Has your home perfection slipped from your grasp? Has your sparkling castle become tarnished?

When you first move into your perfect home you’re likely to love everything about it. You’ll think it’s home perfection on a stick. If there were any issues, you will have most likely of noticed them before buying, and fixed them as early as possible.

But we all know all too well what happens after a few years. You’ll start to notice annoying little issues that get on your nerves, yet you never seem to have enough time to fix them.

Are we right? Well, with the summer months upon us again, it’s time to get yourself into gear and give yourself that perfect home again.

home perfection

Home Perfection Improvements

Everything is susceptible to a bit of wear and tear. Cars are, we are, toys are, but nothing seems to fall apart like your home does. It doesn’t have to be something major such as the roof falling down.

Just little things that seem to break can really start to annoy you over time. It doesn’t even have to be inside the house either, the garden and outside of your house are even more susceptible to losing their shine.

For example, guttering tends to become blocked at least once or twice a year. Nothing seems nastier than climbing up a ladder and digging out all the leaves and rubbish that has collected to cause the blockage. Plus, if you have aged gutters they will likely be metal and they WILL rust without maintenance.

Us girls, in particular, are not happy about tasks like this. Luckily for you, you can get them fixed here for next to nothing. If you’ve put up with the nuisance all winter, don’t go another season without getting it fixed.

home perfection

Another common thing to become a bit run down is your walls, especially if you have children. They’ll have run countless toys into the wall causing chips, and spread their hands over every inch.

A simple splash of paint can really transform the whole of your house. It’s easy enough to do by yourself, but if you wish, you could pay someone to do the manual labour for you.

Quick Home Perfection Tips

  • # have your roof re-sprayed
  • # fix the guttering
  • # replace cracked tiles and re-grout
  • # clean the windows
  • # re-paint walls and window trims
  • # re-carpet or lay rugs to hide bad carpet
  • # spray peppermint oil around doors and windows to repel spiders


home perfection

Perfect Garden Improvements

You can’t truly enjoy a great Aussie summer without having a great garden. As the sun is starting to shine, the garden becomes a hub of social activity. Some simple improvements can really transform your garden.

The first being adding some life in the form of plants. Flowers can bring so much colour and vibrancy to a garden that they’ll transform it from a dead garden to a blossoming beautiful one.

All you need is a few hours, a bit of sun cream, and some equipment and you’re on your way. Talk to your local garden nursery to find plants suitable for your location – soil, sun, shade, well-drained, sandy, etc. Plants and flowers in pots are perfect for balconies and patios. They can also be moved around, in and out of the sun, and created no matter your soil type. Just buy potting mix instead.

You need to make sure you maintain them with watering but don’t over or under water them. Lay down some grass seeds to help the grass stay lush and green and you’ve (almost) instantly transformed your garden into a colourful paradise that everyone will love.

Quick Garden Perfection Tips

  • # weed regularly
  • # keep the lawn and edges trimmed
  • # dead head flowers
  • # plant bird and bee attracting plants
  • # invest in automatic watering
  • # learn more about native plants and what’s right for your property

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