You may be under the impression that nothing can be done to change the design and style of your car, but this couldn’t be further than the truth! Just like your home or your wardrobe, you can create a totally unique look that sets your car apart from the rest.

This guide contains some of the best ideas that you can implement to make your car as unique and stylish as possible, so what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more! 

Image Source – Pexels 

Get It Wrapped Or Change The Colour 

One of the best ways to change the style of your car is to get it wrapped or change the colour. There’s no rule to say that you need to keep your car the original colour that it was when first manufactured, as so many people choose to switch up the shade of their vehicle to better suit their personal tastes. There are so many different options when it comes to car colour, as you can choose a basic solid colour or even opt for a glistening glitter shade that shines under the sunlight – it’s totally up to you!

Wrapping is likely the most common choice when you want to change the colour of your car, as this is a process that uses extremely sticky coloured wrapping to cover up the previous colour with a whole new shade. In many cases you can also get your car sprayed, which means an expert detailer will use a specially crafted spray paint device to cover your car in a whole new colour. Be sure to take a look at your options to see what colour and style best suit your car while boosting your unique aesthetic. 

Add Some Plush Interior Accessories 

You can also change the interior of your car too, by adding a variety of plush accessories and other similar options that can totally transform the look. You can invest in a complete set of car seat covers that attach over your existing car seats so that they can take on a whole new style – this is a super effective option, as you can choose a different colour, material and pattern, from fluffy animal print to sophisticated suede. To add to this, you can also buy new floor mats in a color or design that you prefer, rather than using basic, generic black mats.

You might also like to add some cushions in the backseat of your vehicle, but this is only an option that you should explore if you don’t not have any children inside your vehicle. Make sure that none of your plush interior accessories could disturb you or prevent you from driving safely. Hanging an excessive volume of items from your mirror will block your view and put you and your passengers in danger. Don’t forfeit your safety just to improve your car’s interior! 

Change Your Wheels Or Trims 

Another brilliant option that you can explore to change the style of your car is to change your wheels or your wheel trims. Your wheels or tyres make up a large part of your car’s overall design and aesthetic value, so choosing boring and unattractive tyres is something that can make your car look old and ugly. Fortunately, it can be so easy to get your tyres changed in todays modern world, and there are so many different style options that you can choose between.

If you find a website like, you can get an expert to come out and replace your tyres for brand new alternatives that make your car look as good as new. You can also choose to change your wheel trims, which are the metal covers that sit in the middle of your wheels. From gorgeous sleek metal trims to captivating moving wheel trims that spin and turn as you drive, take your time to view your options so that you can locate a set of trims that take your car to a whole new level. 

Get A Personalised Number Plate 

Last but by no means least, you can finish off your stylish new car by buying a personalised number plate. This can feature your name, a special date or any other short and sweet option. You may need to substitute a few letters for numbers to get the number plate you like, such as using a 5 instead of an S. 

Making your car more stylish and unique has never been such a simple task!