When it comes to designing or upgrading your home, choosing even modern concrete can often be cast aside. Don’t think concrete is plain, too industrial and not creative. It’s fabulous!

Modern concrete can be an excellent option for a versatile and reliable material that needs minimum (or no) maintenance. There are multiple ways to add modern concrete to transform your home. 

Modern Concrete Patio

Is your outdoor space looking lifeless or uncontrollably messy with weeds and overgrown grass? Adding a concrete patio (especially when renovating your home) will give it a new lease of life. With modern concrete being a versatile material, it can be easily installed. Companies such as CoastCrete can build your patio with ease, taking the weight off your shoulders.

Add a design or aggregate to add texture or keep it plain to keep your options open for when you add your furniture. Having a concrete patio has endless possibilities from adding outdoor sofas and a fireplace to a flat space for your children to play. Outdoor rugs are perfect for under the dining table or to delineate a conversation space.

Pool Edgings

Having a swimming pool can sometimes lead to slips and trips from uneven flooring that surround. Opting for honed or other modern concrete finishes will rectify this. Concrete is a quick and easy way to keep the poolside looking chic and tidy. Honed concrete infused with tiny rock chips or poured liquid limestone concrete, are popular surfaces for your pool’s look and safety. This is often used for residential and commercial purposes because it stays in place for years.

If you like the idea of things matching one another to tie the area together, then complement the poolside with a matching driveway. Alternatively, add some polished concrete overlay or veneer to your existing surfaces to allow the interior and exterior to flow into one another using the same materials.

Concrete Tabletops 

Using modern concrete indoors is becoming popular for its sleek look while giving the room a unique feature. Concrete counters and table tops are easy to keep clean and hard-wearing for daily use. In recent years, concrete has been preferred to other materials for its durability.

Consider adding a concrete table to your outdoor patio for a BBQ space that’s entirely heat resistance. There is an endless range of designs you can have with a table made from concrete which can work in any sized room. 

This quick guide will give you more idea of how to introduce fabulous modern concrete into your home design. Concrete entertaining areas outside will ensure a smooth, flat area for your get-togethers around a fireplace. Adding a concrete tabletop to a room will add a modern air and great durability for a multi-generational family. If you are looking for sleek designs that are easy to keep clean and tidy, then concrete could be an excellent addition for you.