Home emergencies and disasters are inevitable. Whether it is something extreme like a house fire or flooding, to having a broken window, it pays to be prepared and know what you will do and when.

Of course, even though home emergencies are inevitable, there is no point stressing over what could happen. Make plans to be ready. Then, if disaster does strike, you will know exactly what to do. With that in mind, here are some aspects to think about.

Typical Home Emergencies for Which To Be Prepared

Break Ins

Sadly, many homes can get broken into. But there are some things that you can do to avoid it. Making sure that you always keep your home secure, like locking doors and windows is a good place to start. If you go away on vacation, for example, have a friend check in on your house and to take in any parcels or mail that are left outside.

If it snows, you’ll want to have some footprints leading up to your home, or it shows that no one is in. If you do get broken into, then one of the first things to do, after calling the police, is to call a locksmith for your doors. If you don’t know one, then plan ahead and get the number of a local locksmith, so that things can be dealt with quickly.

Power Outages

If you lose power in a storm, for instance, then it’s a good idea to unplug electrical sockets. Even if you plan to stay in the house rather than evacuate, it will help to prevent any damage when the electricity starts to surge back on.

If things like water lines could be affected by a disaster or home emergencies, then filling up your bathtub can be a good idea, and then turning it off. Using this water can help for hand washing, and for toilet sanitation. 

Emergency Contacts

Having a list of people that you could call in an emergency is something that is really important. When stressful situations occur, it can be hard to think rationally and logically, and you may forget to call someone.

Not to mention the fact that power to the internet could go down in a storm, so you may be unable to look up numbers. Which is why having a list ready to go can really help. You could have your doctor’s number, the number of your child’s school, your employer’s number, family members, as well as local help like plumbers or electricians.

Food Storage

Having food storage is a really good idea. It can help you to be prepared for an emergency, as well as help you to have food that you can just grab in a hurry.

As the recent coronavirus pandemic has shown us, we never know when we might not have access to food or toilet paper! Which is why we need to be prepared. If you have a pantry or some storage space, nos is the time to get filling it up!