The kitchen is the heart of the home because this is the communal space used to cook for the entire family plus friends.

The kitchen is also the place where everyone gets together in the morning before scattering to work or school. It’s where the family gathers in the evening to have a wonderful dinner and discuss the matters of the day.

Now, such an important space must be designed with care for efficiency, organization, and harmony. Each corner must be used wisely, and the cabinets play a huge role in both general aspect and functionality.

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets
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Not to mention that high-quality cabinets in the kitchen add more value to the entire home (from a real estate point of view)!

So, whether you’re looking to completely re-decorate the kitchen or you’re only looking for an upgrade, the tips below should provide valuable information for selecting the right cabinets.

Face Frame vs. Frameless

These represent two types of cabinet construction, and it’s important to understand what each of them means:

  • Face frame designs are more traditional and the most durable due to the way the hinge is mounted on the frame. This design exposes the frame, with the doors in the middle, and the overall aspect is beautiful and inviting.
  • Frameless designs (also known as the European style) are more elegant and simpler, bringing a nice level of modernism to your kitchen.  
How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets


The Hardware

This means the elements mounted inside the cabinets that provide customized storage space or a smooth closing action.

For instance, if you want to eliminate the number of visible handles, you can use cabinets that open and close based on touch.

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Also, modern cabinets implement soft close slides and hinges to prevent the doors from slamming hard into the frame when closed.

Besides these, there are entire structures that can be mounted inside cabinets, shelves, and drawers to optimize space.

However, there should be a logic to the way space is optimized in your kitchen, so before you decide on the type of hardware in the cabinets, think about how you’re using the kitchen.

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Find ways to improve your experience while cooking and preparing the meals, so it will reduce the time spent doing tasks and chores.

This is important, especially if you want to start cooking more at home, just like the specialists recommend.

Material & Color

In choosing the material it’s important to answer a few questions such as:

  • Do you need new cabinets for your own future use or are you doing this to increase the value of your home? If it’s the first situation, we recommend selecting durable material, with the type of customization you need, even if it may cost a bit more.
  • Is the source of the material important to you? If you want to make sure your new cabinets don’t contribute to decimating the forests, there are plenty of interesting environmentally-friendly options from which to choose.
  • Do you need to change the entire cabinetry or you’re only looking for a face-lift? If you’re only looking for a fresh design, you may have to go with the same material that’s already in your kitchen cabinets.

The most commonly used materials for kitchen cabinets are wood, laminate, lacquer, glass, and acrylic.

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

While we consider wood to be the best option, the type of material is a decision you should take based on budget and style.  

When it comes to color, it’s best to select one that complements the other nuances in the room (such as the floors, walls, and ceiling).

However, if you’re looking for a modern vibe, monochrome kitchens (usually all-white) are in high demand these days.

Peek at Others

There’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration in other people’s kitchens! Most designers recommend it because it gives them an idea of the style you prefer.

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets
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So, whether you create a kitchen Pinterest board with the kitchen designs you love and crave, or you have a folder with images from kitchens you’ve visited, don’t hesitate to share them with your designer.

Based on these, a professional will be able to identify the type of cabinet doors you prefer, and the material and colors you admire.

Combine Style and Functionality

While it’s tempting to point to a magazine kitchen and ask the designer to work with it, you should also consider your needs. For instance: does your current arrangement need more drawers than shelves?

Or, do you really need a kitchen island, or you can use that space for other purposes? Keep in mind that storage space is of high-importance in any kitchen, especially if you don’t have a separate pantry!

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets
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Today’s cabinets come equipped with all sorts of elements that allow you to keep everything under control and organized.

So, even if you don’t really need a lot of space right now, think ahead. After all, these cabinets will be with you for years to come!

Wrap Up

As you probably know by now, changing your kitchen cabinets is not an easy decision. This is a process that requires time and energy, but it will be worth it in the end!

How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets
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A fresh design means more than a change of perspective! It also means a change of mood and it can (and should) be an improvement in the way your family eats and spends time together.

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.