These home sale tips are designed to help you understand some key elements of property maintenance and property sales. You may not have thought of them or know about them.

When it comes to selling your home you’ll feel three ways about it, so these home sale tips will cover how you’re feeling.

1. The first and most common is relief, because you’re moving to a brand new neighbourhood and where you want to be in life.

2. The second is sorrow, because you’ve made many memories in your home. However, now things have changed for whatever reason and you have to leave.

3. The third is indifference, because you don’t really feel one way or the other. Different things in your life have moved on and you need to move with them.

Home Sale Tips You May Not Know

Start viewing your home like a buyer would and put on your business hat. Because from the moment you put your mind to selling your home it becomes a financial opportunity.

home sale tips

Making the maximum possible amount of profit from selling your home is the only goal that must consume you with the house.

That means checking all the things that you have neglected in the past and fixing them to not have any nasty surprises shock you.

Home Sale Tips: The place for spiders

Spiders are wonderful creatures for the garden but not so much for your home. They tend to hide in warm and dark conditions, sometimes even damp.

Where else in the home will these conditions all occur in the same place? The pantry of course. Whether it’s underneath the stairs, outdoors or even upstairs the pantry is one of the best places to store items in your home.

home sale tips

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It’s also one of the few places in your home that you most likely don’t clean very often. The pantry is there for purely practical purposes and it’s not mean to wow guests when they come over.

However people view the home will look at it very keenly as they may need to store things and sum up the overall usable space in your home.

Clean it out, scrub the floor and skirting boards, and even repaint the space.

Home Sale Tips: A healthy breather

Boilers, or water heaters, are perhaps the beating heart of the home. They are connected to the piping in your home as they supply water to your radiators, your stove, oven, fridge, and much more all throughout your home.

One of the things that will come in your conveyancing fees will be a health check of the home. The conveyancer working with the council, real estate agent and yourself will give your home a clean bill of health.

Since the boiler or water heater can be a pressurised equipment, it’s vital to make sure it can function properly and efficiently.

Home Sale Tips: The bottom of corners

It’s not uncommon for homes with poor foundations or older materials to start to crack under the pressure. Check each room for cracks at the bottom of every corner.

If there are you will need to seal them up or inform your conveyancer who will give you more options.

Overlooking the small areas is just as unforgivable as the large areas of your home. If you want the best price for your home you will clean out the pantry, check the health of your boiler and also your corners.