When house hunting, it’s easy to be swayed by the vision of the home as you view it. After all, that’s why you’re there. You have to judge whether the house is the right on for you.

But should you be swayed by the specific design choices of the current home’s owner? Is this approach too superficial? Or is it okay to think that way? Read on to find out.

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House Hunting Means First Impressions Count

When you first walk through the door of a potential new home, it’s easy to be surprised by how badly some houses are designed. I’m not talking about being just a little surprised. When a home’s design is astoundingly bad, it can be hard to overcome those initial first impressions. First impressions matter a lot when you’re house hunting, and they do have an impact on the eventual decision you make regarding the home.

If your real estate agent opens the door and you walk in to see a design and colour scheme that you hate, it can make you want to walk straight back out again. Whilst it’s important not to be too hasty, studies show that when it comes to house hunting, most people make their mind up instantly. That’s just the way our brains work. So how can you change that?

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Some Design Features Can be Hard to Change

It’s not totally illogical to look at a home design and not what to live there. Sometimes, the design problems that you see are harder to change. For example, if the structural design of the home is not for you, there may be no way to get around that. If you don’t have the time or inclination to take on big structural changes, those homes are simply dismissed very quickly.

However, if you like the neighbourhood, it’s close to amenities, and it has a gorgeous garden then it might be worth seeking a professional opinion on renovations. Features such as a bay window, skylights, adding french doors to a wall, or even adding an outdoor area may significantly improve the look and feel of a home. Decide on which positives you like and which negatives you can fix.

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Perhaps Most Of Your Concerns Are Purely Cosmetic

House hunting can be arduous and maybe you’re sick of looking at houses, but don’t give up too soon. Many perceived design issues are, in reality, purely cosmetic. For example, maybe the colour of the carpets and walls are muddying your thoughts? It’s important to recognise this and not place too much emphasis on small problems that can easily overcome. For example, if you think the colour choices that the owner has made are hideous, they can be fixed in a matter of days. All you need is a few pots of paint and some brushes to fix that kind of issue.

However, for some busy people, even small jobs can be too much. It all depends on your situation and what you want from the home. If you want the kind of place you can move into and start living in without having to make any cosmetic changes at all, you may be searching for a long time. It’s not always easy to find a home that has a design that’s totally in line with your own preferences.

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Bear this in mind and look critically at a home to see how extensive alterations may be, Let’s face it, whatever home you buy you’ll likely make at least a few changes, people always do. Could this ugly duckling be turned into a swan?

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