberate yourself and express your personality through the way that you dress and style your look.

Here are just some of the ways that you can add some individuality to your appearance:

Individual Style Means Dressing Up

Your choice of clothing is the most obvious way to express your style. The internet has made it possible to shop every type of apparel possible from anywhere in the world.

From vintage pieces through to independent designers that create affordable, yet truly individual clothing, you will find it all just a click away. With so much choice available, you are sure to find outfits that truly match your style.

It is well worth experimenting with your new look before you go on a major shopping spree and clear out your whole wardrobe. You don’t want to abandon all of your clothes and then realise that the look you picked isn’t right for you. 

Meaningful Jewellery Means Individual Style

Jewellery is a truly personal thing, so it makes sense to incorporate it as part of your new individual look. To find jewellery that is totally unique to you, custom made jewellery is definitely the right choice.

This will enable you to be involved in the jewellery design process, which means that you can incorporate individual elements into the pieces that are meaningful to you. This means that you will end up with a jewellery item that is one of a kind and highly personal.

Start Accessorising

Accessories are the glue that brings an outfit together. With the right accessories, you can create an eye-catching focal point on even the dullest outfit.

Beautiful scarves, belts, hats, bags, shoes… there are loads of ways to bring an individual touch to your appearance with a few carefully chosen accessories to enhance your look.

Still feeling unsure about the style of clothing that you want to go for?  If so, changing your accessories is the ideal starting point, as it enables you to mix and match without too much commitment.

Shake Up Your Makeup

Makeup is a powerful weapon in your toolkit for transforming your look. Even trying out a new colour for your lips, eyes and cheeks can make a vast difference.

If you are lacking confidence about changing your makeup, why not visit a makeup counter to get some inspiration, and learn some tricks of the trade to try out at home.