When Lara Cross designed her ICONOSCOPY collection for The Design Residency’s latest pop-up shop, little did she know that some of the world’s biggest musical geniuses would be leaving us in 2016.

ICONOSCOPY is Lara’s tribute to the music gifted to us from Elvis to Mick Jagger and David Bowie to Axel Rose. Lara says the timing of collection’s release was “crazily coincidental” with resin earrings in the shape of lips, lightening bolts, crosses and hearts, and textiles printed with sequins in a riot of colour. Aptly named ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ the ICONOSCOPY fashion and jewellery range is, says Lara, tongue in cheek homage to music legends.


sticks ‘n rolling stones Ziggys lightning bolt earrings

“I grew up listening to rock and roll – everyone from Elvis, The Beatles and Hendrix to Guns n’ Roses, Nirvana, Queen and everything in between. Their impact on pop culture is incredible and long lasting. And it’s not just the music that inspires me… I love the jumpsuits, the capes, the velvet, the glitter, and of course the rhinestones!”

Bursting with colour, Lara’s jewellery is designed to be layered with reckless abandon. Her original textile prints and jewellery designs give more than a passing nod to the excesses of rock ‘n roll.


sticks ‘n rolling stones violet spike bangles, for stacking


sticks n rolling stones violet circle half dipped resin bangle, reds


sticks ‘n rolling stones bad boy

Lara’s ICONOSCOPY collection was recently displayed at a pop-up shop supported by The Design Residency, a mentoring and business development agency for designers founded by fashion PR guru, Lorraine Lock. Customers could be a rock icon for the day posing for their own album cover bedecked in Lara’s jewellery. Lara says she often uses photos of ‘real people’ on her website to model her clothes and jewellery.

“Real women are where it’s at, life’s too short to blend in” Lara Cross

True to this philosophy is Lara’s inspiration and muse, Sharryn Morris-Claire, a Melbourne based fashionista and star of her own Instragram account, The Stylish Woman.


Sharryn Morris-Claire


sticks ‘n rollingstones violet turkish delight fiddlesticks

Lara says she admires women who get to a certain point in their life when they don’t care what other people think. “They dress for themselves and their own unique style has fully developed and they aren’t so concerned with trends. I really want to be able help speed up that process for all of us, no matter what age we are.”

It’s an adage to which Lara has always prescribed, but it is finally starting to make it’s mark on the fashion world. Style Icons now come in so many more shapes and forms. Amen!


sticks ‘n rolling stones drops earrings


sticks ‘n rolling stones drop wire wrapped earrings


sticks ‘n rolling stones violet stars earrings flat pair


Big arrow suede tassel

There is a multitude of ways to make a statement and channel your own rock ‘n roll edge, ICONOSCOPY is just a start. See more of Lara’s eclectic handmade resin jewellery, and her new line of screen printed clutches and bags on her website, www.gloryboxdesigns.com.au.

Follow Lara on Instagram @gloryboxdesigns and Sharryn on Instagram @thestylishwoman


Are you a fan of statement jewellery? How about resin? Are you caring less about what people think as you get older?

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Listen to my interview with the powerhouse PR fashion guru and Founder of The Design Residency, Lorraine Lock, here.

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