Are you looking for ways to clean better? When we clean our homes and wash our clothes, we want to know that it is as clean as possible. But did you know that if you have hard water, it doesn’t always clean as well as we think? 

Most of the time, you can’t help living in a hard water area. However you may notice that the water has a specific metal or mineral taste Further you can often see calcium build-up or soap scum. So how can you clean better?

Research tells us that soft water is better for our hair, skin, cleaning and doing our laundry. Hard water has a range of chemicals and minerals that interact with soaps and washing powders. 

That interaction can cause soap scum, So while your clothes smell fresh – they’re not as clean as they could be. 

Not only that, but hard water can cause dry skin, dry or brittle hair and a range of other things. 

So what other benefits do you get when you make the switch to soft water? 

Clean better for a softer laundry

You may not notice initially, but hard water leaves deposits on your clothing over time, which leads to them not being as soft as you might like. It also means that your favourite clothing is prone to getting dull and washed out. 

The minerals in hard water get deposited on the clothing. However there are no minerals to have the same impact as soft water. 

One way to deal with hard water in your laundry is to buy an additive that will reduce the impact of the hard water. 

Dishes will be cleaned better

As mentioned above, hard water will interact with the soap that you use to clean your everyday items – like the dishes. 

Soft water allows you to use less washing up liquid because no minerals prevent the product from soaping up properly. It is possible to have a soft water system installed on specific taps in your home – for more information, visit website.

The impact can also be seen on dishwashers – from time to time, if you know that they aren’t completely clean, hard water could be the issue. 

Deep cleaning

Regular cleaning of your home is more of a chore when dealing with soap scum and some cleaning products not soaping correctly. Soft water allows your product to get a good lather. And it’s that lather that helps the chemicals you use to clean better your surfaces. 

One of the first things you will notice when you switch to soft water is using fewer chemicals. That regular saving will build up over time. And not just for your household cleaning products – but your cleaning products too. 

Switching to soft water will also increase the lifespan of your home appliances. Hard water causes a calcium build-up within the pipes. This can often mean that they are working overtime to get the job done. 

A soft water system can revolutionise how clean your clothing and home is, as well as provide benefits to your skin and hair. 

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