Indestructible house plants are what I need as I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb. I have other talents… thankfully.

Unfortunately, for me, my sister inherited the ‘grow anything anywhere’ genes. So if you’re like me, you’ll love growing house plants that are indestructible. I referenced Jodi Rigby’s book 150 Indestructible Plants to bring you some ideas for indoor and balcony plants you have to try REALLY hard to kill.

Houseplants are an inexpensive home decorating hack… assuming they survive. Plants need light, water, nutrients, and the best spot for their needs. So before you spend any money on indoor plants, consider their placement.

Consult your local nursery too. Some plants don’t like drafts, for example, and others prefer dabbled not full sunlight. The indestructible plants will generally have thick, shiny leaves so consider how much ‘green’ you want to add to the room. Also, DON’T over water. Many houseplants die through root rot – too much water, so monitor carefully.

Remove dead leaves, clean the leaves with fresh water and a soft cloth, and invest in a suitable nutrient. Shine leaves by spraying with milk or white oil.

Indestructible House Plants : Fruit Salad Plant

It takes a few years for fruit salad plants to bear fruit outdoors so it’s not likely they will bear fruit inside. The ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ likes to attach itself to the trunks of trees, so grow indoors by training it up a totem. This is an attractive plant with beautiful leaves that can be cleaned with white oil. Plant it quality potting mix, top with mulch, and fertilise each month.

Indestructible House Plants : Philodrendron ‘Xanadu’

Hugely popular, the Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ prefers a well-lit indoor position or shady verandah position. In the warmer months water three times per week. Fertilise in the Spring and Summer. There are two other varieties, ‘Congo’ and ‘Red Wings’, both bold foliage plants.

Indestructible House Plants : Sansevieria Trifasciata

To add texture and architectural form, the very hardy ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ is perfect. Whilst it does prefer good drainage and can tolerate cold, to grow a fabulous display place in a warmer spot. Excellent in pots or an upright urn, the ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ is green and white whereas the ‘Silbersee’ has grey-green foliage.

Indestructible House Plants : Devil’s Ivy

If you want an easy to keep plant that is also an adventurous climber then pick Devil’s Ivy. Train it along a piece of string and then watch it do its thing. The pretty heart-shaped leaves are glossy and benefit from pruning. Each fortnight apply soluble fertilizer and water weekly when it’s cool, twice weekly when it’s warmer.

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Header image courtesy of Dayna Katlin Interiors. Other images from Iqrup + Ritz, Pinterest,, and Hitohana Tokyo.