Do you love the drama of wallpaper but want to add a wall feature that’s either cheaper or more personal? What about stylish home wall stencils?  

Stencils can sometimes be mistaken for wallpaper when they are symmetrical and cover a whole wall evenly. However, they can also add drama and elegance or be fun and colourful in so  many different ways; and in so many different rooms.

Children’s playrooms, adult bedrooms, halls, kitchens and dining rooms can be personalized with everything from flowers and nature to elaborate repeat patterns. If you are not an artist who can paint a mural freestyle then using stencils may be the perfect solution to be creative.

For a more classic or elegant look, find or create home wall stencils that create a repeat pattern. By then mixing a matte paint for the background and a metallic paint for the stencil, you’ll create a wallpaper effect. Stencils can be ‘touching’ in a repeat pattern or stenciled apart for a different visual result.

Patterns don’t have to repeat. Create a design statement, such as Pink Door Design has, by painting abstract gold lines across a pastel mint wall. The designer here has also created a niche effect by having the feature inset from the main wall.

Unlike a single painted wall, which can now look dated, stenciling a single wall adds variety and drama – and there are endless home wall stencils from which to choose. It can be soft, for a nursery wall, or dramatic such as the odd-angled wall that runs alongside a staircase. Create glamour by placing a bold coloured couch, in leather of course, in front of the wall with a faux fur, mohair or sheepskin throw tossed nonchalantly.

For a ‘mod’ look, overlap geometric patterns. Keeping in the same colour family will stop your stenciling from looking overdone. Below, the background colour of chocolate has been used with cream tones in overlapping and different sized circles that look fabulous. The idea is to layer – be organized, measure out the position of the stencils, and be systematic in application.

Janna Makaeva from Cutting Edge Stencils shows a relatively simple example with stunning results. Stencils can be individual, overlapped, designed to create an overall picture, or used in a block as in this example.

There is no end to the great ideas you can come up with using home wall stencils. Another beautiful effect is to stencil flowers or trees in a bunch, not across an entire wall; perhaps a bedside corner or meandering above one side of a sofa. I have even seen a cool idea whereby stenciling is used on a piece of wooden furniture – such as a desk or chest of drawers – and is then cleverly continued up the wall.

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Finally… unique home walls stencils are words. Buy alphabet stencils and become a poet or storyteller on your own wall. These effects are completely unique and can be used to decorate any wall in any room of the house. That’s the beauty of stencils; your creativity is the beginning… and the end.


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