Home security solutions seem to get more complicated as time goes on. Of course, you want your family to be safe and your home investment protected. But could it be a bit simpler?

Home is where the heart is and that’s where we spend a lot of our time. It’s why we undertake DIY projects and create the decor and lifestyle we desire. But we also strive for home security to feel secure both in the garden and inside the home. While no-one wants to experience a break-in there are people around ready to take your valuables if you let them. So don’t make it easy for a criminal to break and enter your property.

The Basics

The first home security tip is to look at your home as if you were a burglar. Is yours the home they would target? For example, do you routinely leave windows open in the heat of summer? Seeing an opportunity may be the only motivation a burglar needs. Whilst you can’t keep your windows closed at all times, especially when you are at home, consider where open windows are, where you are in the house or garden, and whether it’s a safe thing to leave them open.

No-one wants security bars all over their doors and windows but there are other options including hi-tech screen protection. Companies such as Crim Safe have high tensile steel screens and doors that also look good. They are difficult to penetrate but don’t block the view looking from indoors to the garden or beyond. Yet they are highly resistant to criminals.

Check your locks and ensure doors that lead outside have solid and functional locking systems. Inside the house, you can install smart home software to automatically lock doors and close windows or to set scanners across a doorway to register movement through the opening. If you have items you want to lock away, consider buying a gun safe for valuables as well as guns.

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Vulnerable Spots

Burglars don’t just wait for an open window to present itself then climb in. They’re craftier than that, so your home security has to be crafty too. Sometimes, it’s the vulnerable spots that we just don’t think about on a day-to-day basis. If you have a garage door that won’t shut properly, a criminal would be able to get in, and this is even more dangerous if your garage is connected to your main house.

Similarly, even those high windows that are seemingly out of reach might be your undoing if you have a vine or other scalable item on your home. Also, what’s in the shed? A ladder? Most sheds have poor locks (if any), and if there are valuable tools inside it’ll be easy pickings for someone who wants to take them. Foliage can also block the view from the road. So if someone was to climb in a window while you were out, would someone see them?

As such, make sure all your vulnerable spots are taken care of; that means garage door repairs, secure sheds, cutting back foliage, and no climbing walls in sight. They’ll all make your home security less favourable for a criminal.

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Eyes on the Prize

Not everybody talks to their neighbors. Even if you don’t have the time to be the best of friends, it can still pay to open a dialogue with them. Operating a community watch program is one of the best resources you have for home security; instead of only having your set of eyes on your home, you’ll have all your neighbours watching your home too! Of course, you’ll have to be on the lookout for their homes, but this will all go toward making your street even safer. We’re much stronger when we join forces!

Keep Things Out of Sight

You’ll have a lot of valuable items in your home, but you shouldn’t keep them in plain view all the time. If you have an expensive new television sitting proudly in front of a big glass window, you might inspire someone to check the strength of your home security. You don’t want to give any person a reason to take a second glance of your home. Also, if you have car keys then don’t leave them by the front door. It’ll be all too easy for a thief to grab them. In places like the UK, criminals could open up your front door letterbox and ‘fish hook’ keys into their hands, and your car out of your life. We know this isn’t technically your home, but we’re sure you also value your vehicle!

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Simple Additions

Taking the time to add a few additional home security measures will make your whole family feel safer. A well-lit house is the worst thing for a thief, so if you’re concerned about security then have motion sensor lights installed outside your home. A thief approaching your home might just think twice if they have a spotlight on them. Also, having visible CCTV cameras will also stop someone thinking of robbing your home; and in the worst case, if they did succeed, you’d have a ‘witness’ when it comes to catching who did it.

Finally, an advanced alarm system will be your last line of defense should they decide to break in despite the many other obstacles you’ve put in their way.

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