Must-know home remodelling hacks will help you, and your budget because buying your perfect home is one thing – but making it your perfect home is another.

Whether it’s an empty shell when you move in or a property you’ve been living in for a while, there are plenty of tips and tricks on how to upgrade your home. Take a look at the 5 remodelling hacks below to inject life and style into your home.

Home Remodelling Hacks for The Full Refurb

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a small hack. But if you start writing down a list of things you need changing and suddenly you’ve run out of paper, keep reading! Using services such as The Renovation Company can make a full-scale renovation a piece of cake for you and your family.  You can be as involved as you like and the process can take between just 4 and 12 weeks. Plus at the end of it, you’ll have a brand new home. If you don’t need the full house renovation, many companies also offer room-specific makeovers.

Home Remodelling Hacks for The Bathroom

Do you struggle with your bathroom being overrun with products, tubs and bottles? There are plenty of ways to increase storage in your bathroom without breaking the bank. One of my favourite home remodeling hacks is to use wine racks for storage. Simply roll up towels and place them neatly in each space. Or use interesting coat hooks to hang towels instead of using a towel rail; it saves room when  hanging multiple towels. Wall planters can also be great for holding a hair dryer and flat irons. Measure the space between the top of your bathroom door and the ceiling. You may be able to store items in decor-appropriate boxes or glass jars.

Re-use old mason jars for storing skincare products (very shabby chic) and attach a magnetic strip inside vanity cabinets to hold magnetic objects such as tweezers and bobby pins. If you’re sick of your old tiles, just use tile transfers or very effective tile paint. For a particularly small bathroom invest in a big, beautifully framed mirror. The eye-catching frame will be the room’s focal point and the reflection it gives will make your bathroom seem bigger.

Home Remodelling Hacks for The Living Room

As a general rule, furniture is the one thing you should not scrimp on in your home. Many companies now mass produce furniture for next to nothing but, usually, the quality is poor. However, why not try thrift shops for picking up new furniture? Granted, it may be old, but ‘vintage’ furniture if often better made, stronger and sturdier than cheap modern counterparts. Plus, a piece of vintage furniture can often be a room’s talking point.

There’s also a chance to get creative with your living room upholstery. Don’t throw away those old shirts – use them to cover plain cushions with for a truly unique look. Ottomans are excellent for extra seating AND storage, so look for one that has space under the seat. If you have a small space, look for a coffee/dining table combo. Yes, there are tables available that can be lowered or raised to suit your need.

Another home remodelling hack I favour is using floating shelves. They are perfect for creating extra storage or for displays without making a room look heavy. They usually come in a variety of lengths so you can mix ‘n match at different heights or have a uniform layout. Create the illusion of space by using mirrors, choosing furniture with legs to open up space to the floor, and using a small print rug – avoid larger prints or bold colours as this will make your living room look smaller.

Home Remodelling Hacks for The Kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen, opt for a kitchen island rather than a traditional dining table. As well as looking modern and fresh, many islands are now hollow underneath, meaning they offer more storage. The end of a kitchen island is perfect for storing cookbooks or installing a wine rack. In fact, there are hidden storage places all over an average kitchen just waiting to be discovered.

The ‘toe kick’ section of your kitchen cabinets (between the cabinet itself and the floor) can easily be made into a thin, pull-out drawer. Ideal for storing spare cutlery, baking equipment or even tea towels. Similarly, the space betwen the fridge and the wall can be used as a slim, pull-out vertical cupboard for spices and small tins.

Home Remodelling Hacks for The Bedroom

Bedrooms can end up being the most cluttered place in the house. If you want to increase your bedroom’s storage space but don’t want to fork out for a new wardrobe, consider ways to use the space under your bed. You could build a raised platform, if you have the head room, buy a bed with in-built storage, buy decor-appropriate boxes to store items cleanly under the bed, or buy a bed lift set. Many of these also come with built-in plug sockets.

Some fun decor ideas include using vintage suitcases as bedside tables, use an ornate frame and corkboard to hang jewellery, build a unique bookcase from old dresser drawers (painted to suit), store hats, socks, and underwear in hanging fruit baskets,

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