Necessary home office items are usually the less glamorous aspects of designing a gorgeous space and running a business from home. However, more and more people are shunning the traditional company and office for following their passions into their own business.

If you are someone who doesn’t see themselves fitting into office culture, or if you just have a burning business idea that you think you could take all the way to the top, then running your enterprise from home could be the ideal option for you. You get to set your own working hours, enjoy the peace and quiet of a private office and, of course, working in whatever clothes you like!

But it’s not all fun and games, and you need to have a few essential home office items on hand if you want to make a success of your home business. Without taking these measures, you run the risk of being less organised, more disconnected, and your business could fall flat. Here are the top three things you need to run a great business even if its right from the comfort of your living room.

Top 3 Home Office Items: High-speed internet

Buffering, loading, installing… three things that no one likes at the best of time, let alone if you are trying to get work done. You will have a variety of tasks to complete every day for the good of your business, and chances are 99% of these tasks will need to be completed online. Therefore, you need a strong and reliable connection that you know can see you through all major transactions and jobs. Otherwise, something that should take five minutes could end up taking up an hour of your time. High-speed internet is also hugely important if you spend a lot of you working day on Skype calls – there’s nothing worse than your internet cutting out in the middle of an important meeting.

Top 3 Home Office Items: Power source

If your business is something a little more hands on – such as a catering business – you will need a reliable and advanced power source at your disposable. Look into providers for your home who will be able to offer you an affordable deal – remember that your power usage will probably be much greater for your business than it would be for your normal domestic use. It can also be worth looking into small diesel generators, especially if you need to take your business on the road at some point. For example, you may have a trade show to attend where you need a power source in tow. These types of generators mean you can have all the benefits of your home power system in a compact form.

Top 3 Home Office Items: A Calendar

One thing you will learn when you start working for yourself is that you have to be incredibly strict with your personal schedule. The temptation to stay in bed

and just catch up on your work later can sometimes be all encompassing. However, by writing a calendar and sticking to it, you can be more accountable for your time. Use an online calendar if you are on the go, and a large calendar for your office wall. Being able to see your to-do-list at a glance will help your productivity levels soar.

On the issue of decor, have a look at the simple DIY painted shapes ideas from Shaynna Blaze, one of which is to keep motivation and creativity going when you work from home. Not one of the top 3 must-have home office items but a damned good idea!