Do you want fabulous hair? Hot hair? Hair that makes people go weak at the follicles? Virtually every woman has, at some time, coloured her hair. From a slight tint or a few shades darker/lighter through to high vibe colours and colours for hair that aren’t ‘natural’ – yes, I’m talking to you Katy Perry, Nicole Ritchie and Kelly Osbourne.

I’m a big fan of coloured hair, it’s hot hair – and there are some beautiful examples of both natural and not-so-natural colours. One of the highest re-pins on my Pinterest ‘Hairstyles’ page is a brunette with gold and purple in her hair…it’s been repinned nearly 6,000 times…yes, I’ve feature it here for you (bottom right).


From completely blonde, like Gwen Stefani, to dip dyes, balayage and multi-coloured streaks, women lobe playing around with hot hair. Of course, taking care of your hair with a healthy diet and also quality products is also part of the secret to having great coloured hair. Talk to your hairdresser and understand how much, or how little, up-keep you new do may require before you launch headlong into fantastically fashionable follicles.

colour1 colour2 colour3

It’s not just long locks for whom hot hair is possible. There are dynamic and trendy ways to colour short hair with a featured bangs or dyed tips.

Colour5 Colour6 Colour7-2

Whether your hair is long or short or whether you have an introvert or extrovert personality, there’s a hot hair style for you. Some colours are less permanent than others and block colours, especially blonde or red, tend to be much higher maintenance. So consider your lifestyle, desire to spend time on your hair (or not) and the quality of products and treatments you may have to buy. Your hairdresser will be able to give you the best advice.

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