There are house cleaning ideas for every room and every occasion, so how do you keep up with it all? Of course, anyone who is house proud wants their home to be perfect for residents and guests alike. But let’s face it; House & Garden won’t pop around with a photographer without telling you, right?

Nevertheless, keeping a clean and tidy home makes life more pleasant. The difficulty is all life’s dirt and grime being traipsed through your home and the endless level of rubbish and garbage from living, and even from cleaning.

Every time you use something for your benefit the remnants of it are going to end up as garbage. For every chocolate bar that you eat another wrapper is added to the rubbish pile. Every time you blow your nose another tissue joins the garbage party. So, it’s not a question of whether you have to deal with rubbish and garbage because you do. It is a question however about HOW you deal with it.

house cleaning ideas

House Cleaning Ideas for Rubbish

Rubbish does need to be taken from your property promptly and professionally on a consistent basis. Using a removal company such as Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removals, whose information can be found here:, means any rubbish that piles up around your home or business is dealt with quickly and by experts. Whilst dirt can’t magically disappear it can be avoided as much as possible.

Keeping paths and driveways clean and swept, removing leaves from gutters, and keeping the facade of your home free of dirt, cobwebs, and grime will stop dirt being transferred indoors. You may be very surprised that choosing the right doormats will cut down time spent cleaning.  This also allows you to style the exterior of your home as you see fit.

house cleaning ideas

House Cleaning Ideas for Kids

Let’s face it, kids just don’t care about dirt and grime as much as you do. They’ll leave sandwiches in their school bags, rubish in their rooms, and traipse dirt inside on the soles of their shoes. Sigh! Yes, you can teach kids how to clean up but it usually has to start early. Experts suggest giving children from about 18 months old a rag and a plastic spray bottle of water. Show them how to clean something easy, such as a toy.

As children grow up, extend their cleaning ‘training’ to more items until they can eventually clean a whole house. No, not slave labour but legitimate life skills.

Also, when decorating kids rooms, use low-sheen or semi-gloss scrubbable paint on the walls. Even think about magnetic paint on one wall to affix children’s art work.

house cleaning ideas

DESIGN TIP: patterns and designs camouflage dirt and grime whereas colours don’t.

House Cleaning Ideas for Common Issues

One common issue is watermark rings caused by glasses and drinks being put down on wooden tables. Where are those coasters you ask everyone to use?. You can tackle watermark rings in a number of ways. Combine a small amount of baking soda with water to form a paste then rub onto the watermarked area. Another way is to mix together equal parts vinegar and olive oil and apply the concoction created on the table that has been tainted. If the watermark is fresh, try blasting with a hairdryer to dry it out,

Stoves and stove tops should be wiped down after every use. However, we are humans so that doesn’t necessarily happen. A solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water of a 50:50 solution of vinegar and warm water will both clean your stove efficiently. Never use abrasive scrubbers such as steel wool. Of course, you can also buy excellent stove and cookware cleaners such as Bar Keepers Friend which are very effective with cleansers, polishes, and foams for this.

It aamzes me that I need to clean my iron, but your iron’s steam chamber probably needs cleaning from time-to-time. With the cord unplugged, fill your iron with water. Plug in the iron and then either set to chamber cleaning mode (if you have one) or to the steam feature. Hold the iron face down over the sink and hold the steam button on until the steam stops. Unplug and leave the iron in the sink to fully dry out before you store it away.

Once little areas and aspects of your home are cleaned and tidy you can take to renovating the interior of it. When you make your home spick and span, inside and out, you open up the door for renovations and redecorating to take place.

house cleaning ideas

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