What has become your home office disaster was supposed to be a glorious and creative space in which you achieved your most fabulous work, right? So what went wrong?

Many of us dream of the day our home workspace can become our primary working base. Imagine the freedom of being able to work somewhere you designed. What could be better for productivity? Certainly not the home office disaster you now hate.

When the dream becomes a reality, it often doesn’t work out. Your home office is how you always wanted it. You’ve recently painted your walls and splashed out on that desk to die for. And, yet, when you sit down to work, nothing comes. You’re uninspired, and have to escape to the kitchen table to get any work done.

You wouldn’t be alone in this, but you may be pleased to hear that there could be a simple explanation. Creating a workspace of your own can be difficult. If it’s your first time, small issues could be holding you back.

Lucky for you, we’re going to look at three typical scenarios that cause a home office disaster so you can address them.

Plush Design Interiors

Plush Design Interiors

Home Office Disaster: A distracting design

It’s entirely possible that the first thing you did was paint your office walls a garish colour. You’ve spent years working in bland workspaces with white walls. Why wouldn’t you want a hot pink office? In truth, though, there’s a reason so many offices focus on neutral colours.

Face it; bright colours are distracting. It’s likely that those pink walls give you a headache every time you try to concentrate. If you aren’t lost staring at them, you’re trying to block out their brightness. It’s no way to work.

While admitting defeat here is difficult, it may be time to go back to a neutral colour. That’s not to say that white is your only option. Grey walls, for example, would look fantastic. Just think about colours which wouldn’t pull your attention from your jobs.

See our article on stylish monochromatic home offices for chic neutral inspiration.

home office disaster

Home Office Disaster: Hot, hot, hot

You may not have considered the temperature of your office, but if it’s too hot, you’ll find it impossible to work. Most of us have our homes at a comfortable temperature, which makes us feel comforted and cosy.

But, having that same level of heat in your office is sure to send you to sleep. So, how can you overcome this without leaving everyone else to freeze? Your best option would be to turn to a company like Coles Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, who can install split system air conditioning.

That way, you can cool your office without changing the temperature in other rooms. It’s the ideal solution. Equally, tabletop fans, or even fan blades attached to your ceiling light, could work here.

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Home Office Disaster: Not enough light

If you’ve never designed an office before, you may not notice how important light is for productivity. More than assuring you can see what you’re doing, lighting impacts your mood. After all, you’re indoors all day, and lights can simulate the sun. The best option is to allow in as much natural sunlight as possible.

If your office is too dark, you’ll struggle to see what you’re doing or even feel motivated to do it. So concentrate on task lighting. You want something bright but not blinding. It’s also worth investing in desk lamps for close-range lighting.

home office disaster

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