Smart security has gotten increasingly smart as burglars and scammers have got smarter too. Secure your home with smart security that’s stylish too. Here’s how.

Statistics indicate that Australia places 7th in worldwide burglary rankings. In another breath, the Global Interior Design Services Industry is predicted to hit $35.3 billion by the end of 2027. And fortunately, surveys indicate that Australia will be leading the pack in the Asia-Pacific region.

This means there is room to merge interior design and smart security. Often, homeowners are torn between maintaining the home’s aesthetics and installing modern security equipment for their property.

Fortunately, with technology and a little creativity, your interior design can still look top-notch while you benefit from uncompromised security. Read further to see how this is possible.

Smart blinds and shutters

Blinds come in different designs to suit personal preferences on the market. Usually, during the day, most households open up their blinds to let in natural light. At night, however, the blinds come down to enhance privacy or to allow interior lighting. Other times when homeowners are away on long trips, the blinds remain closed until they return. That is if there’s no one else at home. Fortunately, this can be a thing of the past when you invest in smart blinds. 

These tech-infused blinds perform the same primary function as the traditional types but with a heightened advantage. They can be controlled with a smartphone whether you’re home or not. This means you can create the illusion of having someone at home by remotely controlling your blinds. It is an excellent smart security strategy to deter burglars.

Smart locks

Traditional locks may look fine and fit your vintage-styled home. And one advantage of conventional lock systems is the convenience of accessing an emergency locksmith. But, if you’re after enhanced smart security, you will need more than a simple key fitting into a keyhole. Apart from their stylish appeal in your home’s interior design, they are secure and almost impossible to break in.

Unless someone hacks into your router, it is almost impossible to break into an intelligent lock system. Modern smart locks have been equipped with fingerprint scanners, PIN codes, cameras, and motion sensors in the last five years. The latter feature has been improved to the extent that your smartphone receives instant notification when the smart lock senses a presence.

Cameras hidden in sculptures

There is more use for your sculpture than just adding to the aesthetics of your living area or foyer. Technology now makes it possible to turn simple looking interior designs into home security features. Indeed, the obscurity of the smart security feature prevents it from clashing with your interior design. Thankfully, most of these dual-function arts are affordable and easy to find online. 

Eliminate potential break-ins with stylish smart lights

Like your tech-supported blinds, smart lights can be controlled remotely to create the impression of having someone at home. It’s a known fact that most burglaries happen at night, and the Australian police say over 70% of break-ins occur in the dark. This is more than enough reason to invest in stylish smart lighting with motion sensors. Thankfully, they don’t cause a drain on your bills because they are energy efficient. 

Your home doesn’t need to be a fortress before you invest in its smart security. You can still enjoy your stylish home without compromising safety.