Finding a good plumber is one of those things for which you often can’t plan ahead. Unless you’re renovating and know you’ll need a plumber, when a pipe burst or is blocked you’ll need a good plumber right away. So how do you find one?

There are some home repairs that you should never attempt to do yourself, or risk being left making the problem much worse. Plumbing repairs are a good example of this.

Messing with pipes when you don’t know what you’re doing can just lead to more damage and more expensive repairs. It’s much better to call a good plumber. But how do you find a good one that you can trust?

Get Recommendations for A Good Plumber

If you’re looking for a plumber, then ask your friends who they used for any plumbing work they’ve had done recently. If they were happy with the work, they can recommend someone you know will be trustworthy, reliable, and who will do quality work for.

If you don’t know anyone who can recommend a good plumber, then you can read online reviews. There are lots of places where people can review tradesmen, so you can get a good idea of who you’re hiring. You want to be sure you’re bringing in someone skilled and experienced. 

Check The Plumber Is Registered

Depending on the work you’re having done, your plumber may need to be registered. For example, anyone working on your boiler must be Gas Safe registered. Double-check before you hire anyone so you now they are properly qualified to do the work legally and safely.  These bodies ensure that their members are safe, qualified and capable and can be a good way to find someone reliable to do you repair work. 

Do some research into different bodies that register plumbers so you know which ones are genuine and which ones aren’t. These bodies will differ in different countries, so check which ones are relevant in your area, especially if you’re using search engines to check which might throw out results from the wrong country. 

Check They Are Insured

Even with a skilled plumber, things can go wrong during repair work. For this reason, you need to check if the plumber has proper insurance. This will cover you if something goes wrong and accidental damage gets done during the course of repairs. A good plumber will have adequate liability insurance for the work that you need them to carry out. 

Ask About Guarantees

You want to hire a plumber who offers a reasonable guarantee on their work, just in case something goes wrong after they leave. If your pipes start leaking again a few days after the plumber has repaired the problem, you don’t want to have to spend more money bringing them back to fix it again.

A good plumber will come back and fix a problem for free within a certain time-frame, so you don’t have to waste more money on poor work. If a plumber won’t agree to this, this should be a red flag, and you should look elsewhere for your plumbing work. 

A reliable plumber will be properly registered, offer a fair guarantee, is properly insured and comes with good recommendations and referrals. Spend some time finding the right person for the job.