The ideal bathroom needn’t be out of your reach. From full blown renovations to tile touch-ups and chic accessories, you can create your ideal bathroom with a few simple tips.

The bathroom is a place you go every single day. Whether you’re pampering yourself and spending time relaxing, or simply taking care of your basic hygiene needs, it’s important that your bathroom is both practical and enjoyable.

When you go somewhere multiple times a day, it only makes sense that you should love it! If you want to create your ideal bathroom it can be just a few stylish steps away.

ideal bathroom

Bathroom by Internos Home Improvements (Adelaide)


How Would You Use Your Ideal Bathroom?

Having a bathroom that looks good is important, but having one that performs well is even more important. Think about the way you use your bathroom and make sure that your plans are going to be practical.

Do you need double sinks? How much storage will you require? Will children share the bathroom? Does the bathroom get morning or atfernoon sun? Is their natural light? How much ventilation is there?

For example, I used to have a BIG bathroom on the second floor of the house. It received strong morning sun but only had a small window that opened. The larger window was fixed and couldn’t be opened. Therefore, even in winter, the morning sun made the bathroom very hot. Add to that hot showers and blow driers and it was entirely impractical.

ideal bathroom

Bathroom by Smarter Bathrooms


If the bathroom is the place you get ready for the day, is there room to have your own dressing station complete with lots of storage, power points, and a big mirror? If you spend a long time washing and bathing in the bathroom, it could be a good idea to turn it into a wet room.

Think about how you can make your new ideal bathroom more practical as well as beautiful. You can always add fluffy towels and scented candles. It’s harder to add more storage or a bath tub if you don’t plan properly from the beginning.

For gorgeous fluffy towels at discounted prices try Canningvale. And for delicious scented candles and diffusers try Circa Home.

ideal bathroom

Bathroom by Color Drunk Designs



Think Of Your Ideal Bathroom Themes And Styles

Now it’s time for the fun part – thinking about how you want your fabulous new bathroom to look. Some people like to go for a theme, while others want to channel a certain style.

You could have a seaside theme in your bathroom, or perhaps something bohemian, natural, Art Deco, modern, rustic, industrial, minimalist – the list goes on. If you’re unsure, gather magazines and make a moodboard, or even just go on Pinterest and make an online board for inspiration.

Spot patterns in all the images you love and work out what you like the most!

Which colours appeal to you? Do you like curves or angles the most? Which layouts fit the size of your bathroom? Can you alter designs to fit?

And if you like a luxury bathroom but don’t have the budget, then see our feature on luxury bathroom looks on a budget.

Bathroom by Internos Home Improvements (Adelaide)


Find Contractors And Builders You Can Trust

If you don’t have the time or skill to create your dream bathroom, there are an abundance of tutorials, but it would take you forever!

Your best bet is to find a local plumber and an interior designer with great reviews, so you can get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make sure you really do your research with this, as you can’t be too careful.

Read impartial reviews and see if they have a portfolio of work or privide you with names of clients.

ideal bathroom

Don’t Call Me Penny


Come Up With An Ideal Bathroom Plan

Now it’s time to come up with your plan. You can make a sketch if you like, and write down a list of the things you definitely want in your bathroom.

Then make a list of the things that would be nice but aren’t necessary, and a list of the things you don’t want. You can then hand this over to your chosen company or contractor to help you both get on the same page.

It could also be useful to include materials you’d really like to be used; perhaps a stone floor or marble bath. It might even be easier to hash out a plan with your chosen contractor, so you don’t end up disappointed and have to make changes down the line.

An interior designer will also come up with alternative ideas to keep you within your budget but still return the chic style you desire.

Now it’s time to get started on your dream bathroom! Using these tips means you’ll have an ideal bathroom you will truly love for the foreseeable future.


ideal bathroom

Bathroom textiles from Aura by Tracie Ellis