Hot water systems use an energy source to heat the water somewhere above the initial temperature. It’s a thermodynamic process with every household needing some type of system to heat water. But which one?

Domestic uses of water heating include for cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. Ever since hot water systems made their appearance on the market, they have been popular for their quick heating capacity and dependability. This makes them more appealing as they provide a continuous supply of hot water. They are also known as hot water heaters, boilers, geysers etc.

But before you decide to invest in one, be aware that there are different types of hot water systems and brands. Weigh the pros and cons of each before you make the choice.

hot water systems

Electric Hot Water Systems or Heaters

  • An electric heater system is a very simple device and easy to install as its installation does not require any electrical work
  • They are cheap to buy but can be expensive to run and energy consumed might be high, especially if it runs all day.
  • What is convenient is that these water heaters can be installed indoors and outdoors.


Natural Gas Water Heater

  • Natural gas is a good source of energy. They are cheaper to operate than electric hot water systems.
  • Due to venting requirements, they are usually installed outdoors, but they also can be installed indoors with a flue.
  • They are energy efficient, are less costly and are a better choice because they cost less and they keep working when the power goes out.


hot water systems

Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Heat pumps use the same technology as a fridge or an air conditioner. It extracts heat from the air and uses it to heat the water tank.
  • They work best in warm and temperate regions. But some heat pump hot water systems are designed to suit cold regions too.
  • They need to be kept in well ventilated areas and hence outdoors is the best choice.


Solar Water Tank Heater

  • It has a collector panel and a storage tank, both of which are solar.
  • They are relatively costly to buy and install, but cheaper in the long run in terms of energy consumption.
  • They need larger areas for installation so outdoor is the best choice.
  • There are government rebates and incentives that will help you to buy them.


So the choice is really yours. Know what to buy keeping in mind the price and usage. Hot water systems are the new candidates in town for home improvement ideas. They could be of use for both domestic and industrial purposes.

hot water systems

So the next thing to consider is the type that lets you store water to heat or one that will let you use water from the source as and when is required.

  • Storage tank: Most of the hot water systems, whether solar, gas or electric, will need a storage tank to store water for heating. Choose the right kind of tank from the range like the mild steel, stainless steel etc.
  • Continuous flow: This one is also known as “instantaneous”. It heats water only when you need it and as much as you need it. It might typically take some time for the hot water to pass through the tap. They are cheaper than storage systems to run as there is no heat loss with the stored water in the tank.


hot water systems

How to Buy Hot Water Systems?

When you have decided to buy the hot water system, make sure to take a look and browse through the range of options and designs available. Weigh the pros and cons adequately before investing in one.

Look for sample templates and designs that are available. See their expertise and skill delivered to perfection. If you are thoroughly happy, make the next move. If the internet does not help you, find retails shops near you to help you make a good choice. Ask the retailer for the best options for your needs and get the installation done.

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