Whether you’re wanting to get healthy or simply want a new hobby, then cycling might be your answer. Find out more in our latest health + fitness post.

If you need some motivation to get on your bike and go out into the world, then read on for some great benefits of cycling.

It’s Easy to Get Started With Cycling

The first reason to get involved in cycling is that it’s one of the more accessible hobbies out there. True, you do need some equipment to get started, but you can find bicycles online very easily. 

Once you have a bike, then invest in a helmet, a water bottle, and perhaps some other protective gear. After those initial purchases, there’s nothing more to stop you from riding your bike. True, you might not be able to go very far or tackle difficult hills to start with, but there will be places that suit even novice cyclists.

Cycling is Great Exercise

Cycling is a brilliant way to exercise as it covers all of the bases. It’s a good cardio exercise, improving your heart health and your stamina. It also doesn’t put too much stress on your joints, so you can keep cycling for longer.

Cycling is also an excellent way to build stronger muscles, especially when you’re cycling uphill or with resistance. You will mostly work out your legs, although your core will also be strengthened. 

It’s Good for the Environment

If you commute to work, then it might be an idea to switch out the car for the bike, especially if you don’t live too far. This has several benefits. First, it allows you to fit a workout into a busy schedule. Second, it saves on fuel and maintenance costs. Third, it reduces your carbon footprint.

It’s best to cycle to work if you have a nearby shower and changing facility, especially if you work in a professional setting. Your coworker and clients will thank you for the thought.

Fun For the Whole Family

Cycling doesn’t have to only be a way to work out or to get from A to B. Your bike can open up opportunities for the whole family to spend time together. Even better, you encourage your children to be more active and to get outside as well.

If you have a nearby cycling trail that’s suitable for children, then pack a picnic and have a day out. Make it fun for them and, you never know, this might become a new weekend tradition.

See Stunning Sights from Your Bike

Technically, you can exercise perfectly well using an exercise bike. Sometimes, this might be more convenient as you can stop whenever you like and you’re already home. However, a physical bicycle has some upsides that the exercise bike can’t compete with.

First, a bicycle is easier to store than an exercise bike, as you can stick it in the shed until you need it. But most importantly, a bicycle lets you go outside where you can explore some of the most beautiful places in your area. As well as the beauty of the outside world, all that fresh air can only be a good thing.