To increase home value you’ll need bright ideas and elbow grease. So do you need a few ideas to get you started?

Home-improvement and renovation projects are an excellent way to increase home value. Some renovation projects provide a greater value than the others, but at the same time, a small improvement task can quickly turn into major renovation work and deplete your entire budget if you’re not careful.

Projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations are always appreciating. However, adding a music studio greatly decreases your chance of finding the right buyer easily.

That said, what type of improvements can increase home value and provide you with the best return on investment?

increase home value

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1. Remodeling the yard

Starting from the outside, the yard is considered to be a deciding factor in your home’s curb appeal. It is the first thing a potential buyer will see and as such, plays a large role in shaping and solidifying their decision to purchase.

If your lawn is not a healthy as it should be, an inexpensive yet effective solution is to invest in high-quality sod.

Additionally, make sure that the grass isn’t dry and withered, the flower beds are adequately maintained and that there aren’t any bushes or weeds that might affect the overall aesthetic of your lawn.

On the other hand, avoid embellishing the yard with exotic flowers and plants that are otherwise difficult to maintain without a sizable budget.

increase home value

2. Replacing the front door

Besides the yard, your front door is another deciding factor in your home’s curb appeal and to increase home value from the first look. A rundown door can easily be seen from a distance and leave a bad first impression.

Even the smallest of issues can be discovered upon closer inspection, which is another reason why the front doors need to be absolutely perfect.

Fortunately, the front door can easily be improved with a fresh coat of paint and some magnetic weather stripping. If the front door is too damaged and runs down by the weather, you might want to consider replacing it altogether.

Repurposed wood is an excellent solution for those working on a tight budget and although steel doors might require a larger investment, they provide additional security and last significantly longer when compared to wooden ones.

increase home value

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3. Fixing or replacing the roof

Not all home improvements are strictly cosmetic. Broken, dented or loose roof shingles increase the risk of water damage and mold and mildew forming in the attic.

This is a health hazard and is particularly harmful to those suffering from breathing disorders or asthma attacks. Although individual shingles can easily be replaced with new ones, sometimes a complete roof replacement is in order.

Just have in mind that most roofs require extensive work and might pose a security issue if you’re not secured properly. If your roof is too tall or there are obstructions such as tree branches and power lines, it may be a better idea to call in the professionals.

increase home value

4. Remodeling the kitchen

A functioning kitchen represents the heart of a house and it’s hardly surprising that potential buyers often tend to pay better for houses with kitchens that are in pristine condition.

Gutting an entire kitchen and replacing it with modern, state of the art cabinets and high-end appliances might be the best possible options, but that requires quite a large investment.

A remodeling job can easily prove to be just as valuable for just a fraction of the cost. Although old appliances definitely need replacing with new ones, the cabinets and shelves can easily be sanded, stained and repainted and made to look brand new.

increase home value

5. Repainting or replacing the exterior siding

This is by far the largest and yet most inexpensive project on this list. The majority of work in regards to exterior siding requires a fresh coat of paint and a clear lacquer to keep it protected from the elements.

However, replacing it demands a bit more time and effort as some parts of the house might be extremely hard to reach without a ladder or an adequate modular scaffolding.

Once you have secured the necessary scaffolding, replacing the actual siding is not that difficult and homeowners are presented with a large choice of siding options ranging from foam backing to durable vinyl siding.

These are just some of the options homeowners have at their disposal when it comes to increase home value. Starting from the exterior and working towards the inside of the house, there are simple, and more importantly, inexpensive ways to fix up your home and increase both the curb appeal and the overall value of your home.

Some might require a larger investment, while others demand more effort and attention to detail, but at the end of the day, all of these improvements will make your house look better than ever.

No potential buyer that comes your way will be able to resist it.

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