Increased home protection is something with which many people keep up-to-date primarily to keep loved ones safe not necessarily possessions; although both may be considered important.

There is no argument that protecting your home and family is very important. Whether you want to focus on protecting them from thieves, natural disasters, accidents, or something else, you don’t want to compromise on your style to do so. You still want a house that looks beautiful, helping to keep you and your loved ones safe at the same time. With that in mind, here are seven pretty things you can do for increased home protection today.

increased home protection

  1. Invest In Smart Home Monitor

Many people are transforming their houses into smart homes. Due to demand, prices are decreasing and systems are getting more sophisticated. They are so much more efficient, helping to save time and money in the long run. Investing in your first smart home monitor could be a logical step for you to take.

They look modern and fresh in decor colors or metallics. Many have a full-color screen and can help you to keep track of lights, heating, energy costs, and so much more.

increased home protection

  1. Install A Better Looking Smoke Alarm

You don’t realize how much you need a smoke alarm for increased home protection until something happens. Don’t fret; there are smoke alarms out there that aren’t as ugly as you’d expect them to be. They don’t have to be an eyesore in your beautiful home. You can get smoke alarms that blend in, and even those that match your color scheme. Don’t skip this whatever you do – many fire restoration companies say that the majority of fires are preventable. Get that alarm!


  1. Get A Strong But Good Looking Gate

You must have a strong gate in place to stop thieves and intruders from trying to break in. That doesn’t mean you gate needs to be ugly. Your gate and even your fence can add plenty of personality to your outdoor area if you select the right style.

increased home protection

  1. Reinforce Windows And Doors

Reinforce your windows and doors by making sure you have strong glass and good locks. If you are investing in new windows and doors ensure they are double-glazed. Not only will this give you greater insulation it will give you greater protection from thieves trying to break your windows. And don’t think new windows have to be ugly aluminium.

And don’t think new windows have to be aluminium.  Stegbar, for example, has a beautiful range of red cedar double-glazed windows and doors. And Corinthian has a new range of elegant front doors that offer bush-fire protection. And they all look fabulous!

increased home protection

  1. Get Some Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is great for a number of reasons. However, the number one reason is that it’s so much safer when you return home at night time, and it’ll deter thieves and intruders. Make sure the lighting you get is automatic with movement sensors set to come on when somebody approaches. Attach on the corners of your garage, home, and in dark spots near pathways.


  1. Keep Your House Free Of Clutter

Keeping your house free of clutter will not only make you feel much more relaxed, it’ll avoid giving thieves an open invitation to look at what you’ve got and attempt to steal it. If they can see where you keep your keys through the window, or that you have lots of expensive goods, you’re going to be a target.


increased home protection

  1. Keep Your Garden Tidy

Make sure you keep your garden tidy too. Your shrubbery areas and entry walkways should be kept as tidy as possible, so intruders don’t have anywhere to hide. You could even consider planting thorny shrubs by windows – this will make it painful for a burglar to try and get in!