A home swimming pool used to be a sign of wealth and luxury in a home. Considering the amount of money required to actually build the thing and maintain it, this is still the case. But is the investment worth it?

Are there really enough advantages to outweigh the disadvantages of installing a home swimming pool? If the idea has ever crossed your mind, then here are a couple of pros and cons that will either cement your drive to get a pool or put you off the idea entirely.

PRO: A Home Swimming Pool Is Great For Recreation

Pools are fantastic for recreation because they’re easy to just jump in and have fun with. You can invite friends and family over, you can throw a party or you can even teach your kids to swim if you have the patience.

CON: You might not use it as much as you’d like

Unfortunately, not everyone ends up using their pool as much as they’d like. Your pool could just end up making you bleed money because you’re not using it as much as you’d like, yet you still need to maintain it.

PRO: It’s a fun workout

Swimming is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable ways to get a workout especially if you’ve got one in your backyard.

CON: There are cheaper ways to get a workout

However, if you’re only getting a pool for the workout then there are cheaper options such as going to the gym or even buying a bunch of high-quality gym equipment. Plus, prying eyes from neighbours might put you off wanting to use it for working out!

PRO: It doesn’t cost much to maintain

There are many services you can hire to help you maintain your pool, and there are also product pages you can visit at https://www.allstarpoolparts.com.au/salt-water-chlorinators.html which will sell basic pool maintenance equipment for a fair and affordable price if you want to learn how to take care of it yourself.

CON: Maintenance can still be a bother sometimes

Unfortunately, maintaining your pool is still a bother and can take more time than you’d be willing to spend.

PRO: It’s fairly affordable

Pools are much cheaper than the last couple of decades thanks to advances in building materials and techniques. Maintaining a pool can also be surprisingly cheap if you look for the right services to hire or the parts to purchase.

CON: But it’s still not cheap

However, between the initial investment and the maintenance, it’s still not a cheap endeavour!

PRO: It increases your home value

Getting yourself a pool can increase your home value, meaning you’ll likely get most of your investment back if you do decide to install a pool in your backyard.

CON: It’s harder to sell a home with a pool

Unfortunately, some people would prefer not to have a home swimming pool due to the ongoing maintenance costs. This could reduce the chances of your home getting a fast sale unless it’s in a luxurious area that suits people owning a pool.

Header Image: Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash