Home office trends are bigger business than ever because having an office at home is now a very normal inclusion; unlike a few years ago when a man told me I was “a girlie in a house”.

Thankfully, perceptions have change considerably along with home office trends in decor. Now, if you work permanently from home or just part-time, a dedicated workspace is vital. No more using half the dining room table or perching on the edge of the breakfast bar.

Importantly, working from home isn’t about lounging around in your pyjamas until midday and balancing your laptop on your knees. It’s vital to ensure that your office or studio delivers on every level.

home office trends

Functionality is the first item to get right. How you move and work in a home office space is vital to your senses, productivity, professionalism, and delivery. So surfaces – a desk, work table, easel or drawing board – furniture, storage and lighting are very important.

See our article on three important items you’ll need to run a business from home.

You’ll also find well-priced and high-quality office furniture and storage from Brosa and lights from Go-Lights.

After you’ve nailed the important functional items, the finishing touches are the environment and decor in which you can tackle world domination. Below are the three hottest home office trends for 2018. Enjoy.

home office trends

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#1 Home Office Trends 2018 – Minimalist

If you’re super-organised and you hate clutter, this could be the perfect option for you. Minimalist designs are all about maximum impact with minimum effort.

And it’s not all about Scandi-inspired decor either. However, minimalist decor does favour neutral tones, simple design, clean lines and as much empty wall and floor space as possible – this allows the space to ‘breathe’.

Embracing the minimalist trend isn’t boring or drab, it’s chic, professional and organised… with flair.

Choose simple accessories, such as a statement rug and house plants to add interest. You can also mix and match patterns and prints, such as graphic lines, grids and chevrons, to make your office look funky and fresh. Keep colours in the same ‘family’ to be cohesive and continue the minimalist vibe.

If you’re interested in this trend, keep things simple when it comes to furniture. Opt for a sleek desk and chair combo and stylish, fuss-free storage.

home office trends

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#2 Home Office Trends 2018 – Rustic

Do you love the idea of being cosy and comfortable while you’re working? The rustic trend is an excellent option for those who live in cooler climes, but there are ways of catering for all seasons.

A chic Scandinavian vibe is cool when it’s warm and sunny outside. Replace winter sheepskins with neutral linen throws casually placed over the back of bucket chairs or leather sling chairs. Include natural fibres such as wood, stone, metal, and leather with Aztec-insired soft furnishings and mismatched rugs on a wooden floor.

If you have the space, a stone trimmed fireplace with wrought iron grate will create a beautiful feature. With all the stone and wood, rich matte colours in autumnal tones of ochre, rust, olive, and mustard look great with touches of cream, beige, and a touch of turquoise. Mix with silver accents or silver metallics.

Solid wood desks are an excellent choice for a rustic feel, and they work beautifully with leather chairs, cow hide rugs and wall-mounted bookshelves.

#3 Home Office Trends 2018 – Retro

Are you a fan of 60’s, 70’s or 80’s style? Retro themes are still hugely popular as designs can be easily personalised and the colours are vibrant. Never a dull moment with a retro home office that’s shagadelic in our modern world.

For a real retro feel, opt for bold colours that clash, statement pieces of furniture with chrome fixtures and recycled or repurposed accessories that transport you back in time.

Oranges, browns and yellows in big swirls of colour work well together or clash with purple, pink and red. Diner-style leather chairs are funky on black-and-white diamond tiled floors and add finishing touches like classic radios and vintage music posters.

Are you planning to create a new workspace at home or is your existing office crying out for a makeover?

If you’re looking to create a stunning room, which is also a perfect base for business or creative pursuits, why not try out one of these trends?

You can mix and match if you’re after a more eclectic, quirky look or personalise the space to make it unique.

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home office trends

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