Lockdown has hit our fitness levels. Many of us feel unhealthier than ever due to gym closures and outside activity limited in many countries. Those that loved exercise and went to the gym or for a run regularly haven’t had the chance to keep up the habit!

However, even though lockdown is still in place for many countries, and others with strict restrictions, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your fitness levels up! Whether you’re confined to the four walls of your home, or you’re able to venture out for a run, take a look at these tips on how to improve your fitness levels – even on lockdown!

Turn to social media

Do you sometimes wonder what exercises you should be doing? Do you want to exercise but don’t have much time between lessons online? Look no further than social media channels. At present, Instagram is inundated with #HomeWorkouts. There are so many to choose from, from our favourite sporting stars to personal trainers. They’re mostly fast, sharp workouts and appeal to a wide range of fitness levels, looking at the hashtag: from entry all the way to intense aerobic workouts.

You can use items from around your house in place of dumbbells from a tin of beans to toilet rolls. If you’re stuck for inspiration, head to social media!

Utilise your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden to use, then you should consider using it for your workouts too! Obviously this may depend on the size of your garden, or even obstacles in the way, but you can do all sorts of workouts in your garden from yoga (in the warmer weather) to beep test exercises for stamina workouts. 

If your garden isn’t going to be optimal for exercising, then why not burn some calories by doing some gardening? Mow the lawn, pick out weeds, trim the hedges – anything that gets your heart rate going will help keep your fitness levels up!

Get app-tastic

We live in an age where there’s an app for everything. From decluttering your house, to brain games and fitness apps, you’re bound to find an app that can help improve your fitness levels. If you’re looking to lose weight as well as improve your fitness levels, why not look at a range of apps that can tie together on your fitness journey? You may also want to purchase some scales with bluetooth that can communicate with these apps to make the finer details nice and simple.

Turn housework into a workout

Why not kill two birds with one stone here? Deep cleaning your home can burn off loads of calories! Pop on your exercise gear, pump up your favourite music, and give your home a thorough cleaning! Not only will you get your heart rate pumping, but you’ll have a beautifully clean home to relax and enjoy in afterward! Did you know that cleaning your home could be equivalent to a 5 mile run? Burn those calories and fly through those mundane chores by turning housework into a workout!

Invest in a resistance band

While you may not be able to go far, that doesn’t mean your workouts will be boring. If you’re looking to really feel the burn from your workouts, and physically see some improvements with your body, then why not invest in resistance bands? A simple resistance band will intensify your workout and help you see visible results within a few weeks! Not only that, they’re effective pieces of workout equipment that won’t take up much space in your home, are easily portable, and don’t cost very much to buy! Resistance bands are also great for strength training, so if you’re looking to concentrate and tone a certain part of your body, you can easily do that at home!

Hide the treats!

If one of the reasons your fitness levels have dropped since the pandemic hit is gorging on sweets and treats, then do something about it! If you’re working from home, it’s all too easy to have a biscuit or two, which can lead to quick weight gain if you’re not careful. Hide treats out of plain sight, or simply don’t buy them!

Rethink your diet

Fitness levels don’t just come from exercise, and what you’re eating makes a massive difference. It’s easy to fall into bad habits, especially when you’re at home a lot of the time and your routine has been changed. Keep a food diary and evaluate areas you should change so that when you do workout, the food you’re eating is complimenting your workout and maximising the changes to your body.

Ditch all bad habits

There are other bad habits you’re doing that could be affecting your fitness levels. Things like drinking alcohol excessively and smoking will have extremely harmful effects on your body. While drinking alcohol is fine every now and then, try and avoid binge drinking and aim to only have a glass or two at a time. That way, your body has time to recover from the alcohol intake without any adverse effects. And, we don’t even need to tell you how bad smoking is for your health, not to mention your ability to improve your fitness levels.

Don’t do it alone!

Improving your fitness levels can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to make a positive change for whatever reason. Changing your mindset is easier said than done, and becoming a fitter and healthier person requires a lot of motivation and dedication – so don’t do it alone! Do it with a friend, a member of your household, or even someone you’ve met on social media! Having that moral support will make the world of difference, and help you achieve your desired fitness levels.

Finally, lockdown has been difficult for everyone, so don’t beat yourself up! Sometimes the hardest part of any fitness journey is realising you need to make a change, and you’ve come to the right place! Use these tips to help you with your fitness journey! Good luck.